Wednesday, April 30, 2014

James 6th Month Birthday Photos

As promised, here are the photos from James’ 6th month birthday. I only bought a cake for his birthday from Red Ribbon na unfortunately, naupuan sa jeep. I made kwento about it here.

Early in the morning before I left the house, Nanay decided to have a staycation at my sister’s house along with James. My aunt left and went home to Mindoro, her husband’s hometown so Ate doesn’t have a househelp. Mama offered herself but since she’s taking care of James while I work, sinama na lang niya si James over to Ate’s house.
James was so ready to leave na but Nanay isn’t. For me not to be late at work, nauna na lang ako umalis sa kanilang dalawa. 

James outfit of the day: Onesies from SM infant section; Socks gift from Daryl

Look at him! He looks like a baby girl diba? Hahah. I was shoked when I saw this photo. Ang ganda din pala ni James kung naging baby girl sya. I even posted it in my facebook page and got 20+ likes. Maybe people noticed na mukha nga sya talagang babae sa picture na ‘to. =)

That night, I was so tired. After work, I went off at Red Ribbon Pamplona to buy a cake, headed straight home, napaaway habang nasa jeep, changed clothes, brought his walker over to Ate’s house then tucked him to bed. Mejo superwoman lang ang peg ko nun. Got tired pero it was all worth it naman. Ganun talaga eh. Thankful na lang ako at hindi stressful ang work ko. Or else baka wala na kong time para magawa lahat yun.
I asked his Ate Lalai to take picture of him blowing his candle (I noticed then na nawawala pala yung candle nya.)while I carry him pero ang likot ng lolo nyo! Sobrang hirap nya kuhaan ng picture nowadays. Sobrang active na kasi. I even noticed na pumayat sya ng kontidahil sa kalikutan nya. Talon ng talon, lingon dito lingon dun, aabutin lahat ng makita nya. Hayy kaloka!

Please excuse my bilbilations!! Kaloka! Ang likot kasi di ako nakapag project! Grrr.. 
"So this was the cake you're making kwento about Mama? Mukha ngang naupuan! "

He was trying to reach for the cake. Several times nyang nahawakan yung icing.

By the way, this was the part of the cake na naupuan. Buti na lang, hindi na crush yung cake no?! Icing lang ang tinamaan. Thank God! =)

Our photo op while I cradled him to sleep. =)
I posted the last photo on my Instagram account. 

Big boy na talaga ang baby ko. Where can I buy a time machine so I can always go back to those days? Hayy..


  1. kamukha mo si baby james, mommy jen! =)

    1. Hehehehe. Hati nga ang sinsabi ng mga tao Mommy Joy, yung iba sabi kamukha ko daw, yung iba naman sabi kamukha ng Daddy nia. =)


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