Monday, June 30, 2014

James at 8 months old

Last 23rd of June was James 8th month birthday. I am sad that we weren't able to celebrate it at all because the 23rd was Monday and I go home after office hours already so the cake stores are closed. Came weekends, I totally forgot about it. Oh! Bad Mama here! I’m so forgetful now. I’ll make up to it next month, Baby. Promise! =)

So what we did on his birthday? Nothing. We stayed together until it’s time for me to come to work although I was able to capture these cute photos of James that morning. Remember when I told you that he makes a farting sound? These photos caught him doing it. There were "laway" all over his face because of that. Hehe. It’s so cute!!! His eyes are closed kasi nasilaw sya sa flash ng camera. =)

See? Hahaha! I am so glad I took these photos. Note: Hindi sya pawis jan, masyado ko lang na sharpened yung photos. Sorry! hehehe.
I think next time, I'll try to video it so you can hear how he does that sound. =)
My happiness is doubled looking at him gaining those weight that he loose when he got sick months ago. He drinks his milk very well and eats his food as given. Partida pa yan ha? Madalas makalimutan ni Nanay na painumin sya ng vitamins.=)

At 8 months James can:

Stand up by himself while holding onto something
Can stand while holding only his one arm (though he's scared if it's his left arm only that you're holding but if it's his right hand, kiber nya.)
Crawls really fast
Starting to make sounds like ba ba ba wa wa wa
Grabs things on his hand and puts on his mouth
Plays with his "laway"
Sleeps while lying on his tummy
Making baby steps
Recognize sounds like meow meow and ruf ruf (dogs)
Knows how to "appear"

I'm sure there are now plenty of things that he can do now but those are what I can think of as of the moment. Next time, I'll make sure to write them down to be more accurate. =) I want him to see this blog someday so he will have an idea of what are the things that he can do at this age. I am really grateful that I decided to continue blogging as this will give him access to these memories that surely he will not have a single idea when he grows up. Right Mommy bloggers? =)

By the way, I have read on Mom Center that when we were giving toys to our kids, we should name them so the baby can see the actual toy and will be able to hear the name of it although they can't say it yet.
So what I did? When I give James a distraction - toys for him not to crawl everywhere, I'm showing him his toy and say the name of it. What I think of it? It was cool!! He was learning from it. How did I say so? There was this toy pillow with a cat face embedded on it. I always make him see it and I'll do the "meow meow". Now when he hears me say "meow meow", he will look at the toy on where it is placed. Yipeee! My baby knows where to find where the sound should be coming from. Also, when I say "ruf ruf", he will look at the dog toy just on top of the cat pillow. It was hanged on the corner with other stuff toys.

Meet Froggy! I often say Ribir Ribit then he will look at it. =)
Although I really don't like James to be playing with stuff toys, I'll try my best to get him a different kind of toys soon after his birthday so he will appreciate it more. =)

And with that, I'll have another letter for my baby.

To my James,

Anak, you're now 8 months old and honestly, you are quite handful now. You crawl everywhere, stops when you see something that catches your eye, go grab it then put it in your mouth. When you had your crib courtesy of Nanay, you were sad because you can no longer go everywhere yet you're happy kasi you can stand up whenever you want. I am really happy with your milestones, James. It makes me proud all the time when you can do things specially when I say appear and you will reach for my palm to meet mine. You are learning as you wish and I liked it that way. I don't want you to be forced to learn things - for now. I want you to do it when you're ready, Anak. No pressure. I love you to the moon and back, James. Happy 8th month birthday! Bawi si Mama next time ok? =)

My Dilemma of Loosing Weight!

One of the things that I really want to achieve nowadays is weight lose. I have been using the line “Kapapanganak ko lang kasi eh” as an alibi as to why I still look like this on my 8th month post – partum body. I have seen some who came back to their pre – pregnancy body couple of months after giving birth though they delivered through C-section too. I still have my giant arms and legs which I earned when I was pregnant with James. On my tummy area, well it’s a different thing. Hehe. My tummy I guess was bigger, though it never became flat naman before, kaya ko lang talaga syang itago somehow through stomach in. Heheh =). Then, malaki talaga ang puson ko even before I got pregnant.

Now, Joy – the mom behind the Happiness of Joy Blog and I talked (a little bit) about our weight and she mentioned that she will go on a diet na daw even she can’t do it ng bongga because she’s still breastfeeding baby A. I was like, OMG! Nagda diet na si Joy!!! I should too.. Hahaha! That was the almost the same time when Daryl said that he will give me three thousand pesos if I loose 5lbs in 2 weeks. Pang shopping na iyon!! Parang ang dali lang diba? Hahahaha. Pero hindi pala!! Shet it’s hard loosing weight. I badly need to have a strict compliance before I loose more weight. Aside from that, I noticed that I lessen the amount of rice I eat literally but the carbs coming from breads were the same. NKKLK! 

This picture was taken on the same month couple of days before I found out that I was pregnant. Kahit ganyan lang sana ulit!!! #ambitiousmuch
I don’t know what to do!! Help!! =( 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prayer for the Missing Child

Naloka ako kagabi mga Mudras!

I was riding the bus on the way home when I heard (literally heard because I was looking out in the window) on the news that there was this suspect who borrowed the son of their neighbor. She said that she will take the son para ipasyal daw. She was caught on the cctv camera of a local bus company in Pasay City where she bought a ticket then next thing? She gave the child to another lady. 
The Mom was told I think by the husband of the suspect that all her things were no longer in their house so the mom alerted the police because her son was with that girl. The police advised the bus company of what happened and the police from another province got hold of the suspect thru check point however they can't find the child since as per cctv, it was now with another lady. The police are still trying to find the lady whom the child was given to. The suspect said that she was told of that other lady that the mother of the child is asking her to bring home the child so the suspect gave the child and rode the bus. When the mother of the child and the suspect met, sinabunutan nya ng bongga yung girl neighbor sa galit nya but the thing is, the child is still missing. 

Damn! Ang heavy ng balita. When I watched it, parang ang bigat sa pakiramdam. It seemed that I know how it feels if I were the Mom of that child. Baka hindi ko lang nasabunutan yung babae, baka nasaksak ko na lang bigla. I'm sorry ang mean and brutal ko pero come on! How could there be such type of person who would do such things. Well, the mother might have a fault dahil pinagkatiwala nya yung anak nya to that girl neighbor. I was hurt thinking about it all night. I was thinking that if it happened to me, I don't know what to do really and that sent chills to my spine. 

I re-tell the story to my Mom early this morning. She was saying something I didn't hear kasi she was in the kitchen. At the same time, I told James not to go with strangers. I was so paranoid talaga. Nakampante naman ako when Nanay said that even she is so tired of the household chores, hindi nya kami ipinagkatiwala sa mga hindi nya direktang kamag – anak when we were kids pa, even James now. Just so you know, Nanay took care of my nieces and nephews from my siblings.

It is really scary nowadays. Hindi talaga dapat pinagkakatiwala kahit kanino yung mga anak natin dahil we will never know what they are thinking. It made me feel more paranoid lang to not take my eyes off James whenever we are out and about. If someone carries him whom is not my immediately family member, binabantayan ko talaga. I don’t want him going anywhere ng wala ako. Lagi kong iniisip na ‘kung nasan ang anak ko, dapat andun din ako’.

We really have to be careful now mga Mommies. Ingatan ang mga babies kasi madami jan, hindi na lang pera ang ninanakaw, pati mga bata pa. So sad. =( Let's pray for that child na sana mahanap na sya soon at maibalik sa family nya. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happier with Happy Plus

When I was a little younger, specially when I started working and earned my own money, I felt I also have the right to eat wherever I want. Since I was working graveyard, most of the time the only restaurant that is open 24/7 are the fast food. I was working in Ortigas near Podium where there were lots of fast food open like Jollibee, Mcdonalds, KFC, Chowking etc. That’s when I got hooked with them and eat there almost everyday kasi it’s affordable naman. Honestly, when I was a kid, I seldom get a chance to eat out kasi we’re always tag-tipid. I don’t know if food from fast food chains were expensive before at nagmura lang sila couple of years ago or ignorante lang talaga ako? Hehe.

Anyway, Jollibee launched this HappyPlus card couple of years ago that my officemates bought just recently. It’s like a card wallet with a lot of benefits. You can earn points everytime you reload. P50 is equivalent to 1 point and the minimum amount for reload is P100. Later on, when those points build up, you can use it too to pay for your purchase.

One thing I like about it is that you can use it on other fast food like Chowking, Greenwhich, Red Ribbon and Mang Inasal (coming soon). When my friends bought it, I decided to buy one too. It came with discount coupons from other participating fast food chain then a registration slip where you have to fill out to register the card under your name. I had mine at here. As soon as you register and reload, you are earning an entry for the monthly raffle of P100,000.00. See? How exciting, although I never won any kinds of raffle to be honest. Hehehe. =)

When my collegue had an out of town gala, we dined at Paseo de Sta. Rosa. We chose the restaurant that can serve us food immediately because we were like patay – gutom na. I used this card for our purchases where I earned 16 points. =)
It’s cool using it kasi it’s cashless while you’re earning points everytime you buy. What I often do is reload it and only use it in times that I am craving for anything from Jollibee or other participating fast food chain. By the way, the card is for P100.00 only when you buy it tapos it’s up to you how much you will reload it. It’s perfect for working Moms as it saves us from too much spending because we don’t have to bring cash with us plus it saves points for us that can be useful the next time we dine. =)

So what are you waiting for? Buy and reload na for a chance to get a free food in exchange of your points and the most bongga is that you will have a chance to win up to P100,000.00. Bongga! =)

*not a paid advertisement

Savings For My Son's Future

Finances -  I am seriously in troubled. That I admit.

Honestly, when I was single and working, I spend my money on… on.. ahm… hmmm… I actually don’t know where. I started working when I was 18 years old and believe me, I never had a savings account. I didn’t realize that savings is fun and will definitely be something that I will regret soon. In 2012, which as per my eldest sister Fraulene said as our most traveled year, I spent all my money paying for my trip. That, I never regret. Of course! I have been to Boracay in April, Coron, Palawan in August, Cagayan de Oro – Camiguin in October then Laoag – Vigan – Pagudpud in November. It was all worth it. When people discuss about where they went on holidays, I have a lot of stories to tell. I even discussed it during my final presentation when I applied for a position from my previous company, the one I left when I got pregnant.

As I have told you gazillion times, when I got pregnant, I stopped working which brought me on a situation and realization that I need money and the health card as it provides me free pre-natal check ups. Though it is for 14 pre – natal check ups only, it is still a great deal right? When I was 10 weeks – 16 weeks pregnant, I tried to go back to workforce pero they are no longer considering me because I was 4 months pregnant by then.

Fast forward to today, I am still struggling financially. Totoo pala yung sinabi nilang magastos yung unang taon ng baby. From the experience I had after giving birth to where I am as of the moment is because of the fact that I wanted James before I was even ready. I never had any regrets though. I know it happened for a reason and I am certain that I will be able to fix this as soon as possible. From the expenses of milks to diapers to vaccines and so on, All I was thinking was I am lucky to have a healthy and beautiful baby. This is what I am most thankful for and cheers to that!

When I get back to work, I was able to read financial blogs and found it really helpful. It was such an eye – opener. So what made me think about things has changed. I came up to a thinking of not having a savings account. Now that I have James, I should have an emergency fund to save us from anything. I found out that it should be an equivalent of monthly salary for six months. Hell, ang laki pala dapat! Hahaha. That’s what I thought. I am really struggling to come up to it but I have to. There’s no way I should not have one. I had 2 ATM savings account na walang laman so I thought of just funding them from time to time pero there will always be this time na I badly need it so walang kaabog – abog, I will go to an ATM then withdraw the money until it is back to zero.

I checked online as to which will be the best way for a starter. I found out about the Junior savings. It’s about having a savings account for your child who are 0-12 years of age or for some up to 17 years old. I checked on my bank but they only allow 10 years old and up so I searched which bank offers a wide variety of benefits. I am torn between 3 banks actually – BDO, Metrobank and PSBank. You may want to find the difference of each when you click on each of them.
I have chosen BDO Junior Savers because it is the nearest bank to me while in the office and at home. I even considered the bank schedules where they are open on Saturdays and Sundays and even Holidays. They also have additional benefits/freebies/discounts for the principal holder. You can see the list here.
I have been thinking about Metrobank because of the educational trust benefit worth P50,000.00 sana pero I have set myself into BDO. It’s very important that I’ll be able to have an access to the bank because due to my work schedules, I can’t manage to go there anymore.

Finally, last month, I was able to open an account for James. I put the money I saved couple of weeks before.
For those who are like me na hindi mapakali ang pwet kapag may hawak na pera, I suggest to open a passbook account without an ATM to lessen the tendency of you withdrawing the money.

Here’s what you need:

Authenticated Birth Certificate (Baby)
1X1 ID Picture
2 valid ID’s of the parent
Proof of Billing ( for some branch)

When I was asked for the requirements, I showed them James’ birth certificate that came from the hospital (my copy). The teller quite hesitated so she asked one of her collegues and luckily, they accepted what I have. I just gave them my Unified ID and filled out the form. After a while, I was aked as to how much will I deposit then couple of minutes after, handed me the passbook.

Hindi pa double digit ang laman nyan pero ok na din for a start. I am taking a baby step one at a time. Parang si James lang while he’s trying to learn how to walk diba? =)

Although one of the things that I have noticed is that I wasn’t given instructions on how I will be able to take advantage of the discounts from their partner establishments. Mejo mukhang stress kasi yung teller na kausap ko kasi she’s being pressured by this other client who said that her passbook is missing and she wants it blocked/cancelled. The teller said she has to line up first kasi first come, first serve basis daw. Hindi mapakali yung babae (which I understand) kaya ayun, mejo sumungit tuloy si ateng teller. Anyway, there’s always a way to find out naman on how I can get those discounts diba? In time. =)

One of the reason I am posting this? Feeling ko kasi I will be more pressured to fulfill a goal rather than keeping it myself kasi for sure with this blog that's open 8 hours a day for 5 days will remind me so much about it. =)

I hope this will be a good start. With this, I am planning to let James know how important savings are and what good it will do to him in the long run. =)

Dear James,

I am so happy that I was able to start saving for you. I know it will be quite hard with all the expenses that we are facing as of the moment but I am really glad, truly glad. I hope in your early age, you will be able to save as this is one of the things that I regret not doing. It can take you places Anak, believe me. I will try my best to encourage you on this one. Sana lang di ka gastador tulad ko. For the meantime, You might ask why pero I don’t know why exactly I opened an account for you but surely this will be one of those things that will be useful for you while you’re growing up Baby. Sabi nga nila, the best time to save up is “Now”.

Yesterday was your 8th month birthday. I really didn’t plan to buy you a cake kasi sarado na yung Red Ribbon when Mama goes home then in the morning naman, they open at 10am pa. Di bale, We’ll have it this weekend na lang baby ok? Stay healthy and Happy. I love you more than you ever know. =)



Monday, June 23, 2014

New Food, New Taste

I have mentioned to you sometime ago that I bought Gerber for James. I was told that if you let your baby get use to Gerber, they will become a picky – eater which as much as possible, I try my best to avoid James to become one although there’s a huge possibility that he will kasi I am one picky – eater too. I don’t eat veggies and other ulam sa totoo lang. I don’t like to be forced kasi the more na I am being asked to eat a food that I don’t prefer, the more na ayoko. Sometimes, I base my judgement on the looks of it and how it is being served and sometimes, sa kung sino pa ang nagluto. #ubodngarte Hahahaha. I know but this is the way I am. But then, when I started to blog again, I have decided to try some other food. There will still be time na mejo maarte talaga ako when it comes to food, yung tipong I stick to my comfort food all the time but then I will try my best to at least explore things around me. I think this will be one step of achieving new, don’t you think? So when I said that James has the tendency to become a picky – eater too, hell I am not joking. Hehe. Good thing Daryl wasn’t. He can eat whatever kahit lupa. Hahahah! Joke lang Bebe. =) I am hoping James would appreciate food like Daryl does. So, why let James try it? I just want to.. Hehe! I want to discover the things that he would and wouldn’t like at all. I want to see which food he likes the best.

His usual routine is, he will be offered lugaw or pandesal in the morning when he wakes up or even a biscuit. Later in the morning, around 10am onwards or before I go to work, I will have him eat cerelac. Sometimes, if Nanay’s able to cook food like the other day, he will be offeredveggies like sayote for example. I just didn’t see if he like it though. Then the whole day, he will have milk unless Nanay would offer him rice only or bread or anything in a small amount.

When I was buying Gerber, I don’t know which flavor to pick. I was standing there for 5 minutes lang naman kasi kasama ko si James or else baka tinubuan na ako ng ugat sa pagkakatayo ko dun. Hahaha. When I go to malls kasi with James, kinakarga ko na lang sya kesa sa baby carrier kasi mas madali akong mapagod eh, I think.

Two days ago, I let James try Gerber. I bought the Banana Flavor kasi I love Bananas eh. Feeling ko din kasi it’s one of the safest flavor I can go. Yung ibang flavor kasi na available sa groceries are Squash, Carrots then yung ibang mixed na. The moment of truth came… Drum roll please!!! James… didn’t.. like.. it. Nakakainis! Hahahah. I thought he would love it pero nung sinubuan ko sya, nag asim face sya tapos para syang masusuka. I tasted it myself and found na maasim pala yung Banana Flavor kala ko pa naman matamis. I stopped him from eating it kasi nga para syang masusuka. Although hindi naman ako nawawalan ng pag-asa na magugustuhan din nya. Baka di lang sya sanay sa ibang flavor pa. I have read somewhere din na it takes 15 times ata bago maging familiar ang mga babies sa bagong lasa. So I’ll try it again next time. I also bought the Monggo and soya flavor ng Cerelac and so far, he liked it. I tasted it and it was almost the same taste with the rice and soya flavor.

I was able to see other food that can be introduced to James pero I opted not to for the meantime. I want him to be able to eat fresh vegetables pa rin. =) I badly want to visit Healthy Options outlet for their organic food. I have heard a lot of good reviews about it so I am trying that too. #makikigayalang. Maybe in the next couple of weeks. Tara!  =)

Friday, June 20, 2014

James' Favorite Video: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

One of the things that I don’t want James to be doing most of the time is to watch television. As much as possible I want to limit it only for an hour or two a day. Well, some said 4 hours is quite fine per day. When James was 3 months old, from the moment that he’s able to see very well, he don’t prefer watching tv kaya I thought nagmana sya sakin na hindi mahilig manood ng TV.
A month or so ago, Often in the morning, James and Nanay stay at Tita Grace’s house specially those days na sobrang init ng panahon. They’ll stay at their room with ac turned on while James’ happily plays on their bed or sometimes, he’s watching the video on the their tablet. Since then, nakahiligan na ni James ang panonood. I even thought of buying a tablet na din so he can watch videos wherever we go but for the meantime, what I did was I downloaded the videos on my memory card to transfer it over to my own netbook. The videos like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Pororo Opening Song, Hi-5 song compilation and Tom and Angela song came from my brother’s netbook which has a speaker defect kaya no choice ako kundi itransfer sya sa laptop ko.
Whenever I play the video, he giggles while watching the Twinkle, Twinkle. That was his favorite amongst all the videos I mentioned. He really liked the owl there and the bright yellow star. I was hoping to download the other videos too this coming weekend. =)

Here are some of the screen shots of the video.

As I said I don’t want him to be watching too much kasi they said it causes a speech delay to kids which I totally agree. My nephew Andy started saying words when he turned near two years old. The doctor even advised to get him checked for speech but the good thing is now, he’s able to say phrases which the doctor said is fine and there’s no need to undergo therapies. Although it’s still late, it’s more of that we are thankful he’s going there than nothing at all diba? =)

By the way, The video came from . I can’t link the video here kasi I am using my email to update you with this post. Hihihi. =) na discover ko kasi yun last night. I didn’t know na pwede pala yun. Hahaha. Ignorante lang.
I always want him sitting while the video is playing pero most of the time, what he wants to do is to get closer sa netbook para mas matitigan or madilaan nya yung owl. I don’t allow him though kasi baka lumabo naman ang eyesight kapag sobrang lapit nya. Pero bukod pa dun, pinupukpok nya yung keyboard ng netbook eh sira na nga diba? Ninenerbyos ako kapag kasi nga baka lalong masira pa. Kaloka!

Anyway, ano bang mga books ang pwede kong ibili kay James. He’s turning 8 months this Monday, the 23rd of June and I guess by next month he will be interested with books already. I tried to give one while looking for books when we were in Booksale kaya lang kinakain nya. Nyak!
I am not buying him a very expensive books kaya I checked in Booksale. Most of their books are cheaper kasi second handed  ata ang most of them.

Any suggestions were to buy nice but affordable books? I’ll appreciate it Moms! =)

Thursday, June 19, 2014

I hope I don't have to work

Hi Mommies!
Sorry walang post last night. I am quite tired and super sleepy nowadays then last night, I went home around 1am na kasi my friends and I went to eat lugaw somewhere here in Pasong Tamo, Makati.

Anyway, I am wondering if your babies wake up very early in the morning kasi James, who’s by the way is turning 8 months on the 23rd still wakes up on or before 6am in the morning everyday regardless if he slept late at night. Parang body clock na talaga nya ang gumising ng ganun ka – early. They said that it will still change over time pero it has been like that since he was 3 months old. I feel so sleepy during office hours tuloy.
2 months ago when I was transferred to a later shift ( 1pm – 10pm ) I had a hard time with James’ schedule. Before kasi when my shift used to be at 6am onwards, we both get to sleep around 8 or 9 pm so ok lang kasi before he wakes up in the morning, on the way na ako sa office then we will spend time together when I get home. But now, since I go home mostly around 12midnight na, I have to sleep agad – agad kasi for sure he will wake up early.

Nowadays, it’s Nanay who take charge when James wakes up in the morning. I feel so sleepy pa kasi eh so mejo padilat – dilat lang ako to check if Nanay is around or else, I have to go up and get him. Since magkatabi kami matulog at night, what he usually do is daganan ako para makapunta sya sa kabilang side or normally, para lang makatayo sya. Gustong – gusto na nya kasi lumayas pagdilat pa lang ng mga mata nya. Hayy..

I just feel annoyed sometimes kasi when I was still sleeping and James is making kulit, I will check if Nanay is around but then most of the time, kung ano – ano gingawa nya. Nakakaloka. Tuwing umaga na lang ang dami nyang ginagawa. It seemed like naghahanap talaga sya ng gagawin so I’ll wake up to look after James eh puyat na puyat nga ako. If James cry, minsan pinapakiramdaman ko kung Nanay will take over while I continue my sleep which she usually does. Kelangan lang ata talagang may ginagawa sya. Hayy.

I know this will be the consequence of being a mom, I have to effectively manage my time or else I’ll be beaten up with my conscience of not taking care of my son. I hope I have a lot of money so I don’t have to work. Hehehe. =) Day dreaming!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Post Birthday Wishlist

Hi Momskis. I am actually not in the mood today for some posts. I am so not feeling well. Have you had those days where you have your monthly period tapos you can't understand what you feel? It's like my tummy and my puson aches both at the same time na para ba akong napo poop na ewan. Hayy.. That made me feel uneasy today. Buti na lang, I only have couple of things to do and will not be very much busy today. *wink* =)
I know this post is uber late ( 3 days to be exact). I was not able to post this kasi as I have told you the keyboard of my netbook is broken. 

For the past years of my life, I never celebrated a bonggang birthday talaga even on my 18th birthday. Probably during my childhood but never when I reached teenage years. That's one of the reason siguro na hindi ako naging occasion person. I also not use in making a wishlist din kasi it seldom comes true naman. Hehe. But for a change, I would like to list down the things that I want supposedly for my birthday. Malay nyo, magkatotoo na 'to this time. Hehehe. =)

So here it is now.

DSLR - I really liked one since I started this blog kasi the photos you would take from it is really worth sharing. From the time I started to go places, I wanted it pero it wasn't that convenient din kasi it's so bulky. That's the only downside pero gusto ko pa din sya. =)
I want a small camera that I can carry wherever I go. I want to take pictures of things worth sharing for here in my blog. Most of the photos that I posted here are taken through my camera phone so the resolution wasn't that great especially in low light surroundings. I still have my old camera which is by the way almost 4 years old pero gumagana pa din. The only thing is, it doesn't have a built in battery along with it. I bought a rechargeable battery though pero parang sa ngayon, mejo hassle na sya unlike if the camera has it's own battery na.

January last year when I applied for a passport since I want to go out of the country. February when I claimed it then March, I found out I was pregnant. So yung apssport ko, naalikabukan na, wala pa ring tatak! Hahaha! Well, di naman ako nawawalan ng pag asa dahil in time, I know I'll be meeting Mickey Mouse and the Gang with James. =)

Well, I can’t think of anything else for the meantime. I guess ito lang kasi yung mga wishlist ko nung dalaga ako na naiwan eh hehehe. So till now, these remains as my wishlists.

However, on the night of my birthday, Daryl bought me a 12x12 cake from Red Ribbon. It was the biggest/huge cake that I have received in my entire life. I am so happy to receive that and thankful and touched on the message written on the cake. That made my day really complete and happy at the same time. I am glad to have him and James with me on that day. =) When I was about to blow the candle na, he said mag wish daw muna ako so I did. After which, I blew the cake.
Bebe: Anong winish mo?
Me: Secret. Dapat kasi hindi sinasabi yun para magkatotoo.
Hehehe. I don’t know if it was true pero yun na lang ang sinabi ko. Pero last night when he asked me to stroll by sa San Miguel by the Bay Mall of Asia, I told him what I wished for when I blew the cake. And since you, my dear reader/readers are one of those that are important as this blog is to me, I am letting you know what I have wished for. =)  I only asked for 2 things. 1.) To have a stronger relationship with Daryl and 2.) to have James as healthy as he can be. I never had the chance to think of what should I wished for. Well, I can just ask for those I have written above pero lumabas ang natatagong motherly figure ko kaya that was what came out of my mind. I realized na ganun pala talaga diba? When you’ve become a mom, you seldom ask something for yourself instead you always make sure that everything that your son and family is met before you decide what you really want. Exactly as what happened to this post. Imbes na mag wish list ako before my birthday of anything I want to have, I asked for something for my family and son. It feels good, really good. A motherly love is never selfish indeed. =)

Monday, June 16, 2014

I Love SM, but may I suggest?

I so missed blogging!!
Last night, I listed down those things I have in mind na gusto kong iblog and I think is worth sharing naman kaya lang hindi naman ako makapag blog at home kasi sira nga yung keyboard ng netbook ko. =(
By the way, yesterday, James and I went to SM Southmall para lang magpalamig. I was planning to go alone so I can come home early din however, Nanay and James’ Tita Grace were telling me na isama ko na lang daw si James since he was not able to go out everyday. He stays at home most of the time. Lalabas lang ng konti then pasok na agad. I think sometimes, he was just too bored sa bahay kaya I make sure na at least once a week nakakalabas kami.

I carried James in my arms lang. I opted not to bring his baby carrier anymore kasi I can see na mejo bored na sya dun. He was one curious little boy so he looks everywhere and the baby carrier limits his capability of doing so plus, I think mas nakakatagal ako carrying him like that than with his carrier.
I ate at Mcdonalds lang kasi I wasn’t that hungry. I bought a burger with fries and drinks. I gave him small bits of bread nung burger and he happily ate it while he was sitting on the baby chair. Time flies really fast talaga. Parang kelan lang eh hindi sya makaupo and I have to carry him all the time.
Afterwards, we just roamed around. I even went to Booksale to check a nice book that I can give to James. I want to introduce him to books din kasi like yung may touch and feel na book kaya lang most ng nakita ko should be 9+ months ang nakalagay sa book so I decided to skip that part muna. When I tried showing the books to him, he held it then it went straight to his mouth. Nyak!
We went to grocery instead. I bought some things for him like his favorite flavor ng cerelac then a Banana flavor Gerber. I’ll show you those on another post na lang ha?!
I bought less than 10 items then I went to the cashier when I noticed na sobrang haba ng pila sa blue basket. I was looking around kung gaano kahaba yung pila when the crew asked me,

Crew: Ma’am pipila na po ba kayo?
Me: oo Kuya.
He took my cart and murmured something. Yun pala, he wants me to leave my cart with him so I don’t have to worry pushing the cart while carrying James. Wow! Ang thoughtful naman ni kuya! I thought he will be going with me to a cashier with a shorter line or to a priority lane. I went pa sa dulo ng pila although it’s moving quite fast naman kasi most of those na nakapila, konti lang din yung dala. But my point is, sana man lang they have a priority line for those who have a baby kasi they have one nga for senior citizen eh. Or let’s say na hindi na yung para sa mga may dalang baby, kahit man lang yung 1 to 10 pieces lang na item ang pwede sa line na yun like sa Puregold diba? They have this special line where those who are allowed are with items 1-10 lang, separate pa yung may isang basket lang then another lane for 2 baskets and more tapos iba din sa mga big carts na. I think it will be a lot easier. I even asked one time kung pwede bang isingit na lang kasi I am only buying a 6 liters mineral water nung napadaan ako sa SM pero hindi daw pwede kasi magagalit daw yung mga nasa likod. Hookay! I understand. I just hope someday you can think about it. I love SM pa naman so much dahil yun ang laging go-to places ko for everything. I sometimes prefer them over Puregold kasi I have the SM Advantage card eh.

Yun lang po. =)

My Pregnant State Part 2

Hi mga bakla!!
I'm sorry absent ako for 3 days here in blogosphere. I was supposed to blog this on Friday night pero nabwisit lang ako kasi yung netbook ko, sira yung keyboard. Grounded yung ibang letters eh kaya hindi ako makatapos ng isang sentence ng hindi pabalik - balik. So here it is:


I am staying the whole day today at home. I took advantage of the one time PTO (Personal Time off) given to us. It can be used within the first 6 months of your employment then as soon as you get regularized then it's no longer valid. I wasn't thinking of using it talaga. I am trying to think kasi if there will be that most important day that this leave is more suitable to use pero I can't think of anything so I timed it on a day before my birthday na lang. =)

Since I am at home, I decided to share some of the photos I took while I was pregnant with James. Although I wasn't able to take a picture on my monthly progress, I was able to keep some. =) I saw a mommy blog before (which I can't remember her site anymore, she had a monthly picture of herself while her tummy was getting bigger. So, ginaya ko sya pero I got so lazy and became forgetful of it. That time kasi, I have decided to give up this blog na sana kasi I can't keep up. I can't post any stories here. Dati kasi akala ko ang pagba blog eh para lang sa mga OOTD and travelling like what I posted before. I have later on realize na pwede pala din tong maging Mommy na lang which I found really really cool kasi I am giving James an access to the things that his mind wouldn't be able to remember in the future. These are the days and months na for sure hindi na nya maaalala when he grow older.

This were the result of my transvaginal ultrasound 
When the male sonographer arrived, he immediately checked me. I even asked him kung eyes ba yung nakikita ko pero they laughed and said na hindi daw, it was 8 weeks old so hindi pa daw visible yung eyes. Hmmp! Malay ko ba? Sorry naman first time Mom eh. =)

I was 2 months pregnant here. I have been reading the website where I have read a lot of things about how my baby is growing inside my tummy. I am too lazy din during those days kaya ayan, puro higa lang ako which later on I found na hindi pala maganda. =(

Since I wasn't working too, all I did all day was to sleep, eat, then watch TV. My favorite was the Crime and Scene Channel kasi sobrang naamaze ako sa mga pag reresolve ng case. Sometimes, I even find the thieves and criminals na matatalino kasi they come up on an idea of how to execute things diba? Haha. I stopped watching it around 4 months ata kasi naisip ko baka maging katulad nila si James. Hehe. Also, kapag gabi, pinapanuod ko yung 'My Husband's Lover' Yung tv show ni Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez and Dennis. =)

Naku na miss ko naman ang ganyang tummy ha! Ang layo sa kasalukuyan. hehehe! I edited the photo kasi ipopost ko sana sya sa facebook dati pero di ko naman din nagawa.

I was 14 weeks pregnant naman on this photos. My tummy was not that noticeable yet so most of the time, I am not wearing a maternity dress. I wore my usual clothes until 6th month ata nung wala na talagang mag kasya, mga damit na ng Mama ko sinusuot ko. Hehe.

I think I am 5 months pregnant here. My sister and I bought this dress on a bazaar. I wanted sana yung tube na dress kaya lang ayaw nya kasi my boob got big so ang pangit daw sakin yung tube lang. She suggested this dress instead. What do you think? Para syang halter dress no?! But it wasn't =)

I posted this picture on my post here. I was around 4 - 5 months. I took this picture kasi na amaza lang ako sa belly button ko. Malalim kasi sya before tapos lubog talaga tapos biglang ganyan na sya. Hehe. I think it was worth taking picture of kasi in the future after pregnancy, I know na mag iiba na nga ang itsura nya, which tama nga ako. Hindi na sya as in lubog mejo madali na syang linisin ngayon unlike before pregnancy. 

I was 6- 7 months here. Most likely 7 months talaga. My tummy was so round na here tapos I just felt sexy pa kaya ayan. Hehehe. =)

I think on this photo op naman with Daryl, ilang weeks after nanganak na ako nyan. 

Look at my tummy, hindi pantay
I woke up one day na hindi pantay yung tyan ko. There was one worst than that of this photo. Talagang nakaangat yung isang side (right side). 

This was one of the days na nagkukulit si James. Can you see the tummy? Sobrang bilog.

These naman were the things that I bought before James came except yung mga comforter na kulay cream. 
Now what I want you to see is this:

Grabe yung manas ko diba? Hehehe. I had that until a week after I gave birth. It subsided on the second week after pregnancy. I don't know why my manas was like that. I often put my feet up naman para nga daw mawala yung manas. Sabi naman nila baka daw mahilig sa maalat?

How about you Mommies? Ganyan din ba yung manas nyo o sadyang ako lang? Hehehe. =)\

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day

It’s this week of the year again! Haha. I was wondering earlier this morning, “Hindi kaya ginawang Father’s Day madalas ang araw na malapit sa birthday ko kasi Papa’s girl din ako?” Hmmm.. Could be. With that, I want to great happy father’s Day to my Papa. I know wherever you are, you are happy. I just hoped you have seen James and held him in your arms. I am thinking badly of what you will say with the situation I am in. Siguro puro na ako kaltok sayo. Hehehe. Anyway, thank you for not hurting me physically. That reminds me that people should never hurt me because the man who brought me in this world and raised me never, ever laid his strong arms to spank me.

Happy Father’s Day and I miss you! Ok na, wag mo na lang akong multuhin. Takot kasi ako sa multo eh. Hahahaha!


To the man who’s the father of my own child. Happy Father’s Day too..

Our James will be looking up at you so please try to be the best father he could have. Whatever he sees on you will be partly the man he will become. The gentleman you become, the better gentleman he would be. We love you. =)

And to all fathers, Tatay, Itay, Papa, Dada

From a daughter and now a mommy's love

Thursday, June 12, 2014

James' Makes a Farting Sound?

I am in the office still. Boooo!! Independence day oh tapos nasa opisina pa rin? Hayy.. di bale, double pay naman eh.
By the way, I just can’t stop thinking about how cute James was earlier this morning so let me make kwento before I become crazy. Hehe.

I have always been fascinated and proud with James’ milestones as days and months passes by. From the tiny human being who knows only how to sleep and drink his milk, to the baby he was when he knew how to smile, how to make cooing sounds and how to interact with people around him, to now that he learned how to sit, use his knees and hands (sometimes his chest and tummy) to crawl. One of the things that I can’t stop thinking about is how did the world he learned to make the Pffffrrrbbb sound. It’s like the farting sounds he makes while having all the talsik laway. I was wondering how did he found out about it really. It seemed na naging habit na nya for some reason like this morning, He was trying to wake me up while dinadaganan ako. When I sat down to carry and hug him, he was talking aawww waaaa waaa hmmm.. something like that. Seemed like pinapagalitan nya ako kasi sobrang tagal ko magising. Hehehe. Well, half awake naman. =) when finally, he did that farting sound again with talsik laway. I laughed and did the same of what he’s doing. Parang ginagaya pa nya ako. He will do the same after me. Promise he was so adorable talaga doing that. I will video it or take a picture so you can see din. Hihih!

Our babies are the cutest right?
Syempre! San pa ba magmamana yan mga mudras diba? =)

Also, I took a day leave tomorrow for the salubong night of my birthday. Hehehe! Yesss.. you heard it right, in case you want to know, birthday ko sa Saturday and I am turning *toot*. Hulaan nyo nga! =)

I hope I’ll be able to blog some of those that I have in draft.

See y’all soon

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I think I want to

... do something tonight. 

I have mentioned to you when I almost lost my phone couple of days ago na hindi lang ang phone ko ang nawala sana but James’ all baby photos especially videos. Honestly, I don’t upload them in Facebook so much kasi I was so lazy to do so. I want to post them here in my blog. It’s way better kasi dahil I can post as much photos as I want with description and stoires that everyone else can read better. I have realized in Facebook kasi na when you posted something and there was a very long description of it, people are too lazy to read so they will ignore your post or you have a limited space and you don’t want to bombard people of all your photos diba? Not everyone will find it entertaining so I opted to place them here in my own little space in the world wide web.
Ang dami kong inexplain. Whew!
Anyway, that instance of losing those beautiful and worth-remembering photos, I decided to transfer them in my netbook. Aside from that, I will try my best to at least put an entry here in my blog kahit once or twice per day. Since afternoon shift pa naman ako in which for sure will last for another month, Pheww! I will do all the best that I can to sneak in an hour of my time to blog before going to sleep. There were times na sobrang sleepy na ako, Minsan, I go straight to bed or sometimes, I am just so excited na tabihan si James sa pagtulog which I’ll still try na labanan kahit slight lang. Hehe.

 My plan is to transfer all the remaining photos muna to my netbook, sort it and then from there, I will get a clear picture kung ano ba ng mga iba blog ko diba? I am so unorganized kasi eh kaya even I have so many things to share, nawawala na lang kasi natatabunan na nga lang ng mga bagong photos.
I would say this is a challenge that I want to fulfill kasi it really takes effort for us to keep these sites diba? =)

So please pray for me to achieve this challenge. Kayo? How do you keep your blogging going? I’d love to hear so please share. =)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

James' Prescription

Last weekend, I mentioned that James visited his pedia to have his cough checked. I was so worried about it kasi he had Pneumonia na when he was just 2 months old as I posted here. The pedia who looked after him was Dra Alarcio because Dra Medina was out. I was quite fine with that kasi she was a friendly doctor din talaga.
She was so happy to see James and I was glad to know that James was doing ok except that we were asked if we had a history of asthma.
Honestly, I don’t know. When I was young I never had the trouble breathing like those whom I can see that has asthma. None of my siblings nor my parents have it so we assumed that indeed we don’t carry it in our genes. Though last year, my eldest brother, James’ Tito Ronnel was told of that he might have an asthma daw.
Later on, we started talking about it that our clan might have asthma, that it might have skipped generations which resulted in our parents and my siblings not having one yet it has been passed on the next generation which was nephews and nieces, and sadly, James.
The pedia mentioned that he had a whizzing sound on his right lung which might be just his phlegm causing the sound or it could be a starting asthma. I was aked to had him nebulize for 5 days to a week then had some antibiotics.

These are the things that I bought for him. 
Erythromycin – since it is antibiotic, I was advised to have him take it after feeding. I just have to make sure that he burped first. This was for 212 pesos.

Ventar (Nebulizing Solution) – His Pedia said that it’s a lot cheaper daw compared sa ibang brand. When the doctor was explaining this, I can’t barely hear her kasi she’s soft spoken tapos James is a bit irritant kasi he was hungry. When I bought this and got home, I checked the bottle and got confused. It really looked like the normal oral drops. It even has a medicine dropper included so mejo na Confucius naman ang lola niyo. I even asked James’ Tita Grace but she doesn’t know either kasi she usually buy those Ventolin na ting 35 pesos a piece. The last resort I got was to read the label. Awa ng Dyos, naintindihan ko naman ang mga term and for inhalation nga daw itey. HEhehe. This cost around 113 pesos which is cheaper than that of those of Ventolin.

 Citirizine – I was told that James’ cough has caused by an allergy too so I he was given this too. It costs 157 pesos.


I also inquired if I still can give him his daily vitamins. His pedia said na Vitamin C na lang daw muna kasi it will be too many medicine na ang iinom nya in case. I sticked to Ceelin for him.

I was so happy to know though that my baby was still healthy. He was weighing 9.5kgs which was usually for 11 month old baby. His pedia even said na mukha ng one year old ang baby ko. He was big compared to his age so I feel fab in taking care of him. I mean, credits to Nanay who’s looking after him when I am not around. Tingin ko kasi pumayat sya kaya mejo na sad ako pero when I have found out na he was a little over his normal weight , eh Happy Mommy na ako. =)

How about you Mommies? What do you do if your kids have coughs? 
Share naman jan! =)