Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Missing in Action + Post Mother's Day Drama

It’s been couple of days nung huling beses akong nag post. I was so missing in action talaga. I have been busy last week reading 3 books until now. I wasn’t able to fully finish the third book since the start of the week kasi my shift has changed. I am working in the afternoon na so it’s kinda hard for me to make a blog post and to read at the same time.
Anyway, I celebrated Mother’s Day in a very simple way. I think most mothers do. Or maybe not? Hehe. Most of us just want to give time for ourselves but there are some who celebrates it with family. I have chosen the latter.
James, I and Daryl went to SM Southmall. We were strolling kasi libre aircon eh. Hehehe.
But mind you, James slept in his stroller there for 3 to 4 hours I think. I don’t know what happened to him pero sobrang ang haba ng tulog nya kahit maingay at maraming tao. Yes.. sobrang daming tao. Ano pa nga ba?

Also, last Saturday, Mom went to Iloilo, her hometown,  to have all those old useful clothes we have at home. She got at least 2 huge baggage with her. I didn’t think it will be that hard without her at home kasi my sister can look after James. I’m so wrong pala, wala akong kapalitan eh. Hehe.
Come Monday, James woke up to his usual routine of 6am. He was playing, rolling on his tummy then back to his back a couple of times. I am still asleep not until he was crying na. He got tired of playing na siguro. I took care of him, bathe him, cuddled, played wile I was waiting for my shift which was 1pm in the afternoon. OO! Mainit. Hayy.

I chose to bathe him early, around 9am so that my sister won’t have to bother. I had him ate the newly bought cerelac flavor in wheat banana with milk, something like that. Hehe. He doesn’t like it I think kasi parang mejo nagme make face sya kapag sinusubuan ko. There was a strange thing din kasi everytime na papalapit na yung spoon nya sa bibig nya, he’ll laugh. I don’t know why. Baka kala nya nagpe play kami.
Kalokang bata! =)                                      

In the end, hindi rin ako nakapasok. My sister won’t wake up. I felt great more than guilt of not going to work. I felt happy kasi I can take care of him for another day. I thought of establishing a routine for him. When he wakes up, he’ll play sa bed habang good mood pa sya, then once na mainip sya, I’ll carry him with me to buy my breakfast. While I’m eating, he’ll get a chance to ride his walker and have Him discover things around him.
Teka maisingit ko lang,
James was so eager to learn things around him. He was curious about cats na. There were cats sa labas ng bahay namin, he was looking at them seriously na para bang kung nakakapagsalita sya, nasabi nyang “Shet. May mga ganyan pa lang nilalang sa mundo.” Hahaha. It was funny how he looked at it. So curious.
He will then fAll asleep after. If he’s in the mood, he will sleep for 3 hours or more then wakes up at 12pm. That’s when we will go to his Tita Grace’s house para makapagpa aircon sa hapon, sobrang init kasi nowadays grabe!.
He will then have his afternoon nap. He will wake up at 6pm then play again. Lastly before he sleeps, he’ll change his clohes pagkatapos magpunas then go to bed na. so far, we followed it for 3 days na magkasama kami. I was so happy, Nanay na Nanay lang talaga ang peg ko. =)
Come Tuesday when I was about to go to work, I missed James. For 3 days that we’re together 24 hours a day, I got used to his crying, I understand what he wants and what makes him irate. Hmmm.. minsan I wish I can be with him. Oo tiring, given na yun eh. Pero to complain about it? Parang too much naman yun. It’s the job of a life time eh, why complain. =)

I got to learn some things that I’ll do to attend to my other needs like washing his milk bottles, taking a bath, pooping, yes – pooping. When Nanay used to do all this in a breeze, she can even wash clothes while taking care of James whereas me can’t even take a bath when in-charge of him. Since I was left all alone with him, I found perfect time to learn. Katulad na lang kanina, napo poop na ako eh gising si James. I am hesitant to leave him sa higaan kasi he can crawl na using his chest. He rolls from back to tummy then back to lying position. Kiber ng lolo nyo kung nasa sahig na sya at walang sapin. I took advantage of his stroller, left the restroom door open and constantly calling him to let him know na may kasama sya. Later on, I heard him crying na. I looked for him from the restroom and found he was trying to go to the kitchen din and on our restroom, since maliit anga hallway, he can’t manage na idaan ang stroller nya dahil sa masikip nga, plus masyadong malaki yung base ng stroller nya. So ayun .. umiyak sya ng bongga. Naudlot tuloy ang pag poop ko.
Heheheh. =)
I found the perfect time to work on his feeding bottles din. I’m doing it after he sleep for the night kaya surely hindi nya ako maiistorbo. For his bathe time naman, either I’ll place him on our mattress or on his stroller while preparing for the things we need then will get him as soon as ready na lahat at maliligo na lang sya.
So happy for myself for finding ways. =)
Although it’s tiring, I am happy to do all those over again. Ganto pala ang feeling ng Mommy. You get happy, tired, annoyed, pissed, cuddled, loved, then happy again, lastly great that you were given a wonderful gift. It’s fulfillment when you see your child explore and get amazed on simple things.
Oha! Ang drama!
Hahaha =)
Pasensya na, post Mother’s Day drama lang ito. =)
Pano ka ba naman kasi hindi maaattach sa batang ‘to? Eh bungisngis pa lang nya, mai inlove ka na. 

Dear James,
It’s Mother’s Day last Sunday. Of course you don’t understand it yet pero ok lang, you’ll get use to it. Yearly kasi yan anak eh. This is the day where people recognizes the importance of a mother in everyone’s life. You see, I may not be the perfect person to tell na sundin ang utos ko kasi I was a stubborn little girl din naman kay Nanay. Pero believe me, when I had you, I realized why she’s like that to me on my younger days. I believed her in many points specially the first few months after I had you, when I had that heart breaking story of us. Mejo hindi nga lang halata na sinusunod ko si Nanay kasi ang drama nya anak eh. Although Moms tend to be like that naman siguro. I to you, sometimes get teary eyed din naman.
Thanks to you, I became one of those women who has their jobs with 24/7 mind and body wrecking responsibility with no salary. It’s being a mom, James. Someday you will become a parent and surely you will understand. I just hope you will not as stubborn as me.
I have noticed, marunong ka ng mag inarte. I just hope I can capture those faces you make when you’re pretending to cry. Blame it to my phoine’s memory card, too full to handle all my stuffs. Also, I saw your face while looking on a stray cat outside our house. You look awesome, being amazed in so little things. I hope I can read and record what you were thinking so you’ll know someday how eager you are to discover things around you. I am surely excited for you to learn more but hesitant at the same time kasi for sure ubod ka ng kulit. But whatever that’ll make you a better person, I am up to it. =)



  1. oo nga mommy Jen e. na miss ko yung mga posts mo, i saw din nagbago yung time ng pasok mo.Ang sarap talaga makipag bonding sa mga bulilit natin anoh?! iba yung feeling. Mas nagiging close tayo sa mga anak.

    Nakakatuwa si james mukhang happy baby talaga. At chinito din like you! parang hati na yung nakuhang itsura nyo ng hubby mo e. =)

    1. Oo nga Mommy Joy. Nag iba na pasok ko! kaya minsan di ko na nababasa posts mo! Heheh.

  2. Hi Mommy Jen,

    Hey, I'm Jen too but with Bave. Teehee
    Upon reading your post I knew we're working in the same industry. Right?
    I can feel you. Anyway, things will get better in time. :)

    1. I wonder bakit may bave. Hehe. =)
      nag wowork tayo sa same industry? I didnt know. That's nice. Finally found someone. Hehehe =)

  3. I love it when the babies sleep while in the stroller,so easy ang activities for parents like us. Glad you had a good Mother's day!


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