Thursday, March 13, 2014

Watch: James is Growing Up

It was really amazing how God made us create an individual inside our womb. It is very fulfilling to see your newborn especially if you found out that they were healthy and normal.
When I was pregnant, I am always thinking of what would be my baby's face, does he look like me or his dad. Is he having the same attitude as mine? or will it be my complete opposite ba? It was hard. You can't do much but you can do more. You can't do much kasi you won't know what's happening inside but you can do much by taking care of it. Motherhood was a blessing talaga from high heavens.
So while I still have an idea of when these pictures were taken, I'll post it up. Someday, James might want to know how he looked like.

 It was James when he was left in the nursery for 7 days. I visited him everyday kahit mejo makirot pa ang stitches ko from c-section. Based on the papers that I signed as a consent to leave him in the nursery, if the child was not visited often, the hospital will have the right to turn them over to DSWD. Imagine?! You risked your life giving birth tapos itu turn over lang nila sa ampunan?! Ay naku! mga bakla, I really made sure na I am everyday present in the nursery everyday. Hehe!

James: "What are you looking at?"
"Oh I see. You were looking at my dimples."
"Yah, I know that looks good on me."
He was about a week old na on these photos. See? He was trying to show off his dimple. :) I bet he got that from none other than ME! :)

He was one month on these photos naman! I let him wore sandos na para mejo presko. I only have him wear tie sides at night. I find him cute wearing sando kasi. Hehe!

James at 2 months old. I would like to tell you more on his achievements or may I say his development but all of it were totally scrambled na in my head. I forgot when things happened. I blame those anesthesia when I gave birth! :( I think at this stage, he was able to smile na and make usap with me. When he was a month old kasi, all he does was to sleep, drink his milk then sleep again.

 He was 3 months old here na oh! You see? He was a very happy baby na and he started cooing sounds and talking to everyone. He often shouts na din.

My baby was now 4 months old on February 23, 2014. He was so bibo na talaga and so cuddly. He was also a gala like me. He's super behave kapag nasa galaan. Mana-mana lang daw kasi yan,. Hahah! 


Dear James,

Look at your pictures oh! You were so cute and such a good boy. Sana you will stay that way. I love you! :)

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