Monday, May 12, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future Past

I remembered my brother being so addicted about Marvel. Ka edad kasi nya eh. My sisters often tell me storied of how he liked characters in Marvel so much. Tanungin mo yan, ikwento nya sayo lahat. One of the things he was hooked on was X-Men. Kilala nya lahat ng mga tao dun at ang mga powers nila and everything. If there were Marvel movies na ginagawa ngayon, sya ang tinatanong namin about it then he will tell if the story followed the comics eh. Bongga diba? Hahah. Nagpa flashback yung kabataan nya. =)

This May 23, Friday 20th Century Fox and Nuffnang Philippines will have an exclusive screening of X-Men: Days of Future Past'. This will be held at Shangri - La Cineplex Cinema 1, 9:50 pm.

Never been to Shangri-La. Oo na, kawawa na ako. Self - pity ito. Hahaha. =)

Here's the trailer of the movie! Better watch out! =)

So, if I were asked "What will you correct from the past to save the future?
As a Mom, reality hit me with how important savings are. I have mentioned multiplt times sa blog na 'to na I wasn't very fond of financial thingy. Hindi ako magaling jan. If I have money, I'll have it spend with food, travel, clothes. I have nothing to save. When James came, that when I started to think I should have one. I should have emergency fund different from my savings, then I was introduced to investment. I have been reading blogs about how would I be able to work on all of that along with budgeting.
Ang hirap pala. Math kasi eh.
But come to think of it, If I had one, I won't bother about how our future will. I will not worry if James get sick. I would have a spare money to hand to Mom. I will feel safe for James and I. I won't be like one of those people na hintay na hintay sa sweldo.
I have read from Kuripot Pinay's Blog about financial freedom. Mejo mahirap nga lang umpisahan pero I am getting the hang of it. Lagi ko ngang sinsabi sa sarili ko, one baby step at a time. Darating din ako jan. Future may not be what I wanted it to be pero it's not too late pa naman to work things out diba? I should start now. =)
Les dow dis!


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