Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day

It’s this week of the year again! Haha. I was wondering earlier this morning, “Hindi kaya ginawang Father’s Day madalas ang araw na malapit sa birthday ko kasi Papa’s girl din ako?” Hmmm.. Could be. With that, I want to great happy father’s Day to my Papa. I know wherever you are, you are happy. I just hoped you have seen James and held him in your arms. I am thinking badly of what you will say with the situation I am in. Siguro puro na ako kaltok sayo. Hehehe. Anyway, thank you for not hurting me physically. That reminds me that people should never hurt me because the man who brought me in this world and raised me never, ever laid his strong arms to spank me.

Happy Father’s Day and I miss you! Ok na, wag mo na lang akong multuhin. Takot kasi ako sa multo eh. Hahahaha!


To the man who’s the father of my own child. Happy Father’s Day too..

Our James will be looking up at you so please try to be the best father he could have. Whatever he sees on you will be partly the man he will become. The gentleman you become, the better gentleman he would be. We love you. =)

And to all fathers, Tatay, Itay, Papa, Dada

From a daughter and now a mommy's love

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