Monday, June 9, 2014

A Mom's Thought in Education

It’s start of the school year again. Kids and Mommies will be busy at school na naman. I know from a memory na it quite stressful yet fun. Pero that memory was during my school days as a kid eh. This moment forward, it will be a mom’s actual experience na no?! Exciting kaya? O stressful? O both? =) Well, I will find out couple of years from now. =)

One of my longest dream that I badly want to achieve was to finish my college. I am an undergraduate of BS Secondary Education Major in Filipino at Philippine Normal University Manila. A lot of people are asking me why “Filipino”? They are quite disappointed when I tell them. I don’t know what’s wrong with that major but to be honest, kahit sabihing Pilipino tayo, mahirap pa rin ang Filipino major. Ang dami pala nating hindi alam sa sarili nating language. Kahit sa TV, ang daming mali. Let’s say sa paggamit ng “siya”, we often refer to it as “hindi na siya gumagana” (referring to our lovely watches or things alike) but in fact “siya” should only be used when referring to a person. Meron ding tamang gamit ang “Ng” at “Nang”. Honestly, hindi ko na ma identify sa inyo kasi matagal tagal na rin akong na out of school. The last time I went to school was in 2007 pa. Imagine how much I missed schooling?

Well, if you might be interested, I stopped schooling kasi my Mom can no longer send me to school. She doesn’t have a regular paying job to support me so I have decided to start working. Although it felt heavy at first, I enjoyed working kasi I get to spend my hard-earned money. I worked in some BPO companies pero hindi naman ako naging call center hopper na tinatawag nila. Those are who only lasts for 6 months to less than a year ata in one company.
If you would ask, why not be a working-student? Since I am working in BPO, most of the time, graveyard shift ako. I worked for 3 years on a night shift so please imagine how zombie I looked like before. Well now, mejo zombie na majubis lang. Heheheh.

This time that I am working back again after my year long vacation, I am looking forward to spend more than 2 years here in my current company kasi morning shift eh. I want to be able to enjoy James at this stage na baby pa which I know I can’t do kung graveyard shift ako. Sooner or later, he will be walking na. nakakapanghinayang naman yung time na I-could-have-spend-to-him-but-I-can’t kasi I am sleeping in the morning and awake at night while he on the other hand is fast asleep. Kaya naman when I got the chance to go back to work force, nag inarte talaga ang lola nyo para maging morning shift lang. =)

Anyway, what I really want to blog about was the SSS Education Loan. Honestly, I’ve known it just last weekend. For me, I think this is great. I am glad that it is now being offered to us Filipinos like those in the US. Kasi diba mostly Filipinos were college undergraduate causing huge chunk of unemployment in the Philippines. As I understand it, you will be able to apply for a loan for a maximum of 20,000 pesos per semester/trimester/quarter for those who will be taking up a degree. It is also available to Vocational/Technical Courses too for 10,000 pesos. SSS will issue a check addressed to the school you want to be with as long as it is accredited by CHED or Tesda.

Now how cool is that? If you want to check more of it, you can visit

I am seriously considering it. I hope I will have sometime to achieve the degree I have started. =) This reminds me to make James value the education so much, that in time, I may not be able to provide any material things for him like house and lot to start on with his life but this one piece of paper that he will cherish for the rest of his life.

Dear James,

There were times that I am thinking on how I will make you appreciate your education. I don’t know if I will be able to instill things in you that Nanay and your Titas and Titos has shared on me. Althoug this can be a hard and long journey of motherhood, I know deep down that I can be the best Mama that I can be to show you how to appreciate and be thankful of the things that happened, happening and will be happening to you. I know you will be a strong and smart man for you to analize things properly. Please stay away from those friends who would offer you such bad things like drugs, cutting classes, too much computer games, and fraternities. Naku anak, dami ng na tegi jan sa fraternity na yan kaya pakiusap lang, wag na wag mong pasasagiin yan sa kukote mo. They are not true friends if they aim to hurt you in whatever way. A true friend would always remind you of how such a good person you are. Avoid those distractions baby, they are not worth your precious time.
Sa panahon kasi ngayon, Anak, you’re education measures your capability on your dream job. Companies are looking for those who had degrees. It is your key on how you would achieve your dreams. You could be the best person you can be as long as you make sure you do not put everything away. Regardless of how our life will be, I want you to be assured that I won’t let myself to not do everything that I could to make you finish your school, then it will be just up to you to execute the plan baby. I love you. =)



  1. Korek, mahirap kaya ang FIlipino na subject. Lalo na yung diff. ng "ng" at "nang" na yan, nakakalito hehe. Go girl, tuloy mo studies mo! :)

    1. I was really considering na tapusin ang studies ko pero not now. Masyado pa kasing baby si James. =) In time..

  2. Filipino subject is one of the most interesting and yet complicated subjects for me. I think it's more complex than English but it's also one of my favorites because I learned a lot after I underestimated it for a little bit, I thought it was such an easy subject. Be proud of yourself majoring this one.

    1. Thanks Gladys, yeah! Really proud of it kasi there were things others doesn’t even aware of. =)


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