Tuesday, May 6, 2014

30 Days Blog Challenge Day 24: About Your Childhood

I grew up in a street with plenty of playmates. I wasn’t able to play well with my siblings back then, maybe because of the 9, 10 and 11 years age gap. Although I am lucky now to enjoy their company nowadays.

I lived up in one of the street in Pasay. I had a lot of playmates back then, same as my age or maybe a little younger than mine. Everyday, I opt to play, play more, and more. Ipads, netbooks, laptops or every gadget you can name now were unknown. Walang ganyan – ganyan noon. I prefered being outside our house rathen than having an afternoon nap. Of course my mom always scolds me. My day went like this:

1. Wake up, peek outside if playmates are there,
2. Slowly going out of the house so Mama would not notice na tumatakas ako,
3. Play couple of blocks away from house so Mama or my siblings can’t see me,
4. Play and play.
5. Anytime during lunch time, I will hear Mama’s whistling on top of her lung. That’s a signal that ‘we’ have to go home. “We” means whoever amongst us and my siblings that are outside of the house should go home. I can hear my Mama’s whistle even I am couple of blocks away. Totoo! Parang naka alert na yung tenga ko jan eh. Kelangan kasi after maybe one up to 3 whistles, you go home or else susunduin ka na nyan with matching kotong or minsan may dalang hanger o pamalo. Hahaha.
6. Play
7. Play
8. Play
9. Go home
10. Sleep
(Repeat this process for years) Oh! There’s an exception to that, kapag may pasok sa school.

Growing up in a crowded area in Pasay City taught me a lot of things. Kelangan mong makisama sa kapitbahay, maging siga at mayabang at times, playful, chismosa and everything under the sun.
I had a lot of playmates as I said. I never run out of one. I sort of feel na ako ang leader ng lahat ng lalaruin namin sa kalye. Well, baka feeling ko lang. Hehe. Chinese garter (all sorts) , tex, pogs, paper doll, kalog (yung mga tansan), touching robber, hula hoop, luksong tinik, piko, patintero, luksong baka (I seldom play kasi hindi ko kaya yung katawan ko. Ang taba ko kasi!) bahay – bahayan, teacher – teacheran, Nanay – nanayan. Lahat na! Hahaha. =)
I would say, I had a very happy childhood. I played all they, my family loved me, my friends were so accommodating and lovely, Fights? I can only count them in my fingers.
Oh well I remembered, I had this childhood friend, shiborboley na sya mula noon hanggang ngayon (tomboy). She’s a year older than me, but that’s quite fine. Our parents were friends din naman. We fought one time, naalala ko na lang, may binato sya sakin. Eh alam nyo naman ang lola nyo, walang innate adrenaline sa mga ganyang bagay, hindi ako nakailag. Ayun, namaga ang noo ko dahil binato pala nya ako ng malaking bato. I remembered crying a lot, sinugod namin sya sa bahay nila. She was crazy holding a bat kala nya aawayin namin sya. Haha. Anyway, after that, we stayed as good friends. In fact, her younger sister was also a close friend of mine, introduced me to James’ Dad – Daryl. =)
I was asked multiple times before of who my bestfriend is. I always answer back “si Joan”. She was a childhood friend however, they moved to their province. We had no communication whatsoever so when we saw each other when we were on our teenage years, I have forgotten how it feels to become her friend. Parang there were so many things about her that changed. She matured so much tapos parang ako, ganun pa din?

By the way, if you ask me now who my bestfriend is, I still can’t think of anyone else except Daryl. He has been my friend for the longest time and I got to tell him all those things that I don’t have the gut to share to everybody. Next to him is Kakat, she was my newfound friend. Our friendship was kinda young pa, 2012 to start with pero I have this feeling na we can be a real good friends. I appreciate her telling me the secret of her lifetime that she only shared to those whose prolly dearest to her. I felt honored to be entrusted with someone to begin with. Hmm. I wonder if I really now the meaning of bestfriend to be honest. Let’s see this coming years, I may figure it out. =)

Everyone of us became what we are today mainly because of how our childhood went. Do you agree?

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