Sunday, March 9, 2014

For Our Newborn

When I found out that I was pregnant, I am so excited to buy clothes for my baby. But what was making pigil of me was that I don't know the gender and basically, I dont know what to buy. When I reached 5 months, my sister gave me a list of 'what to buy' for my baby. We got it printed from a website. I forgot though which website we got it from. I had that list brought everytime. I love going to baby sections of SM kasi so in case of emergency na I have spare money, then I'll buy. So just to help you out on the usual question a new mom has, here are the things I bought before I gave birth. You might notice na it wasn't that complete with the crib and everything yet kasi my sisters often tells me na the baby won't use it pa naman. Going back, here are the list :

  • 9 pieces of sleeveless tie side - I got them in 2 different sizes, two sets in 3-6 mos and one in 6-9 mos.  Babies grow fast daw kasi so baka makaliitan lang agad if I bought the 0-3 months.
  • 3 pieces of short sleeve tie side in 6 - 9 mos size. I had 3 only so that was like one set lang. We dont have ac in our house kasi so I was thinking na i wont need it that much. I didn't buy the long sleeve tie side kasi my sister said na I will barely use it daw.
  • 12 pieces "bigkis" (what's the english of that ba? I forgot totally. Binder ata? Hehe). I bought that many kasi I was told na it may get wet if the baby pees, you have to change it.
  • 9 pieces mittens. Kasi they often wipe it to their face so it gets dirty agad.
  • 6 booties lang kasi you can repeat it naman if not that dirty looking pa unlike mittens.
  • 3 bonnets. I seldom used it din kasi it was not that cold pa when I gave birth plus no aircondition at home.
  • 4 pieces pajamas. The one I got was for 3-6 mos size. It was too big for him pa until now.
  • Frog suits. It's up to you how many you want to buy. It is important na you have this kasi when you will have your first visit to the doctor, better na naka frog suit kasi babies have sensitive skin as you know and they get cold easily.
  • 3 pranela or receiving blanket. I also use it as blanket when James sleeps.
  • 1 bath towel. You can have the one na may head cover para after they take a bath, you can just put that hood on his head.
  • 2 milk bottle (2oz) lang ang binili ko. I was planning to breast feed kasi but there was something happened on me kaya I wasn't able to continue breast feeding.
  • Tong, for milk bottles after sterilizing. What I did kasi is that I didn't buy sterilizer. You can simply have boiling water then sterilize it diba? mas cheap pa.
  • Bottle brush and nipple brush
  • Lampin. I bout the gauze rather than the birds eye kasi mas mahirap daw yun labhan mga mare. Although I seldom wash our clothes ni James, I still wouldnt want any anik anik on lampin kasi, ung mga stains na ayaw matanggal. I bought 6 pieces lang kasi I only used it as a burp cloth eh. I had a separate cloth diaper na binili.
  • cloth diaper. You can buy one set (3 pieces) of 3 cotton cloth diaper. I bought a separate cloth that you put inside the diaper cloth.
I bought everything sa SM Southmall and Mall of Asia. The tie sides are for Php180++ then mittens and booties along with binders were about Php 65-80 for every three pieces. I was told by a friend that you can buy baby stuffs in Baclaran and Divisoria. It is a lot cheaper where you can buy 12 pieces for round about Php200 lang. I dind't bother going there kasi ang hirap makipagsiksikan lalo na if your pregnant pa. Although some people will be very sensitive to not to bump on you, just to be extra careful na lang, I preferred SM. Anyhow, if you have SM Advantage card or BDO rewards, you can use it for extra benefits naman like earning points when you buy and those points can be used if you shop the next time. I might have forgotten to add some but these are just the basic among the basic that a newborn baby needs.

Hope it helps future mommies,

Mommy Jen

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