Thursday, March 6, 2014

I Hope it's a Comeback

I started this blog on April 2012 after we visit the beautiful island of Boracay. It has been the second time that I rode on an airplane plus the fact that I was on the ‘most famous’ Boracay. Thanks to my sister whose 90% of the time tells me all her plans of travel so I can forcedly join myself. Haha! She has always been the mastermind of our travel, she makes the itinerary and reservation and all. She’s most likely a travel agency, or even more than that because she makes abono most of the time. Haha! As of the moment sobrang lamang na niya sakin kasi she has been to so many places when I got pregnant. *super-sad ang fes (face).

 Aside from our travelling escapades, we also share fashion insights and even clothes. She always ask me to go to shopping places including bazaars as there are definitely beautiful clothes and styles that you can’t find in SM or anywhere. That’s the reason why this blog somewhat has entries of my OOTD (outfit-of-the-day)

 Looking back in 2012, I never expected that that was my ‘most traveled’ year. I didn’t even imagine that I will be able to get to 4 places in a year. I’ve been to Boracay in April, Coron, Palawan in August, Cagayan de Oro – Camiguin in October and Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud in Novermber. After our Boracay days, I have decided to start this blog just to have an online diary for my travel. I was not able to keep it updated because of me being busy with my job to the point that when I get a free time, I’ll prefer to sleep. I am super-duper stressed na!

 In January 2013, I have applied for a passport hoping that I will be able to have it stamped in Singapore or Hong Kong until I realized I was pregnant. Our plan pa naman supposedly was Davao in August and El Nido in October L. Sister and family pushed through with it except myself. L super sad face. I was 6 months pregnant when they went to Davao and I have given birth when they were in El Nido.

 I was not able to keep up with this blog dahil I was super tamad when I got pregnant. I had so much backlog of my travel that’s why the Ilocos trip was not done yet and now has been mixed with my pregnancy-related posts. Honestly, I have somewhat decided to give up this blog because now that I have a little man, I know I will be busy with him plus my job. So I don’t have much time left kahit sa sarili ko. But it doesn’t mean naman na pinapabayaan ko rin ang sarili ko. I sometimes get praning pa nga which I will tell you more on a different entry.

 I am still in process of transition from the happy-go-lucky single to have-to-learn-this-and-that mom to James, my baby boy. I came across this blog which I really searched for; she definitely became an inspiration. I mean she was so right, Its cool to have this blog for some time my son might come across this and will be able to read through how he grew up and maybe learn from it. So here I am again, trying to catch up on things that I regret not blogging.

 Anyway, its payday tomorrow.. J

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