Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy 6th Month, James

Hello mga mothers and friends!
Today is the 23rd of the month and it makes me feel emotional.
James turns 6 months today. I am happy because he’s growing up really healthy. That’s all I ever wanted talaga.
Bonus na lang na pogi ang baby ko. Kanino ba naman magmamana yan kundi sakin diba?
Wag na kumontra ok?! =)
It’s also the 6th month since I had c-section. I came to a point thinking na I should have asked the doctor na bikini cut na lang at ng makapag swimsuit pa ako after diba? Pero hindi ko na naisip mag inarte dahil ang sakit na ng tyan ko, at the same time parang hindi pa rin nag sink in sa utak ko na ma CS pala ako dahil all along, I was expecting a normal delivery. I came across some people pa na sinasabing mahirap daw pumayat kapag bikini cut. Hayy! Bakit ba ako naniwala sa kanya?!
However, when I think about being regretful of whatever cut the OB made, I remembered the feeling I had the moment I was told na that I have to deliver through c-section immediately. My water broke since 11am the previous day and it only has to be 18 hours to deliver the baby or else, worst will happen. I said “gora na doc! Pakisabi na lang sa mga kasama ko sa labas.” Ganun siguro talaga when you become a mom, you would think about your baby first before anything else. Kiber na lang sa world kung hindi na makapg two piece, may one piece naman. And that makes me happy. =)

By the way, I wanted to show you James’ pictures. There were times na tingin ko ang payat nya pero at times, I see how chubby he is. Like these pictures below.

He looked like around 10 months old diba?

I am so thankful I have him. A very happy and healthy baby.

Here are the things that he has developed along the way until his 6th month birthday.

1.       Smile to people and laugh at them when encouraged
2.       Explores his body through his hands
3.       He’s now reaching for his feet
4.       He rolls from his back to tummy faster
5.       Puts everything in his mouth
6.       He’s a pro in his walker. He can stand for seconds then will sit right back
7.       He can maneuver his walker
8.       Cries when you walk away from him while he’s lying
9.       Enjoys going out for a walk
10.   Can sit on his own with minimal guidance

 I cant imagine he grows really fast. Ang dami nga nyang damit na hindi na magkasya eh. Last time, I fixed his closet. Nilabas ko na yung mga damit na masikip at maliit na sa kanya. Pinalitan ko naman ng mga damit na tinago ko. Binili ni Daryl for James on his 4th month birthday eh malalaki pa sa kanya but now, kasya na. That’s what he’s wearing nowadays specially if were go to malls.
I’ll buy him a small cake after work na lang. Will post his photos here soon. =)

 Dear James,

You’re growing up as a happy and adorable little man. I pray to God that you will stay the same. Your smile calls all the positivity in our life. I know I am not always with you because Mama is working but one thing I can guarantee you is that you are always in my heart. I think about you all the time and you really make me happy even on my shitest days. Thank you for hugging me, for kicking me unintentionally when your are mad because you want to be carried, for those sleepless nights becasue you want milk in the middle of the night. Those things defines me as how I wanted to become as your mom. Even before you came, I know I love you.
There was this quote I wanted to dedicate to you.
No one else will ever know the strength of my Love for you. After all, you're the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside”.
I love you Baby.



  1. Happy 6th month baby james! ready na to eat solid food, yay! =)

    1. Thank you Mommy Joy =)
      Which solid food ba pinakain mo kay Baby A dati?

  2. Hi Jen! Both of us had c-section too and I know the feeling. Ang cute ng baby James mo!

    1. Thank you Mommy Gladys. For sure sulit naman ang operasyon natin kasi ang ku cute naman ng twins mo eh =)


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