Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My Post Birthday Wishlist

Hi Momskis. I am actually not in the mood today for some posts. I am so not feeling well. Have you had those days where you have your monthly period tapos you can't understand what you feel? It's like my tummy and my puson aches both at the same time na para ba akong napo poop na ewan. Hayy.. That made me feel uneasy today. Buti na lang, I only have couple of things to do and will not be very much busy today. *wink* =)
I know this post is uber late ( 3 days to be exact). I was not able to post this kasi as I have told you the keyboard of my netbook is broken. 

For the past years of my life, I never celebrated a bonggang birthday talaga even on my 18th birthday. Probably during my childhood but never when I reached teenage years. That's one of the reason siguro na hindi ako naging occasion person. I also not use in making a wishlist din kasi it seldom comes true naman. Hehe. But for a change, I would like to list down the things that I want supposedly for my birthday. Malay nyo, magkatotoo na 'to this time. Hehehe. =)

So here it is now.

DSLR - I really liked one since I started this blog kasi the photos you would take from it is really worth sharing. From the time I started to go places, I wanted it pero it wasn't that convenient din kasi it's so bulky. That's the only downside pero gusto ko pa din sya. =)
I want a small camera that I can carry wherever I go. I want to take pictures of things worth sharing for here in my blog. Most of the photos that I posted here are taken through my camera phone so the resolution wasn't that great especially in low light surroundings. I still have my old camera which is by the way almost 4 years old pero gumagana pa din. The only thing is, it doesn't have a built in battery along with it. I bought a rechargeable battery though pero parang sa ngayon, mejo hassle na sya unlike if the camera has it's own battery na.

January last year when I applied for a passport since I want to go out of the country. February when I claimed it then March, I found out I was pregnant. So yung apssport ko, naalikabukan na, wala pa ring tatak! Hahaha! Well, di naman ako nawawalan ng pag asa dahil in time, I know I'll be meeting Mickey Mouse and the Gang with James. =)

Well, I can’t think of anything else for the meantime. I guess ito lang kasi yung mga wishlist ko nung dalaga ako na naiwan eh hehehe. So till now, these remains as my wishlists.

However, on the night of my birthday, Daryl bought me a 12x12 cake from Red Ribbon. It was the biggest/huge cake that I have received in my entire life. I am so happy to receive that and thankful and touched on the message written on the cake. That made my day really complete and happy at the same time. I am glad to have him and James with me on that day. =) When I was about to blow the candle na, he said mag wish daw muna ako so I did. After which, I blew the cake.
Bebe: Anong winish mo?
Me: Secret. Dapat kasi hindi sinasabi yun para magkatotoo.
Hehehe. I don’t know if it was true pero yun na lang ang sinabi ko. Pero last night when he asked me to stroll by sa San Miguel by the Bay Mall of Asia, I told him what I wished for when I blew the cake. And since you, my dear reader/readers are one of those that are important as this blog is to me, I am letting you know what I have wished for. =)  I only asked for 2 things. 1.) To have a stronger relationship with Daryl and 2.) to have James as healthy as he can be. I never had the chance to think of what should I wished for. Well, I can just ask for those I have written above pero lumabas ang natatagong motherly figure ko kaya that was what came out of my mind. I realized na ganun pala talaga diba? When you’ve become a mom, you seldom ask something for yourself instead you always make sure that everything that your son and family is met before you decide what you really want. Exactly as what happened to this post. Imbes na mag wish list ako before my birthday of anything I want to have, I asked for something for my family and son. It feels good, really good. A motherly love is never selfish indeed. =)


  1. true yan mommy jen! syempre as an individual marami tslaga tayong gusto pero kung sa totoong listahan e, simple lang ang nais natin, good health and happiness.

    hope makuha mo din yung mga nasa wish list mo. im dreaming din to travel and meet mickey mouse & other disney characters!

    1. Thanks Mommy Joy! I hope we can travel soon along with our babies. Hehehe. =) Sana din ma achieve mo yang mga gusto mong bilhin like exercise equipment, bags and shoes pero since naka Ban ka dahil sa “very challenging challenge” mo eh goodluck na lang muna jan. Hehe. =)

  2. Jen,
    We're like the same. When I started my blog I bought DSLR for personal use too! You can see the difference compared to pictures from phone or digital camera and next year we're planning to go to Disneyland in Orlando because it's fun for the kids to see Mickey mouse.

    1. Oh! Thank God I'm not alone Gladys. Hehehe! Goodluck with your Disneyland trip =)


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