Friday, June 20, 2014

James' Favorite Video: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

One of the things that I don’t want James to be doing most of the time is to watch television. As much as possible I want to limit it only for an hour or two a day. Well, some said 4 hours is quite fine per day. When James was 3 months old, from the moment that he’s able to see very well, he don’t prefer watching tv kaya I thought nagmana sya sakin na hindi mahilig manood ng TV.
A month or so ago, Often in the morning, James and Nanay stay at Tita Grace’s house specially those days na sobrang init ng panahon. They’ll stay at their room with ac turned on while James’ happily plays on their bed or sometimes, he’s watching the video on the their tablet. Since then, nakahiligan na ni James ang panonood. I even thought of buying a tablet na din so he can watch videos wherever we go but for the meantime, what I did was I downloaded the videos on my memory card to transfer it over to my own netbook. The videos like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Pororo Opening Song, Hi-5 song compilation and Tom and Angela song came from my brother’s netbook which has a speaker defect kaya no choice ako kundi itransfer sya sa laptop ko.
Whenever I play the video, he giggles while watching the Twinkle, Twinkle. That was his favorite amongst all the videos I mentioned. He really liked the owl there and the bright yellow star. I was hoping to download the other videos too this coming weekend. =)

Here are some of the screen shots of the video.

As I said I don’t want him to be watching too much kasi they said it causes a speech delay to kids which I totally agree. My nephew Andy started saying words when he turned near two years old. The doctor even advised to get him checked for speech but the good thing is now, he’s able to say phrases which the doctor said is fine and there’s no need to undergo therapies. Although it’s still late, it’s more of that we are thankful he’s going there than nothing at all diba? =)

By the way, The video came from . I can’t link the video here kasi I am using my email to update you with this post. Hihihi. =) na discover ko kasi yun last night. I didn’t know na pwede pala yun. Hahaha. Ignorante lang.
I always want him sitting while the video is playing pero most of the time, what he wants to do is to get closer sa netbook para mas matitigan or madilaan nya yung owl. I don’t allow him though kasi baka lumabo naman ang eyesight kapag sobrang lapit nya. Pero bukod pa dun, pinupukpok nya yung keyboard ng netbook eh sira na nga diba? Ninenerbyos ako kapag kasi nga baka lalong masira pa. Kaloka!

Anyway, ano bang mga books ang pwede kong ibili kay James. He’s turning 8 months this Monday, the 23rd of June and I guess by next month he will be interested with books already. I tried to give one while looking for books when we were in Booksale kaya lang kinakain nya. Nyak!
I am not buying him a very expensive books kaya I checked in Booksale. Most of their books are cheaper kasi second handed  ata ang most of them.

Any suggestions were to buy nice but affordable books? I’ll appreciate it Moms! =)


  1. we always watch din yan simplesongs on youtube. Try mo din Chuchu tv. magaganda yung mga songs nila nakaka indak! hehe!

    Yung books madami sa sm dept store or national. choose hard pages para di nya mapilas agad. Ako, i allow her to watch nursery rhymes sa tablet and laptop. Pag bedtime naman read ng books. Pag habang naghuhugas ako ng plato or washing clothes, ibinibigay ko sa kanya lahat ng books and toys nya para occupied sya at malibang din habang busy ako.

    1. I think bibilhan ko sya ng books once mag 10 - 12 months na sya kasi nga for now Joy parang di pa nya naapreciate hehe. Pero baka bilhan ko sya ng isa or dalawa para makita ko kung gaano sya ka interested. =)


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