Thursday, June 12, 2014

James' Makes a Farting Sound?

I am in the office still. Boooo!! Independence day oh tapos nasa opisina pa rin? Hayy.. di bale, double pay naman eh.
By the way, I just can’t stop thinking about how cute James was earlier this morning so let me make kwento before I become crazy. Hehe.

I have always been fascinated and proud with James’ milestones as days and months passes by. From the tiny human being who knows only how to sleep and drink his milk, to the baby he was when he knew how to smile, how to make cooing sounds and how to interact with people around him, to now that he learned how to sit, use his knees and hands (sometimes his chest and tummy) to crawl. One of the things that I can’t stop thinking about is how did the world he learned to make the Pffffrrrbbb sound. It’s like the farting sounds he makes while having all the talsik laway. I was wondering how did he found out about it really. It seemed na naging habit na nya for some reason like this morning, He was trying to wake me up while dinadaganan ako. When I sat down to carry and hug him, he was talking aawww waaaa waaa hmmm.. something like that. Seemed like pinapagalitan nya ako kasi sobrang tagal ko magising. Hehehe. Well, half awake naman. =) when finally, he did that farting sound again with talsik laway. I laughed and did the same of what he’s doing. Parang ginagaya pa nya ako. He will do the same after me. Promise he was so adorable talaga doing that. I will video it or take a picture so you can see din. Hihih!

Our babies are the cutest right?
Syempre! San pa ba magmamana yan mga mudras diba? =)

Also, I took a day leave tomorrow for the salubong night of my birthday. Hehehe! Yesss.. you heard it right, in case you want to know, birthday ko sa Saturday and I am turning *toot*. Hulaan nyo nga! =)

I hope I’ll be able to blog some of those that I have in draft.

See y’all soon


  1. It's really fun to hear them make sound and at this stage they can parrot every sound they hear and magugustuhan din nila ang animal sounds,my girls do.

    1. Hi Gladys, oo nga eh. so far naman yung sound pa lang na yun yung nagagaya nya. Hehe. =) Soon i'll introduce her to animal sounds.

  2. Nakakatawa talaga pag they fart diba? Syempre babies kaya di pa ganun ka "annoying and toxic" hahaha! Tayong mga first time moms, we are amazed talaga sa mga bagong bagay na nakikita natin sa mga babies lalo na yung mga funny stuff na ginagawa nila!

    Lapit na birthday ni mommy jen! WOOOHOOO!!! Huwag mo na intindihin yung age mo, i stop mo nalang sya sa 18,hehe!
    At dahil dyan, batiin na kita agad ng "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

    Enjoy your day mommy Jen and more blessings to come and good health palagi. =)

    1. Hahahaha! Thanks Joy. Oo nga, why do I have to worry about my age? Ma stress lang ako. Hehe.


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