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The Story of Our King Dwyane James

I got this idea to my new favorite and must-read blog for mommies out there – Mommy Fleur. I can’t tag her since I am using an intranet while blogging this J and I guess James might come across my blog when he grew up researching for his school projects or thesis. Masyadong advance lang?!

To my lovely James,
I am writing this down for the sake of both of us. I know when you grow up; you won’t remember all the things that I am doing for you now. I had so much of anesthesia na din when I gave birth to you, anak. I have never been hospitalize until the day you are coming so while I can still remember everything, I’ll write it for you so will have an idea of how a woman sacrifices her life just to give way to their baby when giving birth.

Pregnancy Symptoms:
  • Before I realized that I was pregnant with you, I was so tamad. I don’t want to go to work because I get asar whenever I see my bosses face. I want to unwind for a while because I felt I worked for so long that I didn’t have time to rest or something.
  •  Your titafraulene introduced me to Rufo’s Tapa. It was a restaurant that offers kakaibapero super sarapna tapa. Because of that, I convinced your Daddy to eat dinner there because your lola was in Malaysia back then so instead of cooking our own food, I want to eat there.
  • I have been eating double, or maybe triple of what I usually eat before I got pregnant and all I have said to myself was ill go on aerobics after my menstruation. I’m also craving for halo-halo of chowking and kwek-kwek of your daddy’s kapitbahay. I also remembered laughing out loud, literally when I saw a manok on a single kawad ng kuryente trying to balance itself. I thought this manok was so idiot kasi just below that single kawad was a bundle of kawad ng kuryente where he doesn’t have to balance himself.
How We Knew We Were Having You:
  • I was being teased by Nanay (my Mom) and tita Grace that I have not have my period yet so they were suspecting that I am already pregnant which I deny to death.
  •  I and tita frau was mall hopping that time when I felt my tummy hurts. It’s as if there was something namalalaglageverytime I’m walking. After I went to tita frau’s house, I have decided to buy a pregnancy test that night. I got so kabado when I found out that there were 2 lines on the stick. I have texted your Dad and since he didn’t reply immediately so I decided to call him up and told him what I have discovered. He was just laughing. I went to their house and showed him the stick; he was just smiling anak eh. I don’t know what it meant.

People We Told:
  • The first person napinagsabihanko aside from your Daddy was titaKakat (my friend).
  •  I asked your Daddy not to tell it yet to anyone because I am so scared and I don’t know what to tell them. Until tita Grace (my sister) said that Nanay was asking why I missed my period. That’s when I told tita Grace and told her not to tell Nanay yet. Your magalingna daddy posted “NalalapitnaangpagdatingniAnghel” on his facebook account which tita frau (my eldest sister read) and asked me the same question if I am pregnant, then that’s the time that I told them including Nanay that you are soon coming. Of course I know she cried but look at her now, she’s happy you came.

Weird Cravings/Symptoms & Pregnancy Problems
  •  I was craving for Halo-halo from Chowkinglang James, I don’t want anything else. Same with siomai, I liked siomai house..if not those brand, I get annoyed.
  •  When you were 32 weeks in my tummy, I got sick. My temperature went up to 37.8C langnaman baby but it was alarming kasi it is bad dawnamagkasakit while pregnant. I’m so worried kasi if my temp was high, you’re not moving inside my tummy. I was so afraid that my flu will affect you badly, who knows right? So 12 midnight, tita Grace and I along with Daddy went to San Juan De Dios’ emergency room to have me checked. We spent three thousand for 4 to 5 hours stay sa emergency room nila. It was your lola’s expense naman eh. Hehe! I was so happy that you were ok even I got sick.

Names We Wanted For You
  • You were just 8 weeks in my tummy when your dad wants you to be named as ‘Dwyane James’. As everyone knows, it came from Dwyane Wade and Lebron James of Miami Heat. He was a huge fan kasianak. I super rejected it because I don’t want Dwyanekasi eh. I researched and found out that ‘Tyrone’ was Dwyane Wade son’s name and suggested it to your Dad but he declined.
  • I told your Dad na if you became a boy, he will be the one to decide for your name but if you became a girl, I will be in charge. So when we found out that you will be my prince, then we stick to DwyaneJamees.

What We Did To Prepare For You
  • When you were 5 months in my tummy, I started to buy tie-side dress, mittens, boots, bonnets and all your basic needs.
  •  I always go to malls to check on baby clothes and stuffs that I want for you. The saleslady recognizes nanga me eh and even told me to buy your clothes on September 2013 because they will have a sale daw on baby stuffs. Prior to that, I bought you nakasi ng mgagamitkahit I don’t know your gender yet eh so I bought them in regular price.

How We Knew Your Gender
  •  I had my first checkup with Dra. Bascara at San Juan De Dios and asked her of your gender at 6 months of your gestation and luckily she found out that you were the cutest baby boy. J  I really want a baby boy that’s why I was so happy to announce on my facebook page na you were a baby boy. J

Total Weight Gain
  • Hay nakuAnak, Honestly, I didn’t bother looking at my weight because I know I was so fat natalaga. Everyone was saying that I gained so much weight. I was weighing 54kgs before. When I got pregnant with you I weighed 70kgs I think, then now, I wasn’t able to check yet.
  •  I got really big anak. I even thought na baka you got so big inside but whenever you’re being checked, your weight was sakto lang daw.

When You Were Born
  •  Morning of October 22, 2013 when I noticed a gash of water. Since I was not sure what it was, I’ve waited till 8pm before I and your Daddy went to the hospital. I was confined immediately. Mommy didn’t know I was in labor napala since 11am.
  • ·         I was on labor for 18 hours when the doctor said that I am for caesarian na. I was told that you might get an infection, eat your poop or worse, might die if they didn’t take you out of my tummy at 6pm of October 23, 2013. Your water inside has broken nakasi for 18 hours and you were still at 4cm, no progress, so you are very prone to infections na. when I was told I will undergo caesarian section, I didn’t hesitate to say ‘yes’ if it was really needed to get you out of the danger.
  •  It was so painful. I was not crying at the time because sabinilola Amy it will hurt more so I was in pain silently until I was brought to the operating room nakulangnalang eh magwalaakosasakit. So please Anak, if you will have a wife, understand her moods, motivate her and love her because it was not easy to bear a child lalo na pagmanganganak. This was how you look when you came out:

See? You look absolutely amazing diba? That face you had made me fall in love easily kahit nakalukot yung muka mo. Hehe!

  •  When the doctor woke me up to see you, you were already clean. I saw your crying face but I didn’t get to hear it, or maybe I do but I didn’t realize it. They took picture of us then I fell asleep again. Nilagyankasiako ng pamapatuloganak. When I woke up, I was in the recovery room and though my head aches, I requested to be brought to our room yet I found out that you have to stay in nursery kasi you had mild infection due to prolong delivery with matching bawasna amniotic fluid. I’m so sorry baby. I was so sad leaving you in the hospital alone for 7 days. You don’t know how much I miss you every night that I sleep without you. Im always worried about you; if you are being given attention in the nursery or if they fed you. I want to give you breast milk pero whenever I visit you, you have been fed na. The most awaited day came na I get to bring you home. You were the most poging baby I have seen in my life.

Mommy Jen

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