Saturday, March 29, 2014

Part 1: James was Hospitalized!

When James was a month old, I noticed he has 'Halak'. Hindi ko pinagtuunan ng pansin kasi they said it was kinda normal naman daw. I seldom have him exposed to morning sunlight kasi he's awake at night and sleeping in the morning. We usually sleep at around 5am na or 6am and there was no sunlight yet kasi it was the coldest month eh, that was back in December 2013.

On New Year’s eve, I was so worried that James might get disturb because of the fireworks and the noise, Samahan pa ng usok nung mga paputok. Our bedroom window is facing the street so even when I closed the window, nagugulat pa rin si James sa ingay ng paputok so what I did was, I brought him to my sister’s apartment which was on the same compound but they’re house eh nasa dulo so hindi masyadong rinig yung ingay sa street. He was able to sleep naman. After 12 midnight, i brought him back sa bahay so I could sleep na rin.

January 1st, we went to my eldest sister's mother - in - law's house para lang mamasko si James. Hehe! You see I grew up having a family na devoted sa aming church. I even belong to a choir when I was a little. We don't celebrate Christmas in Iglesia Ni Cristo as everyone knows. I just had James go there so that they can meet him. During our stay there, nagtataka ako kasi James doesn't want to sleep kahit I can see from him na antok na antok na sya. I carried him most of the time. He will sleep for 5 to 10 minutes then will wake up again when he feel na hinihiga ko na sya sa sofa. He was like that for the entire time na andun kami. I thought tuloy na namamahay sya at hindi sanay na makitulog sa ibang bahay. I noticed James coughing. My eldest sister said na ipa check up ko na daw at parang iba na ang tunog ng ubo ni James. I was worried kasi he can't say anything na nararamdaman niya. He's relying on my mother instinct.

The next morning, Dadang said na hinihingal na daw si James. I told him na balak ko nga talaga ipa check up so I went to Alabang Medical Clinic in Almanza to have him checked. Prior to that, I texted his pedia, Dra. Medina to see if she'll have a schedule. She hasn't. Still, I went there with any pediatrician who can check him. I had Dra. Alarcio instead. I was with Daryl, Dadang and Andy. Andy was sick on and off the past few days din kasi. Andy and Dadang got in first. When they went out, Andy has to do some laboratories and get nebulized.

When it was James turn. I told doctor of what I had noticed. He listened to James' lungs and said it was Pneumonia daw. She even asked James to be put on the bed and had his clothes up. She found out na hinihingal nga si James, that means he’s having a hard time breathing. She asked kung may asthma daw ba si James, I said I don’t know kasi this was the first time na nagkaron sya ng ubo. She also asked kung may asthma daw ba sa lahi namin and I said my nephew and niece from Dadang have it. We were then advised to get nebulized as well so she can see if James needs to be confined or we can have him nebulized at home na lang.

After we had him nebulized, we followed up with the doctor and was advised that James has to be confined na daw dahil palala na ang Pneumonia nya. We went home to get some things then headed straight to Alabang Medical Clinic in Pelayo near Casimiro, Las Pinas.

I have no idea what was the nurse has been talking about the room expenses and everything. Haha! Ipagpaumanhin dahil first time kong may ipapa confine. When we got there, talking to the nurse, James got a fever. He was 38C. For the first time in his life nilagnat sya. I was worried. Di lang halata, haha! The nurse put on a suppository immediately to put James' temp back to normal. It was successful naman. Next thing, we had James nebulized again. He was crying while I am carrying him. He was hungry na kasi eh bawal daw padedehin before and after mag nebulize. I was so awang-awa sa kanya pero it has to be para gumaling sya. Awa ng Dyos at tumigil naman. Nilagyan naman sya ng dextrose. I was holding him while I am talking, looking at his eyes. He was looking back as if he was understanding what I was saying eh ang sinasabi ko naman sa kanya eh 'Keri lang yan anak, konting sakit lang yan.' Buti na lang at isang tusok lang eh nakabit na agad ang dextrose. James was so brave. He cried for less than 30 seconds only then parang wala lang. Ganun sya even when he's having his vaccine.

After sya lagyan ng dextrose. Diba konting iyak lang :)

Here's my brave baby boy. He behaved so well din. Nakisama ang bagets! hehe. He was even cooing and making usap sa mga ilaw ng emergency room.

I don't want this post to get very long dahil baka maboring kayo sa sobrang detailed ng kwento ko. Haha! To be continued na lang. :)

Part 2 coming… in 3, 2, 1.. Gow!

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