Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I think I want to

... do something tonight. 

I have mentioned to you when I almost lost my phone couple of days ago na hindi lang ang phone ko ang nawala sana but James’ all baby photos especially videos. Honestly, I don’t upload them in Facebook so much kasi I was so lazy to do so. I want to post them here in my blog. It’s way better kasi dahil I can post as much photos as I want with description and stoires that everyone else can read better. I have realized in Facebook kasi na when you posted something and there was a very long description of it, people are too lazy to read so they will ignore your post or you have a limited space and you don’t want to bombard people of all your photos diba? Not everyone will find it entertaining so I opted to place them here in my own little space in the world wide web.
Ang dami kong inexplain. Whew!
Anyway, that instance of losing those beautiful and worth-remembering photos, I decided to transfer them in my netbook. Aside from that, I will try my best to at least put an entry here in my blog kahit once or twice per day. Since afternoon shift pa naman ako in which for sure will last for another month, Pheww! I will do all the best that I can to sneak in an hour of my time to blog before going to sleep. There were times na sobrang sleepy na ako, Minsan, I go straight to bed or sometimes, I am just so excited na tabihan si James sa pagtulog which I’ll still try na labanan kahit slight lang. Hehe.

 My plan is to transfer all the remaining photos muna to my netbook, sort it and then from there, I will get a clear picture kung ano ba ng mga iba blog ko diba? I am so unorganized kasi eh kaya even I have so many things to share, nawawala na lang kasi natatabunan na nga lang ng mga bagong photos.
I would say this is a challenge that I want to fulfill kasi it really takes effort for us to keep these sites diba? =)

So please pray for me to achieve this challenge. Kayo? How do you keep your blogging going? I’d love to hear so please share. =)


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Em, Thanks for dropping by. =)
      Di pala ako nag iisa. Happy to know normal pala to sa mga blogger. Hehe. =)

  2. i know ma accomplish mo din yan mommy jen. try creating folders and labeling them sa netbook mo. From there you'll see mas organized yung mga photos and mas madali kang makakapag isip ng pwede mong isulat.

    Yung sakin, ang dami ko na din folders e, masarap kasi kuhaan ng photos ang mga babies anoh? =)

    1. Thanks Joy. Sinimulan ko na nga kagabi eh. Hehe kahit anotok na antok na din ako. =)


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