Wednesday, April 2, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 11: Nicknames you have and Why

Hi Friends!
Just got to answer this blog challenge just now kasi I am so busy sa kakatunganga ditto sa office. Promise! Everyday, mas marami pa ang chinika at chinat ko sa mga officemate ko kumpara sa trinabaho ko. Hahaha. Opsss! Di ako nagrereklamo ha?! Just sharing. Hehe

Anyway, I have mentioned my nicknames here. I had some actually which was not mentioned there. Hehe!

Bebe – This was my major nickname talaga (Major daw?). Everybody calls me Bebe. My family, friends, relatives, almost everyone pala except those people sa office. Kumabaga sa damit eh, eto yung pambahay ko tapos iba yung pang alis hehehe. Oh, even Daryl calls me bebe. We got used to it. He calls me that, and I call him the same. So bebe na talaga tawagan namin since ahmmmm.. 2010 ata? Heheh.

Jen – officemates, classmates, most of my FB Friends. I preferred to be called Jen para syempre it sounds formal naman.

Jing – jing – One of my Aunt call me this, I don’t know why pero she has been calling me that even when I was young.

Alips/Alipio – My last name. Oh yeah! I remembered high school classmates na madalas tumatawag sakin nyan.

Eh kayo? How many nicknames do you have? :)

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