Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Usapang Kalye

Me Just wanting to share some discussion I had with friends. I find it super funny lang.

My boy officemate/friend was telling me his love life that he wants to break up this girl she had for 2 years na daw. He said that he was trying to for the longest time but the girl is threatening him of suicide and everything daw. So here’s our conversation.

Me: baka naman kasi naka homebase ka na kaya ayaw makipag break sayo? 

What I meant was they had sex already. The girl lives at their apartment na din daw kasi.

Boy: Ano ba yang home base na sinsabi mo? Nung nakaraan pa yan sa chat eh.

During free time kasi, we get to chat each other sa office thru lync. I found it awkward na sabihin sa kanya what I meant so I called one of our officemate din na lalake. 

Me: Rob! Sabihin mo nga sa kanya meaning ng home base.

Rob: Ahhh… Ganto yun tsong! Sa bahay ka lang, tapos bibigyan ka nila ng tasks. Kelangan mabilis yung internet connection mo dun. 

Euclid and I looked at each other then laughed out loud – literally. Of course Rob got shocked of our reaction.

Me: Iba yung ibig kong sabihin!! 

What he thought of the ‘home base na sinsabi ko eh yung mga work – at – home. Which was tama naman talaga.

Lesson learned: Wag assuming. Ask about the topic muna hahaha!

Happy Wednesday so far? Not me! Traffic sa Baclaran for sure eh. 

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