Saturday, March 15, 2014

Weekends are Gala Days

I always look forward on weekends kasi Daryl gets to visit James. We often go to Southmall roaming around, window shopping and just simply hanging around. I want to take James to SM Mall of Asia talaga dahil the mall was big and there were a lot place to make pasyal. I can also take him sa bay area however, I am thinking that James is too young pa to go there because it was a little far away from home. I don’t want to risk him with this kind of weather and the pollution no! I don’t have a car yet eh, maybe in year 2050. Hahahah!

So what do we do in SM Southmall? Walking, walking, and more walking. We can’t watch a movie pa naman kasi James won’t enjoy it. We just eat out and let James see things na he doesn’t usually see at home. Like ung madaming lights na malalaki, people and simply not to bore him at home. Minsan di naman siguro masama na at least once a week eh makapasyal naman sya.

I always have Daryl carry him kasi he is so heavy. He was 4 months old but he weighs 7.8kgs na the last time it was checked when he had his vaccine on February 23. Last week, I asked Daryl to go to our house on a Sunday instead of our usual pasyal – Saturday. That was because it was my niece birthday as I posted here. We brought the baby carrier with us to at least lessen the pagod while carrying James pero it doesn’t help din with all the walking. I can only carry James in my arms for 30 minutes lang, ngalay na ngalay na ako nun, if it was with baby carrier I can at least, about 1-3 hours pero parang hindi ko na maibaluktot ang likod ko nun teh! Daryl was so lazy to bring the stroller dahil di daw kasya sa bus. Sabi ko kasya naman kasi my sister and I bought it and rode a bus going home with it naman eh. Echusera lang si Bebe kakainis! Don’t get me wrong, I was not complaining sa healthiness ng baby ko, I just can’t believe na he can weigh this much at his age lang hehe!

James was a bit grouchy that weekend because he was not able to sleep well before we left home.

excuse my fat face
We were both tired talaga going home dahil sa bigat ni James. I told Daryl that we will be bringing the stroller next time whether he likes it or not. Less hassle talaga compare to baby carrier with walking marathon na gingawa naming sa mall hehe!  

Dear James,
            You are always happy going out. Love na love mo sa labas ng bahay talaga. In the morning, I always ask Nanay to bring you with her whenever she buys pandesal on weekdays kasi wala ako para ipasyal ka. When you are being carried regardless if it is with our arms or baby carrier or even stroller, you giggle all the time as if you were so excited going out. I was wondering if you will be like me which what I am praying all the time. I want you to be able to go to places that I have been. I hope you become successful, more successful than what I had become.

            For the meantime, please don’t grow up so fast, you are so cute and taba pa kasi. I can cuddle you like a mini teddy bear pa eh. I love you baby!


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