Saturday, March 8, 2014

Love Letter for My James

Dear James,
You were sitting on my lap when i was typing it on my notes. You were even looking at it as if nababasa mo ang tinatype ko. You were so cute doing that.
You always wake me up at 12 midnight, then 2am, 3am and so on with your crying and shouting. I am no complaining, James. It was that I wanted. You made me so patient when you came. I remembered pa nga when you were a month old, you were crying all night. I was so frustrated because I can't make you stop. I can't understand what you want. Even so, You have always been my alarm clock everyday. When you wake up, you're crying kasi your diaper is soil na. Then later on after kita mapalitan ng diaper, you were laughing and wants to talk to me at 4 or 5am while everyone is still sleeping. I want you to know anak, na kahit mama is working at laging wala sa tabi mo on weekdays, i can guarantee you that all i am doing are all for you and your future. I dont want you yo go through what i had before. I want evrything abundant when it comes to you thats why mama is working. I want to tell you whatever happens, ill remain as your mom and you are my ever cutest baby. I love you so much and i will do all my best to give the bestiest. I know youre growing really fast and im afraid i cant keep up kaya i am making sure na every time i go home, it is me who will put you to sleep. And if it is weekend, it was you and me lang. I am taking care of you all day of saturdays and sundays. Weekends are family day for us. I love you so much James. I love taking care of you.

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