Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Ate Lalai

It was only once a week that my Daryl goes to our house. It was very rare that he will visit twice in a week. I personally requested weekends as our day. I have work kasi from Mondays thru Fridays. He sometimes want to go on a weekday but I have advised him not to kasi (1) I am not home and (2) he will have a very short time to spend with James and I don’t want the feeling of super bitin. Ang cute cute pa naman ng baby ko dahil he was so noisy and bungisngis na.
Last Saturday was an exception to our routine gala because it was Lalai’s birthday, my eldest niece. We went to their house in Pamplona 3, Las Pinas. It was a very simple celebration lang. She was 13 years old already. Her dad bought pansit, barbeque and pichi-pichi from Amber. Their pichi pichi talaga was the best. I never want any pichis in the world except theirs. This time, their pansit tastes good na compared to what I have remembered its tastes’ like.
Aside from the blowing of candles, we ate together and did our chit chatting galore with my sister. I explored my niece’s closet to check if there was something I can borrow eh. Unfortunately, we were no longer on the same size. L I hope I can still shed some weight along the way. I made sukat my sister newly bought dresses kasi I want to order one din on that store kaya lang almost all I like has been bought by my sister. Hay...
I bought a chiffon top in tiange the last time hoping that it fits me. In my shock, hindi na pala ako ganon ka sexy. I have mentioned here here na there were so many changes that happened to me na talaga. I am really having a hard time buying clothes kasi hindi ko na kabisado ang size ko. L I was planning to sell it to my sister sana kaso it doesn’t fit her in the bust area like mine. So I asked the birthday girl to try it and it luckily, it fits her well. I told her na bagay yun sa skater skirt niya which she agreed on. Later on I told her na that will be my birthday gift to her. I thought she was not that happy but when I raid her closet, nakasampay na ang top doon. Kaloka. I was not able to take a photo of it lang eh :(

The birthday Celebrant's cake. It was actually two of them. The other was a mousse type chocolate. These are from Tous les Jours
(From L-R) Mama, Alex, Me and Lalai
Alex was my niece din. See? She was so tall? She's just 10 anyway. 
Ate Lalai
That was also the first time I got to play flappy bird. In fairness ha?! Annoying nga talaga. Haha! We were telling the birthday girl to sell her ipod touch na kasi she had the original app of flappy bird. It was shown kasi on Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho that people were buying gadgets for Php40,000 because of flappy bird eh. Haha! People are getting OA nowadays no?! hehe

Anyway, here are some of the photos my sister took. My baby looks so adorable talaga! 
He was trying to sleep but my nephews were so noisy. Sometimes I want him to get use to the noise so he can sleep still. I know he could learn it along the way. Ayoko naman madaliin sya. 
Wawa naman ang baby ko. He was trying to get a sleep kasi.

So pogi diba? Anak ko yan eh! Hehe

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