Thursday, March 6, 2014

Meet my Baby Love

As you guys have noticed, I have been blogging about my pregnancy and all. I was saving the story of James kasi on a later date pero parang masayado ng late. Plus I can’t post pictures yet kasi the computer I am using was company owned.. ssshhh!. I am so proud of my baby kasi he was one happy baby na talaga. When he was a month old, all he does is to sleep, feed and get back to sleep.

My baby was now 4 months old and here he is:

See how cute he was? He was so mataba na talaga and heavy.
This past wednesday nga, when I get home, I brought him to Puregold Las Pinas to buy his milk. 1.3kgs only lasts for less than two weeks with him. I carried him without his baby carrier and viola! when we got home? my arms ached big time. He was so mabigat weighing 7.8kgs and he was 4 months old. What more if he is 5 months and so on? Baka tanggal na braso ko. 

Anyway, I was so blessed to have him. Blessings kept on coming. When I was pregnant, I didn’t imagine that I will have this cute, normal, healthy baby boy in my tummy. I was so thankful he came. It has been four months. I have learned and still learning each day. He was definitely an eye - opener and an inspiration. When I was single, I work hard, when James came, I’m working harder, when he grows up, I will be working double time. Basta, anything for you James, kahit triple pa..
Pardon the pictures. I have not been able to get the pictures from my phone kasi which is I think better dahil solo photos nya un. Maybe next time. :)

Mommy Jen

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