Tuesday, April 29, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 22: Your Current Relationship

Hi mga mudrakels!
Konting kembot na lang at tapos na ang April. Let’s wrap it up and move on!

Oh I have a chika pala, sobrang init nowadays no? Sobrang naaawa nga ako kay James kasi he’s been sleeping tapos iiyak sya sa madaling araw, which he often does kasi gutom sya but now, pawis na pawis sya kaya sya nagagalit. Whenever he cries, iikutin ko sya sa kabilang side or iibahin ko yung sleeping position nya where in nakakatulog naman sya ulit. Whenever I touch his forehead, grabeng pawis nya. Dalawang electric fan na nga kami sa gabi, pero parang wala pa ring effect.
Hayy.. Nakakaawa lang. Before I left the house this morning, he was sleeping ng nakadapa para mejo makasingaw yung likod nya dahil pawis nga. Hindi tuloy maiwasan na mejo paubo – ubo sya. I’m not worried pa naman kasi it wasn’t the same level of cough when he got confined with Pneumonia.
Makabili na nga ng aircon!
In the afternoon naman, andun sila sa bahay ni Tita Grace nya kaya mejo nakakaligtas sya sa init sa hapon, pero pag gabi, yun lang, grabeng init. Ano bang dapat kong gawin para ma – lessen yung pagpapawis nya sa gabi?
Enough kwento na, sorry na carried away ako.

Like everybody else, I have different kinds of relationship with people around me. I always make sure that those that are important to me will come first. I don’t know which relationship I will make kwento of kasi it wasn’t clear naman sa challenge.

He was a blessing in disguise. He taught me practical things in life. Being his mother changed me a lot. He became my inspiration everyday. Whenever I see him, all those feeling of tiredness are all gone in seconds. I am lucky he’s growing up a happy baby. He smiles at everybody kahit yung mga hindi naming kakilala sa mall, sa labas ng bahay, sa jeep. It makes me proud. I don’t know what I have done great in this world that our Dear God allowed me to have this cutie patotie! I know it will be my responsibility to raise him and have him become a God – fearing, lovable, smart, wonderful person with a good heart. I know I’ll do my best to become the bestiest Mom he can have.

My relationship with my family is the same. I am my mom’s daughter and I am still the sister they know of for 23 years. I can’t say anything much about them kasi though we have different characteristic and we annoy each other, we’re still brothers and sisters. My mom might be the second to Vilma Santos sa sobrang kadramahan, she was still the mom she was when we’re growing up. I would say I have a good relationship with them. Compare it to other stories I’ve heard, our parents instilled to us to always respect each other. We shared asaran, tawanan, pikunan moments that I know we would want to talk about when we get old. Though we weren’t the cheesiest family in the entire Earth, I know we have done our best to become what we are. Regrets? It’s always there. The point is how you will get back on track after the challenge.

I have known Daryl since after high school. We have been through a lot and I know from here there will still be more coming. I have a roller coaster relationship with him specially now that we have James. Before that, I know that we have set our minds on things we want, kulang na lang sa action talaga. I am still looking forward in achieving those dreams that once we have dreamt of. I believe and trust him for whatever he is doing. You know girls always wanted an assurance. I know he’s getting there. Konting push na lang Bebe. Keri mo yan =)

I have cool friends. I can talk shit to them without them getting annoyed. I have met a lot of people but I am keeping those who are worth my time. I eliminate those that only knows me when they need something on me. I spend time with my real friends pero yung mga busy kong friends, once in a blue moon lang which is fine, at least we have a lot of kwento when we meet each other diba? =) I won’t drop names na lang kasi baka may magtampo pag may nakalimutan akong pangalan eh. Mahirap na, mawalan pa ko ng friends. Hehehe.

I am thankful of you who spend your precious time to drop by and read my posts. How thoughtful you are to leave a comment sometimes. I know I am too far from those bloggers you always read and visit but let me thank you for your courage to be my human emotion absorber din (if there’s such a word like that! Hehe). Thank you for letting me move on by reading all my blahs in life. Thank you and keep reading. =)

These are the things/people that matters to me the most. I surrounded my life with those people who makes me happy.
Thank you!


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