Monday, April 14, 2014

A Long Story of a Weekend

Good Afternoon Guys!
My shift has changed again so my routine of jogging no longer applies. I go out of the office around 6pm which is super rush hour. It was okay naman sana, I can have my jogging session during rush hour so from the time I'll be going home, hindi na sobrang traffic. However, regardless of how poor it may sound, wala akong locker dito sa office to temporarily leave my things while I run. Poorita lang talaga ang pegaloo. Kaloka!

Anyway, going back to the Good Vibes, I had a very motherhood weekend again. I am not complaining kasi I can only spend my whole day and time with James only on weekends eh. This is my way of catching up on him while he grows every minute. 
Unlike before, Daryl gets to visit James every Saturday, now it has changed to every Sunday dahil sa 6 days work week niya. 

I started my weekend on Friday night after shift. I met up with Tita Frau, my eldest sister, at World Trade Center for the 'Heat Wave Bazaar'. I came late because of traffic along Gil Puyat Avenue. Ate has gone inside to check the booths. I forced Ate to pay for the entrance of P50 (which I always do).
Grabe kasi yang mga bazaar na yan. Lagi na lang meron kapag petsa de peligro na ako. Yung tipong waley na akong anda. Nakakaloka. Si ate naman ang nagyaya eh so sya na rin ang magbayad. =)

We checked each booth while having tons of chikahan. Para kaming di nagkita ng 5 years sa dami ng pinag chichismisan namin. I didn't buy anything kasi nga alanganin na ang wallet ko. Hindi naman ako kayamanan para maka afford ng mga biglaang gastos. 
Oh! Before I forget, let me mention that I came across some article about Financial Freedom daw. I'll tell you about it soon, di ko pa tapos basahin eh.
I have noticed there was a program. There was Jonalyn Viray and Stephen Silva. Jonalyn sang her version of Empire State of Mind of Alicia Keys. 

I am too far from the stage tapos di naman katangkaran din si Jonalyn Viray so ayan ang resulta ng photos. Pero in all fairness, winner talaga ang boses nya. No question on that.
While checking her out, Ate found this booth where they sell detox juice. I think I got traumatized dun sa huli nyang binili that I mentioned here. So ayun, she bought one to try it out. I was kinda hesitant to drink it kasi nga feeling ko kasing lasa pa rin nung dati. Pero, since I got really conscious about my figure, nilakasan ko ang loob ko para tikman. Ayun, masarap naman pala kasi those juices that they sell were more of fruits than veggies. Bet ko yun ha?! Yung may Kiwi, I am not sure with other flavors though. The name of the booth was Sexy Detox I think? I can't find their facebook page eh.

Later on, off we went to Mall of Asia to check some stores we often visit. Ate didn't buy anything. Mejo kuripot kasi yun ng slight lang so then niyaya ko na lang sya to eat at Wendy's. Winner ang burger nila dun ano?! I ordered the Cheeseburger Combo nila. I removed the kamatis and onion eh but I tried eating the lettuce and it was ok naman pala. Hehe. A good start in liking veggies diba? I'm trying my best na kasi mga mare to make peace with gulay one step at a time.
Wish me luck. Hahah.

By the way, here's the photo I took after I had James took Calpol for his sinat. He looked grouchy talaga that day. He's not really feeling well siguro.

Please excuse the sipit in my hair. Wala akong mahanap na hair clip eh hehehe. 

Buti na lang okay na talaga ang baby ko. Thank God for making him healthy =)

Saturday morning, we woke up around 6am. James was making his usual morning inarte of crying. I don't know why he does that every morning. Yung mag iiyak - iyakan sya, that or hindi ko lang talaga ma figure out kung bakit sya naiyak. When you start talking to him while he's doing inarte naman, he usually stops then will show his good mood na. Pero how to do that ba? Pupungas - pungas ka pa, kelangan mo ng dumaldal agad para maging good mood ang bagets. Hayy #nanayproblems
What we did next was to bring him with me sa bilihan ng pandesal. I carried him for a slightly long walk. Kaloka! Sumakit agad ang likod ko. =(
While we were having our breakfast, we handed pandesal to James din. 

rawr!! I'll eat you all!!

He's sobrang nanggigil talaga on anything na nilalagay niya sa bibig nya. 

So adorable talaga! I am so happy to see him learn new things. Yun nga lang, everything that he touches, gusto nyang ilagay sa bibig nya, sipsipin, dilaan at ngatngatin. I was wondering if he'll soon have his baby tooth kasi everytime he catches my finger, he will put it in his mouth tapos I really can feel his gilagid on my fingers. What do you think Nanay's out there? He's turning 6 months na this coming week eh.

We had his usual morning nap after. We slept until around 11:30am. I was making faces while he was looking at me half awake. He was smiling at me. Priceless pala yung mga ganun ano? You can make someone smile for no reasons. I'm sure if he gets old, kahit anong smile ko waley na yan. 
Hahahaha. Dedma na yan panigurado. 
I bathed him afterwards then let him play a little. He was so cute. Kala mo macho eh, naka brief pa. Hehe. 

Most of his toys were hanged sa wall for him to see them habang gumagalaw dahil sa hangin ng fan. 

Later in the afternoon, We went to Sm Southmall with Tita Grace and Andy. I was drinking my all time -summer favorite Halo - halo krusher at KFC na uber sa sarap mga mare, try nyo! Every summer lang to available on all stores of KFC. Whenever I take a sip, walang humpay ang kampas ng kamay ni James so hindi ako makainom. He wants to drink it too. He opens his mouth din. Nakakaloka! Ang ambisyoso na agad ng anak ko. Gusto ng uminom ng Krusher! 

Instead, we offered him this:

See how gigil he was na isubo yung plastic ng brownies. I wanted to make him eat na talaga kaya lang ang mudrakel ko sabi on his 6th month na daw. Anyway, it will be next week na so kakain na sya. =) I'll surely document it. 
We walked around the mall and saw that Gingersnaps was on sale. I was hoping to buy one for James kasi most of their shirts were around P150-P200 na lang. Kaya lang, I noticed the other day na most of his cousin's Thirdy's clothes were handed over to him na. Most of them came from Gingersnaps din so I wasn't sure which one ang wala pa si James, I saw those same styles kasi nung nasa bahay. 
Thirdy was 3 years old now, going on 4 on August. He was petite lang talaga so di malayong magkasya kay James ang mga old clothes nya. 

I also saw that Simple Joys are on sale with this cutie bags. I remembered my dalaga days lang bigla. Hehe. =)

I wanted this polka bags oh! So teenager lang ang dating!

His eyes looked red on this photo but it doesn't. Baka sa lighting lang. =)
Here's James' ootd:
Top and Shorts gifted by Daryl
The next day, Daryl visited James and got us this. 

Sobrang init that day. James had a hard time getting his afternoon nap. He slept for only around 10 minutes, he woke up. He was so grouchy talaga. Sobrang init ng ulo nya. Nung mejo bumaba ang araw at around 5pm saka lang mejo nakatulog pero most likely around 1 hour lang. Pinunasan ko na sya then I always put powder sa leeg at dibdib nya para mejo ma preskuhan ng konti. Pero wala pa din eh. It's scorching hot talaga. We don't have aircon kasi sa house mejo poorita pa ako at ambisyon ko pa lang. Sooner I'll have that na =)

When  Daryl went home, we stayed at Tita Grace's bedroom with the aircon on na. I can see James had somehow felt presko. We watched the video/song of the app 'Dumb Ways to Die' on Tita Grace's tablet.
Look at James, He can somehow sit na on his own. Sooner or later, he can do it without guidance na.
He's really growing up. =(

Tutok na tutok sa tablet. =)

Please excuse the tummy! Sobrang laki! Hahahaha. That's why I really have to work out na diba?

After a while, mejo na bored na kasi mga 5 times na nagpe play ang video so he asked for milk.

Noticed the bolster? Bestfriend niya yan. He cuddles it everytime. =)
After a while, I didn't let him sleep pa muna. When Nanay came, that's when he fell asleep na talaga. I transferred him to our house afterwards. Antok na antok ang lolo nyo, di man lang nagising. =)

It was a long weekend diba? Grabe ang pananakit ng likod ko jan, I swear. I wanted it to be checked na talaga. Maybe next time.
How's your weekend naman mothers? Long weekend is coming. Ingat sa mga gagala. Kami Taong bahay muna.

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