Monday, May 26, 2014

James' 7th Month Birthday

I think rainy season is fast approaching na mga mudras! And that I am hoping so kasi sobrang init ngayon eh. James has grown so much hair na kasi. When he was 3-4 months old, nalalagas yung hair nya. Now, he’s growing them back. We always have his hair tied tuloy mukha syang babae. My friend Ahbie even mentioned na may chance daw maging babae ang anak ko! Hmmmp ka Ahbie. Hehehe.

Anyway, what I was really blogging about is about James’ 7th month birthday. There was nothing really spectacular naman kasi my shift ends at 10pm and that I’ll be home around 11pm na. I didn’t bought a cake for him. I posted these photos in Facebook and it got 20 likes. =) They probably find him adorable din. Hehe.

Also, I noticed that James now likes watching TV. Remember, I mentioned somewhere here in my blog na hindi sya mahilig manuod ng TV? I might be wrong kasi now, he likes watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. When we were staying at  his Tita Fraulene’s house, I put him to his Kuya Thirdy’s stroller facing the TV then handed him a bread or a wafer to eat. Ang lolo niyo mukang enjoy ang ganong set up. 

Last night naman, he was watching videos of Hi-5 and Pororo sa tablet ni Tita Grace nya, nuod din sya.

By this time:

James can sit on his own more comfortably
He now shows emotions, marunong na syang pagalitan
When you get something from his hand, he will cry
He can pull himself up while holding only his both hands
He’s now focused on watching TV
Makes brrr sounds
More tulo laway
No teeth yet
Non – stop jumping when standing on his own feet

To James:

You have grown so big na, Mama can’t believe I am saying your 7 months old already. Time flies really really fast. It’s as if it was just yesterday that you were in my tummy kicking. I just noticed baby na you no longer smile to people often. You are becoming moody. You smile only if you are in mood to do so. That made me feel 50-50 about it – 50%happy; 50% sad. I don’t know baby but I am just so happy you are growing healthy. You got sick couple of days ago, I don’t know why but thank God you’re always guided by him. I really do thank Him for being so good at us specially you baby. You have been the very reason why Mama is working so hard that I am going to work everyday plus every double pay. Hehe. I love you so much baby, to the moon and back. Mwuah!



  1. Happy 7th month baby James! Mas exciting na yan kasi he'll learn na how to crawl and sit on his own.yay! =)

  2. It's really nice to watch them grow and to see every milestone from crawling to walking,it's a mother's gift, I guess.

  3. Thank you Joy and Gladys! I agree to both of you! I am so excited about it!! =)


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