Monday, June 30, 2014

James at 8 months old

Last 23rd of June was James 8th month birthday. I am sad that we weren't able to celebrate it at all because the 23rd was Monday and I go home after office hours already so the cake stores are closed. Came weekends, I totally forgot about it. Oh! Bad Mama here! I’m so forgetful now. I’ll make up to it next month, Baby. Promise! =)

So what we did on his birthday? Nothing. We stayed together until it’s time for me to come to work although I was able to capture these cute photos of James that morning. Remember when I told you that he makes a farting sound? These photos caught him doing it. There were "laway" all over his face because of that. Hehe. It’s so cute!!! His eyes are closed kasi nasilaw sya sa flash ng camera. =)

See? Hahaha! I am so glad I took these photos. Note: Hindi sya pawis jan, masyado ko lang na sharpened yung photos. Sorry! hehehe.
I think next time, I'll try to video it so you can hear how he does that sound. =)
My happiness is doubled looking at him gaining those weight that he loose when he got sick months ago. He drinks his milk very well and eats his food as given. Partida pa yan ha? Madalas makalimutan ni Nanay na painumin sya ng vitamins.=)

At 8 months James can:

Stand up by himself while holding onto something
Can stand while holding only his one arm (though he's scared if it's his left arm only that you're holding but if it's his right hand, kiber nya.)
Crawls really fast
Starting to make sounds like ba ba ba wa wa wa
Grabs things on his hand and puts on his mouth
Plays with his "laway"
Sleeps while lying on his tummy
Making baby steps
Recognize sounds like meow meow and ruf ruf (dogs)
Knows how to "appear"

I'm sure there are now plenty of things that he can do now but those are what I can think of as of the moment. Next time, I'll make sure to write them down to be more accurate. =) I want him to see this blog someday so he will have an idea of what are the things that he can do at this age. I am really grateful that I decided to continue blogging as this will give him access to these memories that surely he will not have a single idea when he grows up. Right Mommy bloggers? =)

By the way, I have read on Mom Center that when we were giving toys to our kids, we should name them so the baby can see the actual toy and will be able to hear the name of it although they can't say it yet.
So what I did? When I give James a distraction - toys for him not to crawl everywhere, I'm showing him his toy and say the name of it. What I think of it? It was cool!! He was learning from it. How did I say so? There was this toy pillow with a cat face embedded on it. I always make him see it and I'll do the "meow meow". Now when he hears me say "meow meow", he will look at the toy on where it is placed. Yipeee! My baby knows where to find where the sound should be coming from. Also, when I say "ruf ruf", he will look at the dog toy just on top of the cat pillow. It was hanged on the corner with other stuff toys.

Meet Froggy! I often say Ribir Ribit then he will look at it. =)
Although I really don't like James to be playing with stuff toys, I'll try my best to get him a different kind of toys soon after his birthday so he will appreciate it more. =)

And with that, I'll have another letter for my baby.

To my James,

Anak, you're now 8 months old and honestly, you are quite handful now. You crawl everywhere, stops when you see something that catches your eye, go grab it then put it in your mouth. When you had your crib courtesy of Nanay, you were sad because you can no longer go everywhere yet you're happy kasi you can stand up whenever you want. I am really happy with your milestones, James. It makes me proud all the time when you can do things specially when I say appear and you will reach for my palm to meet mine. You are learning as you wish and I liked it that way. I don't want you to be forced to learn things - for now. I want you to do it when you're ready, Anak. No pressure. I love you to the moon and back, James. Happy 8th month birthday! Bawi si Mama next time ok? =)


  1. cute ni baby james kamukha mo mommy Jen!. Tiyagain mo angpagtuturo mo sa kanya makita mo yung development nya nakakatuwa! =)

    1. Thanks Joy! Sabi ko na nga ba kamukha ko yan eh. Hehehe. =)
      It's a pleasure na magturo talaga with our kids. I taught him yung "James, appear" tapos mag reach out sya.. hehe so adorable. =)


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