Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Art of Giving Birth

It was 21st of October 2013; I went to my boyfriend’s house to spend my usual 3 days staycation with him. He said that he was going to have a drinking session with his college friends na kilala ko rin naman. I was laughing my heart out on their jokes and everything. I even ate chocolates na pasalubong daw nila sa ‘kin. I talked to one of his friend. He said that his wife had a C-section for both of their babies for a reason that I forgot. Lol. He told that me that I will undergo C-section as well since my tummy was too big for me. I replied “che! Manahimik ka, magno-normal delivery ako”.

After his friends’ visit, I felt my tummy acting weird. Naninigas and the feeling that the baby was moving and moving and moving on that evening that he doesn’t normally do. I was not bothered thinking that I might be just tired. We slept around 2am and so I woke up late the next morning.

October 22nd at 11am, I went to the sink to brush my teeth when I felt a gash of water coming out of me. It’s as if I peed ng konti lang. I felt my boxer shorts a bit wet. I told my boyfriend of the situation and was so nervous. I don’t want to think that I am about to give birth that day since my expected delivery date based on ultrasound will be on November 18, 2013. I have texted my sister and she advised to me to go to hospital’s emergency room to have me checked. I am really having a second thought. I am waiting for my tummy na sumakit man lang kahit konti but until 8pm, I have not felt any pain – at all. That same night, we have decided to go to the hospital. When I was checked, the doctor said kelangan ko ng iconfine dahil since 11am pa daw pala ako nagle labor. Damn! I didn’t realize na nagle labor na pala ako. I thought it has to get painful muna bago mo masabing manganganak ka na!.

I had a skin test, CBC platelet count and everything. I was then brought to the delivery room. We were 3 of us waiting to deliver our babies. There was this 2 devices put on my tummy, one is to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and the other is to determine the contraction. My back aches really bad dahil sa matagal na akong nakahiga until the doctor said “mommy, wag ka malikot hindi natin ma track yung contraction mo”. I have decided to sleep with doctor’s permission din naman. I woke up around 6am on October 23rd and when I had another IE, the baby was still around 4cm. I slept again, until 9am of the same date, a gash of water came out again and this time, it was too many. I advised the doctor and said it was okay. That afternoon, I am having painful contractions already. I asked the doctor if I can have an epidural since I can no longer bear it. The pain was gone right after and I fell asleep, again! When I woke up, it was around 6pm and the pain went back. I guess the epidural was for 3 hours only. I had my second shot until I was advised that I am for C-section already since there was no progress. The baby was still at 4cm. it saddened me big time. For a second, I thought about me not being able to wear swimsuit or would not be able to on aerobics for exercise at finally ang maging majubis for long. But then, I said to myself, why think about that when I have this wonderful blessing inside that needs me to decide not for myself but for us both. I said “pakisabi na lang po sa mga kasama ko sa labas about it so they will be aware”. I was brought to operating room and was left there for about 10 minutes. It was too painful that I have been shouting and almost crying. When the OB-GYNE came, along with nurses and doctors, I was advised that I’m not having contraction so my tummy should not ache pero sabi ko “eh masakit nga eh!”. Good thing Dra. Lopez (my OB’s replacement since she was on leave) was so patient of me. Sobrang sakit lang talaga kasi!

I was told by Dra. Lopez that she will put me to sleep soon as the baby comes out. I was given another shot of anesthesia to relieve the most painful thing I have felt in my entire life. My body was shaking for a reason I don’t know. I was given another shot para daw mawala yung panginginig ko. I had one last IE and I saw the doctor said I was 5cm. I asked the doctor If I can drink water but she said I can’t. It has been more than 24hours of not being able to eat or drink until the doctor allowed me. She had wet gauze and asked me na sipsipin yun. Thank you doc ha! Na touch naman ako sa pinasipsip mong gasa! Hahaha. The next thing I know was that I can hear noisy people then seems that I shut my eye for 2 seconds and heard the doctor said “mommy eto nap o yung baby mo”. I don’t know if I smiled or what since I felt so numb. They took a picture of us then I fell asleep again. More more sleep! A lovely 3050 grams baby boy was born on October 23, 2013 at 6:47pm.

I woke up as I feel nauseous. I can feel the pain now on my belly due to stitches. Sumuka ako thrice I think. The guy nurse said “ma’am magsabi po kayo pag nasusuka kayo, wag po tayo magkalat dito”. Lol. Sorry kuya nurse, you were so slow kaya when I said so, it took you 3 minutes to go back eh sukang suka na ako! I am feeling dizzy still when I asked the nurse to take me to the room. They have done so, I slept till next morning. I was told that my baby acquired an infection so he has to stay in the nursery for 7 days to complete his antibiotic and I can’t room him in.

The night after the operation, my catheter was removed. That was painful pala grabe. I was told that I have to pee on my own or else, they will put the catheter back! Hell no!! What I did was I drank more and more and more water and ding! Got my bladder working on its own! The next thing I have to work on is to fart and poop to make sure my organs inside were still working. I was asked to walk more to get the wounds heal faster. On the same day, I visited my baby in the nursery and it was the most precious thing I have ever seen. Though I am so sad not to be able to sleep with him for the first time nor hug and kiss him 24/7, I have to... He has to... All I am asking is for him to stay healthy and happy.


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