Friday, March 7, 2014

My Pregnant State

 I know I have been telling you too much of my stories last year without any pictures or anything to show what exactly happen. So I got guilty naman and grabbed some photos on my facebook account. I update it always kasi compared to this blog. And since I am busy working in the day and take care of James at night, I have not much time to do this except on my free time at work. So pardon those excuses hehe! J

Anyway, I would like to show you how big my tummy was during my pregnancy.

That was when I was about 4-5 months. By the looks you can say I can still wear maong right?! Hehe. Matigas ulo ko oh! But don’t get me wrong, I don’t close the button anymore, just halfway of zipper.

That was about the same month I guess, 4-5 months

This picture was taken in my boyfriends house, I was about 6- 7 months.

Lastly, that was me and my boyfriend. It was his idea talaga. He wants a picture like this daw because he saw it somewhere. Tinatakpan niya yung part where his hands was located kasi there were stretch marks there eh! Hehe.

Does my tummy look really big ba? Just before I gave birth kasi his friend said that I will be for caesarean section kasi my tummy was so big for me daw. And it was true, I had a c-section kasi James doesn’t want to go out.

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