Monday, June 30, 2014

My Dilemma of Loosing Weight!

One of the things that I really want to achieve nowadays is weight lose. I have been using the line “Kapapanganak ko lang kasi eh” as an alibi as to why I still look like this on my 8th month post – partum body. I have seen some who came back to their pre – pregnancy body couple of months after giving birth though they delivered through C-section too. I still have my giant arms and legs which I earned when I was pregnant with James. On my tummy area, well it’s a different thing. Hehe. My tummy I guess was bigger, though it never became flat naman before, kaya ko lang talaga syang itago somehow through stomach in. Heheh =). Then, malaki talaga ang puson ko even before I got pregnant.

Now, Joy – the mom behind the Happiness of Joy Blog and I talked (a little bit) about our weight and she mentioned that she will go on a diet na daw even she can’t do it ng bongga because she’s still breastfeeding baby A. I was like, OMG! Nagda diet na si Joy!!! I should too.. Hahaha! That was the almost the same time when Daryl said that he will give me three thousand pesos if I loose 5lbs in 2 weeks. Pang shopping na iyon!! Parang ang dali lang diba? Hahahaha. Pero hindi pala!! Shet it’s hard loosing weight. I badly need to have a strict compliance before I loose more weight. Aside from that, I noticed that I lessen the amount of rice I eat literally but the carbs coming from breads were the same. NKKLK! 

This picture was taken on the same month couple of days before I found out that I was pregnant. Kahit ganyan lang sana ulit!!! #ambitiousmuch
I don’t know what to do!! Help!! =( 


  1. fashionista ka talaga mommy Jen! Pero base naman sa mga photos mo di ka pa din naman mataba e. Ako kasi parang nag walk-out na yung waist line ko, hehe! =)

    1. Hay naku Joy kaw lang nagsabing hindi ako mataba! Sobrang taba ko na kaya. =(
      pero di bale, konting hintay na lang, pag ka one year ni James.. babawi na ako. hehe. =) Kaya pang habulin yang waist line ano ka ba? Hahaha. =)

    2. Sabi kasi ng waist line ko mommy Jen, "ARRIVEDERCI!" pero sabi ko naman "no, no, come back please! " hehehe!
      Dinadaan nalang sa joke ang pagpapayat, challenging naman kasing tunay e. Focus nalang tayo mommy Jen para ma achieve. =)

    3. Hahahaha! Ewan ko nga ba Mommy Joy bakit ganyan sila, nilalayasan tayo! Pero keri pa yan.. Isa pa lang naman anak natin eh. Hahah #crossingfingers


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