Wednesday, May 28, 2014

High School Friends Eat Out

Ang bilis ng araw mga Mommies!! Parang kahapon lang, Sunday tapos ngayon Wednesday na agad. Pagpasensyahan nyo na, hindi ako masyadong makapag blog nowadays kasi may pinagdadaanan ako. In time, maise share ko din ito sa inyo, Promise!

For the meantime, gusto ko lang i share sa inyo na I met up with my 3rd year high school friends couple of weeks ago. Nakakatawa nga kasi we had a group chat lang sa facebook discussing how we can make our meet up possible. I told them na may off is Saturday and Sunday but I can only manage to go out with friends on Saturdays kasi on Sundays, it’s surely for James and Daryl. I don’t know kung ano pa yung napag usapan nila kasi I never opened my facebook that time na.

I was just shocked one day na I have 19 missed calls. I thought at first, “sino ba tong tawag ng tawag?”. Number lang kasi eh, then there were calls from Ahbie’s phone. I answered it around 6pm na where I found out na tuloy pala yung plano nilang eat out. Ahbie said that they’ll meet at SM Mall of Asia after office hours. Ayun, ang lola nyo mejo na stress kasi 10pm pa ang out ko. Ano pa bang maabutan ko sa mall nun? Mabuti na lang at entertainer talaga ang friend kong si Ahbie kaya nag gala muna sila before I came in to the picture.

I was told na nasa Marina daw sila. It was a resto with a band. Yun na lang daw kasi yung isa sa mga open. Close na kasi ang MOA that time. Niyaya ko din si Daryl kasi I was told na kasama daw ni Mhae yung boyfriend nya eh. When Bebe and I came, naka order na sila. We had their Sinigang na hipon, Sisig and Liempo ata yun? I forgot. Di kasi ako ang nag order and the fact na ang dami kong gustong pag usapan between us all. Sobrang bihira lang kasi kami nakakalabas. Si Diane kasi, sa malayo na nakatira, that’s the only time na nalaman namin na buntis pala si Diane for her second baby and she was 6 month preggy na. Si Mhae naman nasa Dubai, nakauwi lang sya for vacation now until June 9. Si Ahbie naman pakalat kalat lang yan lagi jan. Hahahah. =)
When we noticed na hinihintay na pala kami ng mga staff na matapos kasi they’re about to close na pala, we decided to go and went straight to San Miguel By the Bay. We sat down on one of the bar there, parang Pit’s Place ata yun or Pete’s place. I can’t remember. Memory gap mga ateng. Daryl and Mhae’s boyfriend went for a drink then us girls watched the band performing. We went home around 2am na.

I was just sad kasi nga I don’t have a photo of them to remind us that we met up in this stage of our lives. Alam nyo naman ang usual kong dahilan, ang phone ko, out of storage. I was trying to look for my old memory card na 4GB pero I can’t find it yet. =( We were planning to see each other again just before Mhae go abroad.

Since wala akong photos of whatever we did that day, share ko na lang eto:

Ahbie posted this on my timeline. She’s teasing me na ang payat ko pa daw jan. I graduated na yata nyan ng high school. I can’t even remember. Hehe. We were seated sa stairs ng isang mall sa Cavite. We went to on of our classmates’ house for his birthday kasi. Dine dare nga ako nyan ni Ahbie na pumayat daw dapat ako ng ganito ulit in a year’s time. Grabe sya sa akin!! Hahahah. Di ko alam kung papayat pa ako ng ganyan eh. Well see. =)

Monday, May 26, 2014

James' 7th Month Birthday

I think rainy season is fast approaching na mga mudras! And that I am hoping so kasi sobrang init ngayon eh. James has grown so much hair na kasi. When he was 3-4 months old, nalalagas yung hair nya. Now, he’s growing them back. We always have his hair tied tuloy mukha syang babae. My friend Ahbie even mentioned na may chance daw maging babae ang anak ko! Hmmmp ka Ahbie. Hehehe.

Anyway, what I was really blogging about is about James’ 7th month birthday. There was nothing really spectacular naman kasi my shift ends at 10pm and that I’ll be home around 11pm na. I didn’t bought a cake for him. I posted these photos in Facebook and it got 20 likes. =) They probably find him adorable din. Hehe.

Also, I noticed that James now likes watching TV. Remember, I mentioned somewhere here in my blog na hindi sya mahilig manuod ng TV? I might be wrong kasi now, he likes watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When we were staying at  his Tita Fraulene’s house, I put him to his Kuya Thirdy’s stroller facing the TV then handed him a bread or a wafer to eat. Ang lolo niyo mukang enjoy ang ganong set up. 

Last night naman, he was watching videos of Hi-5 and Pororo sa tablet ni Tita Grace nya, nuod din sya.

By this time:

James can sit on his own more comfortably
He now shows emotions, marunong na syang pagalitan
When you get something from his hand, he will cry
He can pull himself up while holding only his both hands
He’s now focused on watching TV
Makes brrr sounds
More tulo laway
No teeth yet
Non – stop jumping when standing on his own feet

To James:

You have grown so big na, Mama can’t believe I am saying your 7 months old already. Time flies really really fast. It’s as if it was just yesterday that you were in my tummy kicking. I just noticed baby na you no longer smile to people often. You are becoming moody. You smile only if you are in mood to do so. That made me feel 50-50 about it – 50%happy; 50% sad. I don’t know baby but I am just so happy you are growing healthy. You got sick couple of days ago, I don’t know why but thank God you’re always guided by him. I really do thank Him for being so good at us specially you baby. You have been the very reason why Mama is working so hard that I am going to work everyday plus every double pay. Hehe. I love you so much baby, to the moon and back. Mwuah!


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Feeling Book Author =)

Hi Guys!!

Ang aga ng post na ito. Nakahanap na kasi ako ng way para makapag blog eh. Papasok ako ng maaga, para lang magkaron ng time sa blog ko. Oh diba? Dedicated lang ang lola. Hahahahah!

Anyway, kagabi, I sent myself an email kung anong nafi feel ko that time. Mas masarap talagang magsulat kapag puno ka ng emotions ano?
Teka, eto, ipopost ko.

I came home today, James' asleep. I was so sad that he got a little thin. Lumuwag yung balat nya which was an indication that he lost a pound or two or even more. I hope he can manage to get those fats back again because they look cute on him. He didnt get a flu the whole afternoon, mama said, which for me was a good news. 
I am lying beside him as i am typing this. Im watching him asleep. This made me happy. I can see him turn from one side to the other. I guess he was trying to find a good position to sleep in. That makes me remeber how he was when he was younger, he can only sleep on whichever side i put him too. Sideways or lying on his back, he can sleep well with it. But now? Dear he has grown a little. He can do much more tricks this time. I am fallen on his cuteness spell over me. And that leg raised leaning on me, where did he get that? Probably from me? I remembered when i was a child, i often do that too. The difference is my siblings gets mad at me when i lean my whole leg with them but i wasn't with James. 
Well, I should be sleeping now. Sabi ko sa inyo eh, i dont want to be reading books kasi this makes me write this way. You've seen the change? Dear, get me back,on track!! :)  goodnight!

Oh diba? Bongga lang. Para ka lang nagbasa ng book diba? Sabi ko na nga ba eh. So ngayon alam nyo na kung bakit ayokong magbasa ng books? Aside kasi sa nagiging hook ako sa story, mga isang buwan akong di mapapakali sa kakaisip ng story nila, naadapt ko din yung way ng pagsusulat. When I was reading pocketbooks kasi ages ago, I dreamt of becoming a successful writer din. Believe me! I tried writing a story pero tinamad ako kasi nakakapagod magsulat. Di pa kasi uso ang laptop nung panahon na yun eh. Hahahaha! =)

This morning when I woke up, I saw James na naka posisyon na para gumagapang. Nagpapa practice na syang buhatin yung sarili niyang katawan. Yesss! Lapit na syang gumapang. I really have to buy a crib for him na para matuto na din syang gumabay – gabay diba? Oo mga ateng, wala pa akong crib kasi I wasn’t thinking right that time tapos ang liit lang ng house namin so di ko alam kung necessity ba talaga yun. Then later found out na, I badly need it pala. Hayy..

O sha! I should be back at work na. I will be getting the flu vaccine I bought for myself here sa office. Our company found another company who sells cheap vaccine eh. Ayan, I bought one kasi waley akong karapatang maging sick. 
Start your day right. Mine is just starting eh. Naku may pinagdadaanan ako ngayon pero dedmabels ko lang yan. =)

Sorry, walang masyadong pictures ha? Kasi yung phone ko na lagi kong hawak, eh out of storage na sa dami ng nilalagay kong songs at pictures. I should buy a bigger storage na no?!

Yun lang po.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Get Well, Baby

Today, I am not in the mood. Sobrang sakit kasi ng pisngi ko dahil sa wisdom tooth ko na tumutubo. Namamaga na ata yung pisngi ko. kakainis! Hindi ako masyadong makapag trabaho. Arrrgh.. Sana maging ok na ‘to bukas. I don’t want to drink medicines naman dahil lang sa simpleng kirot kasi my OB once said na ang mga tao daw, nagiging dependent na sa medicine rather than those na natural remedies. Ano bang natural remedies sa namamagang  wisdom tooth? Hayy..

Anyway, yesterday, Ate texted me na James’ still sick pa din. I have to bring him na to his pedia to find out why he’s sick. Mom said na namumula daw yung lalamunan, not quite sure. When I arrived home naman, wala na sya lagnat kasi kakainom lang ng gamot. I tucked him to bed and placed him on the side of the bed sa may fan kasi mejo mahina yung aircon nila ate eh.

Mama: Jan mo na naman ilalagay yan si James baka malaglag na naman!
Me: Hindi, ililipat ko sya sa kabila kapag mejo lumamig na yung room.

After a while, nakatulog na kaming lahat. I found out, nahulog na naman sya sa kama. Buti na lang, Mama’s sleeping sa baba lang ng bed with a thick mattres nila ate, yung sofa bed kaya hindi sya tumama sa anything hard. Hahaha. Ang likot na bata talaga. I placed him sa kabilang side na, dun sa may pader na lang. Nakakatawa pa kasi James often make tanday his foot over me or his pillows surrounding him. Kala mo matanda na kung matulog eh. So adorable! =)

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night kasi James was crying as usual, I felt him quite hot pero not that hot. I tried feeding him kasi malamang gutom na which he was. Tinimplahan sya ng subconscious mind ko ng milk nya, He finished 5 oz that night. Morning came, he was still hot, I took his temperature. He was 37.1C only, so walang lagnat. Dedma. After a while, parang mainit ulit, I took his temp and he got 36.7C. What’s with him? Walang lagnat pero parang ang init ng katawan nya? Naka aircon naman kami. I am thinking kasi James isn’t comfortable if he didn’t take a bath for the whole day talaga. Madaling mairita yan at masungit kapag di sya nakaligo. Naisip ko baka din mainit yung katawan nya dahil 2 days na syang di naligo dahil nga sa may lagnat sya.

Before I left home kanina, Mama bathe him and he fell asleep peacefully. I felt him, hindi naman sya mainit. I hope he will get well soon na. whenever I carry him, I feel na parang gumaan at pumayat sya. Nakakaawa naman =( pero ganon talaga eh. Kasama yan sa paglaki nila, tataba tapos papayat. Hayy.. He was so snob din these past few days, siguro nga dahil sa masama ang pakiramdam nya o di lang sya naligo? Hehehe. I also noticed na he cries easily. When we came to ate’s room, he cried kasi mejo natakot sya sa BIL ko. I fear na nangingilala na sya and his all-out-smile has gone =( Somehow, I feel relieved kasi nga he will not go with someone he doesn’t know or not familiar with pero I also feel sad na hindi na sya nag smile to people regardless if he knows them. It was cute kasi diba to see those babies smiling at you kahit di ka nila killala? I feel proud if James smiles to strangers in malls kasi. Ok. Im torn between the two. Which is better ba?!

Anyway, thanks to Mommy Joy of Happiness of Joy Blog who left a comment about food na pwede kong ipakain kay James. It was really helpful! =) I hope sooner or later I can prepare those.

Here are his photos while im feeding him one time.

I also have him eat biscuits, yung marie. 

We were only the two of us that day. That was when I established a schedule for him and I to follow. It will be nice sana kung SAHM ako, I can stick to that schedule. =( that reminds me na masarap din naman ang maging SAHM no?! Pero I love working, I love providing things for him. Ok. Torn between two again! Ground, eat me now!

That’s all for now folks,

Monday, May 19, 2014

I guess I need Help? =)

Hi Mudraks! Sorry about being absent for the longest time. I felt guilty naman tuloy. Anyway, tapos ko na basahin ang 50 shades of Grey, 50 shades Darker and 50 shades Freed. Finally!!! I can blog all day while at work.
Oh don’t get me wrong, nagtatrabaho pa rin naman ako no. =)
Naisisingit ko lang talaga ang blogging.

It’s Monday pero I am not feeling that well talaga. I don’t feel efficient sa work ngayon. Hindi kasi ako makapagsalita ng maayos mga ateng! Tumutubo kasi yung wisdom tooth ko sa right side eh, hangsakit talaga!! Chaka ko tuloy magsalita ngayon.
At the same time, may sakit din si James. He has been sick since Sunday morning. =(
Saturday that passed, nag outing kami ng mga batchmate ko so hindi kami nagkasama ni James. When I got home, i held his hand and felt na mejo mainit compared sa usual na body heat. That Sunday morning, he’s temp was around 37.3C – 37.6C lang naman, eh diba it’s 37.8C and up to consider they are having flu. Around 12 noon Sunday, nag 38C na sya so pinainom ko na ng paracetamol. Later the day, hindi na sya nilagnat. Laging around 37.6C lang so hindi ko na sya pinapainom ng gamot.
Today, we stayed at his Tita Fraulene’s house. I had him slept sa kanto ng bed, nagulat na lang ako, andun na sya sa sofa bed ni Mama sa baba ng bed.
Nalaglag pala sya.
Shet. Wawa naman ang baby ko. Hehe. Buti na lang talaga, makapal yung foam nung sofa bed na pinagbagsakan nya. Hindi rin naman ganun kataas ang bed so I guess hindi naman sya nasaktan kasi when I got him, keri lang naman nya.
This morning, I felt him and his temp was a bit high na naman. He doesn’t have coughs nor cold, parang wala pa naman syang teeth para sabihing nilalagnat sya because of teething.
Hayy.. so confusing. I still went to work leaving him with my Mom.
I am hoping he will get well soon. =(

Also, guys, I need help about which toys will be safe for him. He’s turning 7 months old. Everything he touches goes straight to his mouth kaya mejo hesitant ako to give toys to him. I bought him teether pero he only plays with it kapag malamig but if not, kiber ng lolo nyo sa teether na yan. Haay.. He seldom watch TV naman din. Parang tingin ko hindi sya masyadong interested manood. Mana siguro sya sakin, hindi kasi ako lagi nanunuod ng tv eh. Hehe. =)

I am wondering din mga mudras kung ano ba ang mga food na pwede pang kainin ni James. I bought him another flavor ng cerelac pero he doesn’t seem to like it. He prefers the soya and rice flavor lang. I tried potatoes dun sa menudo, hindi naman din nya type. Siguro kasi nalasahan nya yung menudo no? I’ll try yung galing na lang sa nilaga. I also want him to try eating boiled eggs kasi pwede din daw yun diba? Ang aga naman maging picky-eater ng anak ko. Mana – mana lang talaga eh no?! =|I just hope I’ll be the one to feed him everyday para Makita ko kung ano baa ng likes and dislikes nya pero alam nyo naman, I have to go to work. =(

Any suggestions? I badly need it. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Missing in Action + Post Mother's Day Drama

It’s been couple of days nung huling beses akong nag post. I was so missing in action talaga. I have been busy last week reading 3 books until now. I wasn’t able to fully finish the third book since the start of the week kasi my shift has changed. I am working in the afternoon na so it’s kinda hard for me to make a blog post and to read at the same time.
Anyway, I celebrated Mother’s Day in a very simple way. I think most mothers do. Or maybe not? Hehe. Most of us just want to give time for ourselves but there are some who celebrates it with family. I have chosen the latter.
James, I and Daryl went to SM Southmall. We were strolling kasi libre aircon eh. Hehehe.
But mind you, James slept in his stroller there for 3 to 4 hours I think. I don’t know what happened to him pero sobrang ang haba ng tulog nya kahit maingay at maraming tao. Yes.. sobrang daming tao. Ano pa nga ba?

Also, last Saturday, Mom went to Iloilo, her hometown,  to have all those old useful clothes we have at home. She got at least 2 huge baggage with her. I didn’t think it will be that hard without her at home kasi my sister can look after James. I’m so wrong pala, wala akong kapalitan eh. Hehe.
Come Monday, James woke up to his usual routine of 6am. He was playing, rolling on his tummy then back to his back a couple of times. I am still asleep not until he was crying na. He got tired of playing na siguro. I took care of him, bathe him, cuddled, played wile I was waiting for my shift which was 1pm in the afternoon. OO! Mainit. Hayy.

I chose to bathe him early, around 9am so that my sister won’t have to bother. I had him ate the newly bought cerelac flavor in wheat banana with milk, something like that. Hehe. He doesn’t like it I think kasi parang mejo nagme make face sya kapag sinusubuan ko. There was a strange thing din kasi everytime na papalapit na yung spoon nya sa bibig nya, he’ll laugh. I don’t know why. Baka kala nya nagpe play kami.
Kalokang bata! =)                                      

In the end, hindi rin ako nakapasok. My sister won’t wake up. I felt great more than guilt of not going to work. I felt happy kasi I can take care of him for another day. I thought of establishing a routine for him. When he wakes up, he’ll play sa bed habang good mood pa sya, then once na mainip sya, I’ll carry him with me to buy my breakfast. While I’m eating, he’ll get a chance to ride his walker and have Him discover things around him.
Teka maisingit ko lang,
James was so eager to learn things around him. He was curious about cats na. There were cats sa labas ng bahay namin, he was looking at them seriously na para bang kung nakakapagsalita sya, nasabi nyang “Shet. May mga ganyan pa lang nilalang sa mundo.” Hahaha. It was funny how he looked at it. So curious.
He will then fAll asleep after. If he’s in the mood, he will sleep for 3 hours or more then wakes up at 12pm. That’s when we will go to his Tita Grace’s house para makapagpa aircon sa hapon, sobrang init kasi nowadays grabe!.
He will then have his afternoon nap. He will wake up at 6pm then play again. Lastly before he sleeps, he’ll change his clohes pagkatapos magpunas then go to bed na. so far, we followed it for 3 days na magkasama kami. I was so happy, Nanay na Nanay lang talaga ang peg ko. =)
Come Tuesday when I was about to go to work, I missed James. For 3 days that we’re together 24 hours a day, I got used to his crying, I understand what he wants and what makes him irate. Hmmm.. minsan I wish I can be with him. Oo tiring, given na yun eh. Pero to complain about it? Parang too much naman yun. It’s the job of a life time eh, why complain. =)

I got to learn some things that I’ll do to attend to my other needs like washing his milk bottles, taking a bath, pooping, yes – pooping. When Nanay used to do all this in a breeze, she can even wash clothes while taking care of James whereas me can’t even take a bath when in-charge of him. Since I was left all alone with him, I found perfect time to learn. Katulad na lang kanina, napo poop na ako eh gising si James. I am hesitant to leave him sa higaan kasi he can crawl na using his chest. He rolls from back to tummy then back to lying position. Kiber ng lolo nyo kung nasa sahig na sya at walang sapin. I took advantage of his stroller, left the restroom door open and constantly calling him to let him know na may kasama sya. Later on, I heard him crying na. I looked for him from the restroom and found he was trying to go to the kitchen din and on our restroom, since maliit anga hallway, he can’t manage na idaan ang stroller nya dahil sa masikip nga, plus masyadong malaki yung base ng stroller nya. So ayun .. umiyak sya ng bongga. Naudlot tuloy ang pag poop ko.
Heheheh. =)
I found the perfect time to work on his feeding bottles din. I’m doing it after he sleep for the night kaya surely hindi nya ako maiistorbo. For his bathe time naman, either I’ll place him on our mattress or on his stroller while preparing for the things we need then will get him as soon as ready na lahat at maliligo na lang sya.
So happy for myself for finding ways. =)
Although it’s tiring, I am happy to do all those over again. Ganto pala ang feeling ng Mommy. You get happy, tired, annoyed, pissed, cuddled, loved, then happy again, lastly great that you were given a wonderful gift. It’s fulfillment when you see your child explore and get amazed on simple things.
Oha! Ang drama!
Hahaha =)
Pasensya na, post Mother’s Day drama lang ito. =)
Pano ka ba naman kasi hindi maaattach sa batang ‘to? Eh bungisngis pa lang nya, mai inlove ka na. 

Dear James,
It’s Mother’s Day last Sunday. Of course you don’t understand it yet pero ok lang, you’ll get use to it. Yearly kasi yan anak eh. This is the day where people recognizes the importance of a mother in everyone’s life. You see, I may not be the perfect person to tell na sundin ang utos ko kasi I was a stubborn little girl din naman kay Nanay. Pero believe me, when I had you, I realized why she’s like that to me on my younger days. I believed her in many points specially the first few months after I had you, when I had that heart breaking story of us. Mejo hindi nga lang halata na sinusunod ko si Nanay kasi ang drama nya anak eh. Although Moms tend to be like that naman siguro. I to you, sometimes get teary eyed din naman.
Thanks to you, I became one of those women who has their jobs with 24/7 mind and body wrecking responsibility with no salary. It’s being a mom, James. Someday you will become a parent and surely you will understand. I just hope you will not as stubborn as me.
I have noticed, marunong ka ng mag inarte. I just hope I can capture those faces you make when you’re pretending to cry. Blame it to my phoine’s memory card, too full to handle all my stuffs. Also, I saw your face while looking on a stray cat outside our house. You look awesome, being amazed in so little things. I hope I can read and record what you were thinking so you’ll know someday how eager you are to discover things around you. I am surely excited for you to learn more but hesitant at the same time kasi for sure ubod ka ng kulit. But whatever that’ll make you a better person, I am up to it. =)


Monday, May 12, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past

I remembered my brother being so addicted about Marvel. Ka edad kasi nya eh. My sisters often tell me storied of how he liked characters in Marvel so much. Tanungin mo yan, ikwento nya sayo lahat. One of the things he was hooked on was X-Men. Kilala nya lahat ng mga tao dun at ang mga powers nila and everything. If there were Marvel movies na ginagawa ngayon, sya ang tinatanong namin about it then he will tell if the story followed the comics eh. Bongga diba? Hahah. Nagpa flashback yung kabataan nya. =)

This May 23, Friday 20th Century Fox and Nuffnang Philippines will have an exclusive screening of X-Men: Days of Future Past'. This will be held at Shangri - La Cineplex Cinema 1, 9:50 pm.

Never been to Shangri-La. Oo na, kawawa na ako. Self - pity ito. Hahaha. =)

Here's the trailer of the movie! Better watch out! =)

So, if I were asked "What will you correct from the past to save the future?
As a Mom, reality hit me with how important savings are. I have mentioned multiplt times sa blog na 'to na I wasn't very fond of financial thingy. Hindi ako magaling jan. If I have money, I'll have it spend with food, travel, clothes. I have nothing to save. When James came, that when I started to think I should have one. I should have emergency fund different from my savings, then I was introduced to investment. I have been reading blogs about how would I be able to work on all of that along with budgeting.
Ang hirap pala. Math kasi eh.
But come to think of it, If I had one, I won't bother about how our future will. I will not worry if James get sick. I would have a spare money to hand to Mom. I will feel safe for James and I. I won't be like one of those people na hintay na hintay sa sweldo.
I have read from Kuripot Pinay's Blog about financial freedom. Mejo mahirap nga lang umpisahan pero I am getting the hang of it. Lagi ko ngang sinsabi sa sarili ko, one baby step at a time. Darating din ako jan. Future may not be what I wanted it to be pero it's not too late pa naman to work things out diba? I should start now. =)
Les dow dis!


Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day To All

Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, to me and to all mudrakels in the whole world.
We were so blessed to be a Mom do we?

Quick Post lang ha?! Busy pa ako mag bantay kay James eh. =)

Sooners Baby!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Me Tried Giligan's

Thank God It’s Friday!
Aahh yeeah!
Weekend na naman. I’m sure madami na naman ang masaya! Hehehe =)

I was really busy reading the book 50 shades of Grey. Actually natapos ko na ang Book 1: 50 Shades of Grey then I finished the book 2: 50 Shades Darker earlier. #adiklang.

So do I have to explain myself further kung bakit lagi akong Missing in action for the last couple of days. Hayy.. I have the last book naman na and for sure matatapos ko yun next week pa. Ang hirap kasi magbasa habang nagtatarabaho eh.

Anyway, last weekend. I met up with Kakat, my old officemate/friend at Sm Southmall. It was actually planned with someone else din last weekend pa. unfortunately, yung dapat kasama namin, nang iwan sa ere at hindi na nagparamdam. She can even say, hindi sya matutuloy for whatever reason. Hindi yung bigla na lang nagiging multo na hindi nagpaparamdam. Jeez!
Forget her.

Ayun nga, nasa daan pa lang kami ni James papuntang mall, I got so tired agad. Grabe ang bigat na nya. Hayy., 10kgs na sya the last time I checked. Grabe back ache inabot ko. I can’t bring his stroller kasi while I’m carrying James.
We walked around department store. Favorite hang out ng mga mommies? Oo. Yung infant section nga.
We checked several umbrella type strollers. Kakat found one for only P1500. She had it checked pero I suggested to try the other one which costs P400 more. I convinced her for it kasi it’s roomy tapos nung binaba nya si Saab, her baby dun sa stroller na tinuturo ko, she wasn’t crying at all na para bang nagustuhan nya yung stroller. We asked the salesman to bring out the pink colored one. While waiting, there was this Mommy and Daddy with their baby that looked like James’ age. They were checking the same stroller we asked. The salesman got the blue one for them, while they’re having it tested, Kakat and I were looking the other way while making chika until we heard

Father: P***ng*na! Bali ata!
We looked from where it was coming from. Found out it was the father of the happy family who were checking the same stroller we asked.
Father: Ay P***ng*na bali nga!!
Hindi mapakali yung Tatay. He was so mad. Super mad. I looked at the Mother, she carried the baby holding the baby’s arm. The baby was crying with tears. Heartbreaking.
Father: Anong pangalan mo! (Shouting).
He looked at the salesman’s ID then
Father: Asan manager mo!!
Mother: Hoy alika na dalhin na natin to sa ER.
Then they went away.

I was so nervous. There were couple of people including us looking at the salesman, he went away to call his manager. Another salesman asked another salesman kung anung nangyari but the first said he doenst know.
Sa sobrang kaba namin, umalis na kami and never inquired about strollers again.
I can still remember the eksena and it was so heartbreaking to see the baby crying. I can’t imagine if James and I were in that situation? Baka nahimatay na lang ako. I don’t know what to do.
I can’t be mad naman sa salesman kasi he was just doing his job on setting up the stroller.
Meron kasing part ng stroller na pwedeng pasukan ng kamay ng baby, maybe yung baby inserted his arms there not knowingly.
I am torn in the situation. I was so nervous the whole time. I am so affected thinking it could be my son.
It wasn’t clear naman kung bali nga ang buto sa kamay ng baby kasi we have not found the parents. Probably went to the hospital na. Disperse na din ang mga sales staff ng SM kasi they don’t want to create commotions.

After that incident, we headed to Giligan’s to eat. Saab slept so I had Kakat borrow the baby carrier tapos kinarga ko na lang si James in my hands. Mukhang mas happy sya ng ganun.
We were given the soup of the day. Parang nilagang baka yung sabaw. Ang sarap
 We ordered Sinigang, pork and chicken barbeque, plain rice then bottomless ice tea.
I wasn’t able to take pictures of our food kasi James is getting grouchy. He was sleepy na pala kasi. He slept for a while lang. 

It was my first time to eat at Giligan’s. 

 I liked their food naman, pero sana sinarapan din nila ang kanin. Para kasing NFA rice eh. Mas masarap pa naman ang pagkain kapag masarap din ang kanin.
Also, sana hindi nila nakalimutan ang drinks namin. We have to call them twice para lang I serve na ang drinks kasi konti na lang, mabubulunan na ako eh.
I liked their staff naman, mababait. I left the cap of pacifier sa table. Binalikan ko at nakuha ko din naman. Hindi daw tinapon ng staff kasi baka nga daw balikan ko.
I liked the place though. Naisip ko tuloy kung natanggap sila ng kiddie party kasi naisip kong theme ng party is pirate, perfect sa ambiance ng store nila. I just don’t like the light, nakakahilo. Kulay blue kasi eh.
Pero all in all, I liked it and certainly going back for more food. Yumm! =)

We spent almost 2 hours ata dun kasi I was waiting for Daryl to pick us up. Parang hindi na kasi kaya ng katawan kong kargahin pa si James. Grabe na talaga nagwawala na ang mga buto ko sa likod!

I was trying to wait for him sa Giligan’s pero sobrang tagal ng lolo nyo so I have decided to meet him somewhere in the mall na lang. Not long enough he came, sya na agad ang nagkarga kay James. Hayy.. Buti na lang, kasi mga 2 minutes ko pang karga si James baka nagkalasan na ang mga buto ko eh. 
Hahaha. =)

We bought him a snack before going home. We were supposed to eat in pero nagsasara na yung mall eh. We decided to go home na lang.

While waiting for Tatay's snack. Sayang blurred! =(
That night, habang binibihisan ko si James before going to bed, pakitang gilas ang bagets. Panay sigaw at ang ligalig ng mga kamay! Hay.. He slept naman right after. I am so amused to see him sleep kasi he looks like a toddler eh. Ang likot matulog. Hehe. I have also noticed nowadays, when my nephews were playing, he looked like he wants to join them. You can see from him na gusto rin nyang makiupo at makigulo sa nilalaro ng mga pinsan nya. Parang excited atang lumaki agad ang baby ko. Hayy..


That’s it.

Laters Baby, 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The Long Busy Last Week

I felt last week was kinda busy for me. I was aiming for so many things at a short period of time. I was happy naman kasi i had a positive result for some of them.

I was so disturbed about James. He doesn’t have a shoes kasi na he can wear kapag nasa walker sya. Ang panget naman kung nakapaa lang sya diba? I have mentioned sometime ago na he had a fake crocs given to him. He used it for a while pero sabi ni Mama na dapat daw hindi ganun ang gamit nya kasi nga his skin is so sensitive at madaling masugatan. I should have buy him a different kind of shoes daw. My Mom suggested na meron daw na mura lang sa Baclaran. I tried searching for a nice sandals there for him but it’s either mabigat pa para sa kanya or masyadong malaki pa sa paa nya.
I asked Daryl to buy that nice shoes I saw sa Sunshine Mall sa FTI but it was too small for him naman. One time, I saw his foot na parang may paltos. So ayun, naguilty naman ang lola nyo. I was so disturb knowing na wala syang shoes.
I tried looking sa SM infant section. Of course nandyan ang Pitter Pat na ubod ng ganda pero para sakin eh mejo out of the budget. Naiisip ko kasi kalalakihan lang naman nya eh. Besides, he will only be using it kapag nasa walker pa sya. I will buy him a nicer shoes kapag naglalakad na sya or say everytime na aalis kami ng house for malling or kung san man. I checked other brands, price ranges from P149 – P 359.
I looked around some more, yung mga nasa P150 naman kasi eh di ko type masyado yung designs. I think it wasn’t that colorful enough. =(
I am beginning to loose hope until I dropped by sa isang part ng infant section na may mga shoes din. I checked kasi I saw it with a yellow tag. Oh alam na? Sale yun so mega tingin naman ako!
I saw so many designs, ang gaganda pero they looked like mejo madumi ng slight. Siguro those are from their stock room na hindi masyadong nabili. I checked the brand and the price at mukha naming good steal na ito.
I had a hard time kung anong size ba ang kukunin.
  - teka short chika,

While checking, I over heard (chismosa lang ako) a lady customer asking the saleslady behind me kung anong swimsuit daw ba ang maganda. She was holding 2 one piece swimsuits for a girl toddler. I looked at them and voluntarily suggested the one on her right. Yung saleslady kasi nagdalawang isip kung ano ba ang maganda. She was kind enough to welcome my suggestion naman. =) Hayy.. Ang sarap din kung baby girl no? Ang dami kasing choices ng clothes, shoes, undies and almost everything. 


I asked the saleslady kung anong size ba ang for 6 months old. She gave me a size 24 daw dapat. The only design for size 24 is a sandals with a denim strap tapos si Pooh ang design. Di ko type. I showed her the design I liked pero size 23 na lang daw. Looking at it, it seemed big na for James so I bought it. Half inch lang naman difference nila ng size 24. 

Brand: Disney; Price: from P349 to P100
Oh diba? Good deal na.
When I came home, sinuot ko agad kay James.
Sakto lang, that’s when I found out na size 24 pala talaga ang baby ko. Dear! Ang hirap bumili ng gamit ng baby lalo na pag lalaki ang bibilhan! Hay.. I have to get used to it.
I was told by the saleslady na pwede naman daw papalitan ng size incase hindi talaga kasya pero sinira ko na ang tag so I supposed hindi na pwede ibalik.
Anyway, pang bahay lang naman diba? =)
And considering the price, hindi na masyadong nakakapanghinayang kung madaling kaliitan. Mejo nagtanda na kasi ako dahil dun sa mga damit na binili ko sa kanya na once or twice lang nya nasuot dahil ang bilis nya lumaki.
He seemed to be enjoying it naman. When I had him wear it, iba pala ang gusto ng bagets. Hulaan nyo kung ano.


Gusto nyang kainin ang sandals nya!


Friday last week naman, I was so happy I was able to buy this.

Mouth watering!!! Lagi ko ‘tong tinatanaw sa labas ng isang store sa ground floor ng office. If you didn’t know, when I was about 6 months pregnant, I was dreaming of making my No-Bake Oreo Cheesecake. However, ang mahal ng Philadelphia Cream Cheese so I wasn’t successful.

When I tasted it, mejo hindi ko nga lang type. Ang tabang nya saka parang di masarap yung feeling. I have tested that in Starbucks and I liked it. Unfortunately, parang sinayang ko ang P98 for this dessert na di naman ako masyadong nag enjoy. =(

Also, last week, I had these!!

I so love the Cheddar Cheese. I gave the Jalapeno flavor to Daryl. My officemate sells them for P95 now turned P100 each. I find it a liitle expensive na ha. Though di ka naman na lugi kasi they have the courtesy to get it paid when payday comes na lang. I have been trying to find these flavors sa grocery pero once pa lang ako nakakita ng cheddar cheese flavor. Do know where to buy these? 

Maisingit ko lang ang OOTD ko one time. 10,000 years kasi bago ko nai upload kaya ngayon lang. OOTD ko ata yan last week. Hehehe. =)

Top: Mags from Ate; Skirt: Fover21; Shoes: Mama’s
Last Thursday naman, Bebe (Daryl) and I ate at Tokyo Tokyo Mall of Asia. Wala lang, strolling lang sa mall. =) I missed eating here din kasi I so love their Pork Tonkatsu eh. =)

Nag feelingera ako ng konti. I tried their chopsticks pero hindi na pala ako marunong. Hayy.. 

Lastly, I wanted to tell you I am done with the Book 1 of 50 Shades of Grey and now reading 50 Shades Darker Book 2. Soon, I'll have the Book 3: 50 Shades Freed. Yess! Excited na ako. =)
I downloaded the ebook na lang. I borrowed the book lang kasi from my officemate, Jo-anne =)

I will try my best to have a book review. Try lang ha? kasi nung highschool ako hate ko yang mga book review/film review na yan eh. Heheheh. =)

Last week din, we slept at James' Tita Fraulene's house. Ayan, happy sya kasi airconditioned room ang tutulugan nya. Silly him! Love na talaga nya ang aircon. Prolly because sobrang init lang nowadays no?!

This photo was taken last weekend din. He can sit fully pero mejo natutumba pa rin ng konti. We're getting there one baby step at a time. =)

About to go home in couple of minutes. Next week afternoon shift na naman ako! Waaah. =(

Laters baby! =)

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 24: About Your Childhood

I grew up in a street with plenty of playmates. I wasn’t able to play well with my siblings back then, maybe because of the 9, 10 and 11 years age gap. Although I am lucky now to enjoy their company nowadays.

I lived up in one of the street in Pasay. I had a lot of playmates back then, same as my age or maybe a little younger than mine. Everyday, I opt to play, play more, and more. Ipads, netbooks, laptops or every gadget you can name now were unknown. Walang ganyan – ganyan noon. I prefered being outside our house rathen than having an afternoon nap. Of course my mom always scolds me. My day went like this:

1. Wake up, peek outside if playmates are there,
2. Slowly going out of the house so Mama would not notice na tumatakas ako,
3. Play couple of blocks away from house so Mama or my siblings can’t see me,
4. Play and play.
5. Anytime during lunch time, I will hear Mama’s whistling on top of her lung. That’s a signal that ‘we’ have to go home. “We” means whoever amongst us and my siblings that are outside of the house should go home. I can hear my Mama’s whistle even I am couple of blocks away. Totoo! Parang naka alert na yung tenga ko jan eh. Kelangan kasi after maybe one up to 3 whistles, you go home or else susunduin ka na nyan with matching kotong or minsan may dalang hanger o pamalo. Hahaha.
6. Play
7. Play
8. Play
9. Go home
10. Sleep
(Repeat this process for years) Oh! There’s an exception to that, kapag may pasok sa school.

Growing up in a crowded area in Pasay City taught me a lot of things. Kelangan mong makisama sa kapitbahay, maging siga at mayabang at times, playful, chismosa and everything under the sun.
I had a lot of playmates as I said. I never run out of one. I sort of feel na ako ang leader ng lahat ng lalaruin namin sa kalye. Well, baka feeling ko lang. Hehe. Chinese garter (all sorts) , tex, pogs, paper doll, kalog (yung mga tansan), touching robber, hula hoop, luksong tinik, piko, patintero, luksong baka (I seldom play kasi hindi ko kaya yung katawan ko. Ang taba ko kasi!) bahay – bahayan, teacher – teacheran, Nanay – nanayan. Lahat na! Hahaha. =)
I would say, I had a very happy childhood. I played all they, my family loved me, my friends were so accommodating and lovely, Fights? I can only count them in my fingers.
Oh well I remembered, I had this childhood friend, shiborboley na sya mula noon hanggang ngayon (tomboy). She’s a year older than me, but that’s quite fine. Our parents were friends din naman. We fought one time, naalala ko na lang, may binato sya sakin. Eh alam nyo naman ang lola nyo, walang innate adrenaline sa mga ganyang bagay, hindi ako nakailag. Ayun, namaga ang noo ko dahil binato pala nya ako ng malaking bato. I remembered crying a lot, sinugod namin sya sa bahay nila. She was crazy holding a bat kala nya aawayin namin sya. Haha. Anyway, after that, we stayed as good friends. In fact, her younger sister was also a close friend of mine, introduced me to James’ Dad – Daryl. =)
I was asked multiple times before of who my bestfriend is. I always answer back “si Joan”. She was a childhood friend however, they moved to their province. We had no communication whatsoever so when we saw each other when we were on our teenage years, I have forgotten how it feels to become her friend. Parang there were so many things about her that changed. She matured so much tapos parang ako, ganun pa din?

By the way, if you ask me now who my bestfriend is, I still can’t think of anyone else except Daryl. He has been my friend for the longest time and I got to tell him all those things that I don’t have the gut to share to everybody. Next to him is Kakat, she was my newfound friend. Our friendship was kinda young pa, 2012 to start with pero I have this feeling na we can be a real good friends. I appreciate her telling me the secret of her lifetime that she only shared to those whose prolly dearest to her. I felt honored to be entrusted with someone to begin with. Hmm. I wonder if I really now the meaning of bestfriend to be honest. Let’s see this coming years, I may figure it out. =)

Everyone of us became what we are today mainly because of how our childhood went. Do you agree?