Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Yesterday evening was one heck of a hassle. When I got out of our building, the weather was just perfect. Until rain showers ruin the night. Putik is all over plus the traffic in Gil Puyat. Ang sakit lang sa ulo! My shift has changed na naman kasi and I am so lucky to get the ‘rush-hour shift’.
Anyway, I am putting this entry because I want to share with you that I am really scared of the rains. When I was dalaga pa, I don’t care if it rain or even typhoons are coming, I can even get wet under the rain like I used to when I was a kid. Ang saya kaya maligo sa ulan diba?! Not until I got pregnant and gave birth. Of course you don’t want na mabasa ng ulan while pregnant kasi you might catch a cold or a flu, your baby will be sick too. So I was a little bit careful back then. But now, I am literally scared of the rain. I’ve heard some stories kasi na if you have just given birth, you are very prone of ‘binat’ (relapse). They said kapag nabasa ka ng ulan, mabibinat ka tapos mababaliw. Diba scary un? Auko pa naman ma tegi (dead) mga ateh at kawawa naman ang James ko noh! He’s too young pa eh.
One of the crew nga in LayBare Waxing in SM Southmall told me a story that her aunt daw gave birth and in 3 weeks’ time got under the rain kasi inaayos daw ang mga sinampay sa labas. Suddenly got crazy daw and has been talking alone. Luckily, the Aunt got better daw.
Since I am a bit paranoid of things, I don’t really want to rain nowadays at para namang sinasadya ng tadhana na two straight days ng may rain showers. My umbrella got broke and I only brought my body bag which was too small for too many things. I was hoping kasi na the store where we bought our Marikina made bag was on supersale bazaar two weeks ago, at awa ng Diyos, hindi sumali ang store sa bazaar! I forgot the name of it eh pero they sell an affordable and very convenient bag. Ang tibay talaga promise! Buti na lang, I always have a cap/hat inside my bag to at least cover my head from the rain. I think I really have to buy an umbrella na talaga. Please don’t rain na.. L

How about you guys? Have you heard of that old wives tale?

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