Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Overspending ba kamo? Oh Eto, Sana Makatulong Sayo

I was browsing through one of my blog reader's blog when I see her entry about Fitz Villafuerte's post during paydays here. It was interesting talaga and whatever he said there refers to me, me, me. I am so happy din every payday, napaka good vibes and everything pero after a while na nauubos na ang pera, ayan.. same old me na naman!. Hayy.. I have to be someone who knows budgeting and how to save money. Aside from that, I have to have an emergency fund din so in case na kelanganin, eh may makukuhanan naman ako at hindi ako mukhang basang sisiw kakaisip on where to get an extra fund during emergencies diba?! Hayy naku! Hay naku ulit! Where.to.start? I have to know these things na because I have James depending on me.

Talking about money here, I'll borrow this post from Fitz Villafuerte kasi it got me interested. I tend to shop kasi whenever its payday. Everyone does right? But the point is, there comes those time na you buy things that are unnecessary naman talaga. You just came across something na you think you need, where in fact, you can have an alternatives or you simply can live without it naman.

So then, here's 10 Practical Ways To Avoid Overspending from Fitz Villafuerte. I would like to share my insights, comments and own experience on it. Wala lang, gusto ko lang mag add hehehe!

1. DON'T GO SHOPPING    - see?! Haha. That answers it all. Whenever we go out to malls, or tiangges, I have the tendencies to look on things kasi. Who wouldn't? Hello??! I think every girls should go shopping kasi it really makes us forget our problems and helps us overcome stress diba?! Yun nga lang, magastos! Haha.

2. MAKE A LIST AND STICK TO IT   -  It's like grocery lang. When we have a mini store pa, I remember Mom or Sisters making a list of what to buy na mga itinitinda namin. I thought its only applicable sa groceries no?! Pero its nice din if we can make one if we're buying in Department Stores. Say Make ups, a pair of shoes, one dress kasi your old dress was torn. hahaha! Torn na talaga dapat bago bumili ulit?! Haha. Kidding. I am so guilty of this kasi I don't make a list. I buy what I think I need for that moment pero if I have extra money, rather than saving it, I tend to buy things. This should be address sooner no?!

3. GET IN AND GET OUT FAST   - This should always happen if you don't have to buy anything else. So it's like, you make a list, buy what's on the list then go out immediately. The more you stay inside the mall, the more wonderful things you can see and have the tendency to buy. Ganto rin ako eh, I think of all those things that I want then buy it kapag may extra naman. This should change din.

4. DON'T USE A BASKET OR A SHOPPING CART   - If I have to buy things that I can't carry na then I'll get a basket pero kung 2 pieces lang naman eh hindi na. This only happens sa grocery. Since I'm not making lists of what I have to buy, I roam around. Iniikot ko bawat kanto ng grocery stalls para makita ko ang kulang. Hehehe! So it falls back on making a list talaga.

5. SNOB THE SALES PERSON   - I came to a point where I was only thinking of buying something. I went to the store and check on the items making canvass on how much it costs and what are the brands I can buy then this salesman approached me. He has been following me all around giving me the comparison of the items. He has explained very - well and convinced me to buy the stuff I prolly don't need. Hayy.. When I came home, that's when I realized 'bakit ba ako bumili nito?'. Hayy again.

6. DON'T PICK IT UP   - It also happens to me. When I am walking in the grocery and I found a food that my friend says delicious, I tend to pick it up and put it in the basket and of course end up buying it. Ayun, laging over budget.

7. AVOID SAMPLES   - It usually happens in the grocery diba? Free tastes of this and that then you find out, 'Uy masarap pala yung...' Then you will check the price and see that 'ay Php200 lang pala' then it goes straight to the basket. Ending? Overspending.

8. DON'T TRY IT ON   - I don't often try clothes kasi in Department Stores. I check the item first. If I like it, pakikiramdaman ko ang wallet at ATM Card ko, kung feeling ko eh may ibubuga pa, derecho na akesh sa fitting room. Hehe. I don't try it on ng wala akong pambili. I know kasi na if I fit it, I know I'll buy it or I will have a tendency na bumili ng iba.

9. STAY AWAY FROM ADS   - Same with item 7. Do not look on ads. For me, Eye - catching talaga yung mga banners na 10%, 30% lalo na ang 50% at 70% diba?! Luwa na ang mga mata ko nun bakla!! Or sometimes sa mga grocery diba? buy this and you'll get this for free na you don't need naman talaga but because of the FREE item eh ginegetlak na.

10. EYES OFF THE IMPULSE RACK   - When I am about to pay my bills on Department Store, I tend to look around to see if there's something na maganda, if I saw one, I'll check it tapos hindi na ko makapili sa dalawa. Salawahan pa naman ako. I can't identify which one's I really like. Ayun, end up buying both. Sa groceries naman, habang nasa line pa, you'll see small items na naka display tapos you will remember, 'ay I want this' or I need this for my other stuff' pero those stuffs can wait naman pala but you buy it so extra gastos na naman.

See?! I can reflect myself to this talaga. That's why I had the courage to post it para sana maalala kong maging thrifty na moving forward kasi I am no longer single to make waldas my money for those WANTS then end up not having the NEEDS. I hope I can change this soon habang baby pa ang James ko. I guess it's time for me to internalize and learn how to become financially ready for James' future.

I know I can do this! How about you guys? Any other tips you can add?
Care to Share?! :)

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