Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Friend

Whew! James woke up really earlier. He woke me up at around 5:00am. Anyway that was his usual body clock naman na eh. He slept at 08:30pm then cried at the middle of the night twice for a milk then went to sleep. I am still sleepy pero matitiis mo ba ang anak mo na gising tapos ikaw tulog pa? I can't really. I am afraid that he might suffocate himself or he might roll on his tummy then get tired. You know? those paranoid things. Common! You know what it feels like. Hehe! I have something to say but before that, lemme show you this wonderful human being.

I'm sorry it's blurred. He's so malikot kapag pini-picture-an eh. 

We just came home from a walk around the community. Pinaarawan ko kasi ang bagets. We went out around 6:30am to buy puto for my breakfast then went home para isoli ang stroller. The bakery was far kasi, I mean there was one just blocks away from home pero I prefer the other bakery, plus I get to pasyal pa with James. We went out again para mapaarawan sya ng 7am sunlight when baby girl saw us again. There was this baby girl kasi on our community na same age with James. She was born on October 22, while James was October 23. I and her mom are having chikahan with whom I guess the same age of mine, more or less while James was busy sucking my shoulder and baby girl's seems excited of something. That baby girl was adorable din. She was smiling this morning for the first time. Whenever we see kasi it's in the afternoon na and she wasn't smiling anymore. 

It feels good to have a new friend talaga. Specially if you have something in common - babies. You never run out of topic. Bad me lang, I always forget to ask her name and baby girl. Hehe! Pardon the forgetfulness. 

How about your weekends? Did you earn new friends?

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