Monday, April 21, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 19: A Fun Memory

It’s my lunch break and I am blogging. I ate na kasi awhile ago so hindi na ako gutom. I can’t think of anything else but to catch up on my posts.
Tara Let’s start.
When I was younger, it’s always been the things that I want are those things that makes me happy. I travel, I eat what I want, I go out with friends, spending nights with Daryl, drinking nights with him and his friends, go shopping, mall hopping are the usual. I never get tired of doing those things. However, when I got pregnant and gave birth, I didn’t anticipate the changes that it will make. I thought it would be just as easy as ABC pero hindi pala. Mali pala ang naiisip ko. I never regret anything about James of course. I wanted him and I thank God for giving me such a wonderful baby boy. He was the cutest! I will never say though na what I have been now is something I never wanted. I liked it. I feel like I am more matured compared to what I was, I have a huge responsibility now and I have understood the meaning of “savings” kahit I am still in that stage na nag uumpisa pa lang. I believe everything naman starts with very minimal opportunity, it’s up to us how we will make it bongga along the way diba? =)

Anyhow, it makes me feel difficult to think of a fun memory. Whenever I think of good times, ang pumapasok lang sa isip ko is yung nagta travel ako. I am still craving for more pa kasi up to now. I wanted to go places, this time, with James. One of the Fun Memory was when we were in Coron, Palawan. It was different from those places that we’ve been through. The water is different, totally different from those that I have seen in Boracay and Bohol. When we had the second day of Island Hopping, it was different talaga, I swear. The water was scary, deep and blue. I am thinking na baka may bigla na lang hihila sa akin papuntang ilalim ng dagat sa sobrang lalim. We were in the water for almost the whole day that day. We have been to Baraccuda Lake and Twin Lagoon where you have to swam under two huge mountain like with a small tunnel in between while the water is about 20ft deep. Sobrang scary.
They said this is where the sea water and fresh water meets so the water above is cold while the water under is warm. Ang.sarap.pero.scary!

All I was thinking of back then was nakakatakot but for the sake na I was there and thinking that I will miss it, No way.

I'm sorry about the photos, konti lang. I can't find the other's on my archives. 
It was really fun. Nabitin nga ako eh kasi we haven’t been to other places pa. There were a lot Coron has to offer you. Ang masaya pa dun, cheap lang ang place compared to Puerto Princesa and Boracay. No wonder, Coron is making its way as one of the tourist destination na. At dahil sobrang fun ng memory na ito, this was what I presented when I applied for a new position as a trainor sa office. I made it to that reporting part but not on the final interview =(
Maybe, its not for me yet. I have more reasons now to work hard so next time na may openings for promotions, grab lang dapat ng grab diba? =)
See yah!


  1. ang ganda naman dyan! sana makapunta din dyan one time. :)

    1. Mommy Joy masarap mag travel, di ko pa nga lang na eexperience ang may kasamang baby.. =)

  2. Ako hindi pa nakapunta jan aww :( someday siguro. my hubby and I naman went on a vacay together twice pa lang.. in Naga and sa province namin! You can try din Iloilo and Guimaras.. nice din beach sa Guimaras.. sa Iloilo naman food and churches.. parang spanish type kasi ang province namin.. modern na din kahit papano! :) sana maka gawa ako ng blog about sa place namin so you can see it :)

    1. You'r from Ilo-ilo pala Tata? My Mom too. She's ilongga and I can understand a bit of it lang. Never been to Ilo-ilo pa eh pero I'll make sure to visit Guimaras din. Mejo hindi pa lang ngayon kasi I just gave birth 6 months ago so bongga pa ang gastos and everything. Hopefully next year. =)


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