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Part 2: James got Hospitalized!

 Hi guys, eto na ang continuation ng post ko here.


After malagyan ng dextrose si James, I paid Php1500 deposit sa cashier so they can accommodate us. Dadang and I got a semi-private room, that means two patient sharing inside. Andy was confined din kasi for the same reason na Pneumonia.

Alabang Medical  Clinic Hospital has a branch in Las Pinas – it was near Casimiro. My mom, my lola from my father’s side of the family and Andy, dadang’s youngest child has been confined there too. It was our go-to hospital talaga kasi aside from malapit lang sa house, hindi naman ganun kalaki ang bill compared to other private hospital. Okay din naman ang mga nurses and doctors nila. The rooms were spacious din naman. Hindi rin naman ganun karami ang patient’s nila which I think is convenient kasi I don’t have to make agawan with other people sa room. As far as I know nasa Php 900 ata ang semi-private rooms nila.

Since Dra. Medina was not able to do her rounds, she introduced us to Dra. Syquia. My sister said that she has clinics din sa Asian Hospital based on her coat (naka embossed kasi). We were advised to continue to  nebulize James every 4 hours ata un. The next morning, James had his x-ray to see kung gaano ang effect ng Pneumonia sa lungs nya. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to accompany him nung nagpa x-ray siya kasi I went to Philhealth para i-update ang MDR ko.  Si Nanay naman ang kasama nya so kampante pa rin ako.

When Dra. Syquia visited us sa room namin, pwede na daw makauwi si James kasi he recovered fast. He has been breathing normal at parang nawala rin yung halak niya. However, when she saw the result of the x-ray, ayun.. she decided to give it another day to make sure that the antibiotics na binibigay kay James will be complete then follow up na lang ng oral drops. We stayed for another night as per doctors’ evaluation.

The next morning, I was wondering how much will be our hospital bill kasi honestly, wala naman akong savings or even an emergency fund. All I have was my credit card which has been my savior for a good 2 months ng buhay namin together ni James. I submitted all Philhealth requirements sa billing section. When it was evaluated, the Philhealth representative came back and explained the bill. I was so shocked talaga grabe. When I got the running bill kasi the other day, it was around Php10000 na ata, but when I checked the final bill,. Php300 lang daw. Supossedly, our bill was around Php12000 but since Philhealth covered the room and board, medicines and, doctor’s fee then I had to pay only the admitting doctor. I was so happy talaga! Super, super happy!! I remembered when I was single pa, whenever I get my pay, I was making reklamo why there was so may government mandated contributions. But when I got pregnant, gave birth and James got hospitalized, I had a changed of mind. Helpful din pala talaga in some way.

Going back, we came home on the 3rd day. I bought a nebulizer kasi Dadang and Andy were left in the hospital kasi Andy was not getting any better by that time. They were using the nebulizer for Andy so I have no choice but to buy one. I had several oral drops bought din para ma follow up ang antibiotic ni James from the hospital. James really got better. Thank God at naagapan kasi alam ko na nakaka tegi ang Pneumonia sa matatanda, yung mga baby pa kaya. Nahawa daw si James most likely kaya sya nag ka Pnuemonia sabi ni Dra. Syquia so never daw dapat na lumalapit ang may mga ubo at sipon sa baby kasi wala pa silang enough protection from viruses. It’s either i-solate ang may ubo at sipon, or si James ang i a –isolate to avoid na mahawaan pa.

After 7 days, We went back to the hospital for follow up checkup with Dra. Syquia. James really got better daw and he didn’t even loose weight, he gained some more pa. The doctor was so happy to see James kasi ang taba daw. Hehe!

Here's some photos I'd like to share:

When I became a mom talaga, there has been a huge change in my life. Plastik naman sigurong sabihin ko na hindi ko namimiss ang ‘single days’ ko pero I am more challenged now kasi I had the greatest achievement of my life – becoming a mom to a wonderful baby boy!

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