Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our Last Trimester, Together

My tummy is getting bigger and bigger each day that passes by. Did I forget to mention that I gave almost 90% of my clothes to my eldest sister and nieces since they don’t fit me anymore? I was so sad giving them away to the point na sasabihin kong “I’ll get them back as soon as I give birth”. All those clothes I earned every pay day were gone.. I know I will have a hard time getting back on shape because I gained so much of baby weights. I’ve read somewhere that “our body did a great job when we had a baby inside so give it some credits and enough time to get back on its pre-pregnancy figure.” Though I know somehow, my effort is needed to overcome this extra weight. Whew! AJA!
During this time of my journey, I find it hard to ride a jeepneys or buses or even climb in stairs. My back aches too much due to the added weights I am gaining every day. When I reached 6months and 2 weeks I guess, I have been visiting San Juan De Dios for my maternity checkups. My doctor there was Dra. Bascara,who was my sisters OB-GYNE with her second and third pregnancies. She has this portable ultrasound device (I don’t know what it was called). My sister accompanied me on my first visit with her as she was having her urinalysis checked too. I had my ultrasound done by my OB. I asked her if she can figure out the gender of my baby. She asked me, “anu ba ang gusto mo? Babae o lalake?” I replied, “kahit ano po ok lang naman”. Mind you, I was hoping for a baby boy back then. Anyway, I was 70% expecting that it is a baby boy based on how I looked like ( sabi kasi nila if you look odd or ugly during your pregnancy, it’s a boy and if you had this pretty -fresh-happy looking face, it will be a baby girl). So when the doctor said, “lalake ito.. Oo nga lalake.” I was so happy. Now I can buy baby stuffs that have cute designs on it. I often buy those plain ones kasi to be safe. In-IE din ako ni doc since it was our first time to meet just to make sure that everything is perfectly fine inside. It was painful though. It was also my first time to get IE kasi! Ouuch!
It was also my 7th month when I realized that I had stretch marks. My sister told me that it was scratches daw. I often say that it was not kamot kasi I don’t scratch my tummy. I am so afraid to have scratches but it did happen. Based on research, it can either be genetic, if your mom or sister’s had them, you will most likely to get them too. I don’t know, they said maybe when I am sleeping, I unconsciously scratching my tummy. It saddened me that I can no longer wear two piece or even a bra and a short combination on summer days L .. But to motivate myself, I said “di bale na.. kung gwpo naman ang anak ko eh ayos lang”. I don’t put lotions when I was pregnant kasi ayoko ng feeling na malagkit no! hehe.

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