Tuesday, April 8, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 14: Things You Love

Hello Gals!!
I’m sorry I didn’t blog yesterday dahil I am so busy every weekend. I take care of James kasi on weekends diba? I can blog only if he’ll have his morning nap. The rest of the day, he will be awake na or matutulog pero idlip lang naman. Yung tipong less than an hour lang. Maybe it’s because sobrang init na ngayon unlike the last couple of months. Or maybe because my baby is growing older na so he wants to play in the morning then sleep at night.

Yesterday, I had a wonderful time with James. We played outside habang nakasakay sya sa walker nya. I will post the video soon.
For the mean time, here's a photo of him sa walker 

Cutie pie talaga!! Pramis! Matutuwa kayo sa video! Haha.

Anyways, I was the type of person na sobrang attached sa lahat ng bagay specially on my own things. I get saddened if some of my clothes will be given to our relatives kasi I have this thinking na I will still use them later on kahit hindi na sila kasya sakin. I have so many things that I love but what I will show you are those that I was able to buy/achieve in my own money. Hehe.

TRAVEL – I so love travelling to the highest level. If we are friends in Facebook, you have witnessed those kaseksihan days ko when I had all the guts to wear swimsuits pa. Hahah! I have been to places before I got pregnant and I am looking forward to have James with me on my future travel.

Makabalik lang sana ako sa ganyang katawan oh! Hayy.. 
CAMERA – My one and only camera is still alive though I seldom use it na. I bought it in 2010 along with my apple Ipod touch. I was planning to buy a sony cybershot camera but my money was not enough to buy the one I like. I settled with the Olympus camera which was a great one too. The only problem I have here is that most of the time, ang blurry ng photos. I don’t know kung dahil ba sobrang daming application ng photos that I can’t understand them all or dahil sa ganun lang talaga sya.

NETBOOK – My sister went to Singapore in 2011 for an exhibit. She said she bought this along with a Canon DSLR. I wanted the camera pero I also wanted a laptop that I can use kesa nagta tyaga ako sa internet shops diba? If not with my netbook, malamang wala akong blog. :)

These are the material things I love the most kaya nga sila ang mga una kong binili above all my wants. Although there were still many of them that I badly like, saka na lang muna ang wants.. I have to focus of the needs instead.

Tamaaaaa!!! :)

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