Saturday, June 7, 2014

James is a Paying a Visit to his Doctor

It's Saturday night Mommies. How are your weekends going? Ako, late na pero gising pa. I have to wait until 12 midnight kasi that's when I preferred to start James' nebulize. We both went to the doctor this afternoon to find out bakit di pa rin nawawala yung cough nya. Remember I mentioned here in this post na he has cough and cold. 4th day na kasi ng ubo nya ngayon eh. I had him nebulized during those days as prescribed nung pedia nya before pero walang exact time. Nanay always forget to nebulize him. She's very not used to it kasi before when we get sick, bulong bulong lang eh. Hehehehe. You know, Mommies? Yung mga old ways ng paggamot ng mga simpleng sakit not necessarily bulong ha, I was just kidding. Like inom ng mga salabat ganun. Hehe! Anyway, tama naman yung ginawa ko mejo malayo nga lang yung pagitan ng oras ng pag nebulize ko.

When we get there sa clinic, his pedia was out. I've heard from Jame's Tita Grace kasi na Dra. Medina was pregnant so I understand na she will be out more often. I had some replacements naman like Dra. Syquia and Dra. Alarcio of Alabang Medical Clinic/Hospital who looked after James when he was confined ( read here and here ). The next available pedia, which was Dra. Alarcio is not coming until 6pm so we were still 2 hours early. I decided na magpalista na para mauna sa pila ng mga out-patient then we headed to SM Southmall. I was alone carrying James which was totally fine kasi I can only spend time with him on weeends so this opportunity are one of those. I ate at KFC na lang para mejo tipid ng slight. I had their Snackbox and Halo - Halo crusher. I had James on high chair. I was so happy to see him sitting there. First time nya kasi eh and I think he enjoyed it too.

Oh diba? I told you! =)

After consuming my food, I put him to sleep in my arms kasi he didn't have a pretty long sleep since 11am. We went back to the clinic which is not far away from SM. Mga 154 steps lang. Hehehe. =) Nag jeep na lang ako going back there kasi baka pag nilakad ko nga eh baka mapagkamalan akong manananggal kasi wala na akong balakang, hindi ko na kasi mararamdaman sa sobrang bigat nya,. =)

Soon enough we arrived, we were entertained na by the nurses. One of them approached me to get James' body temperature when she asked,

Nurse: Ilang months na po sya?
Me: Ahmm.. 7 months po. ( Nag - isip pa kaya may ahmm..)
Nurse: Ah talaga po??!! Ang laki nya!

And then ate Nurse starts noticing the pacifier and everything. Nginingitian ko na lang sya. Hehe.
We took his weight sa weighing scale ng mga baby. I put James there, kiber niya, tulog pa din until I carried him again. He was 9.5kgs at 7 months.

We were asked na to go upstairs at room 4 while waiting for Dra. Alarcio. James woke up from his short nap. Good thing Dra. Alarcio arrived 30 minutes early from her schedule.

She was happy to see James again. The last time they saw each other kasi, he was 2 months old nung na hospitalized nga sya. He was a bit conscious kasi stethoscope was placed on his front rib then on his back, nakikiliti ata ang bagets. Hehe.

I was asked kung may asthma daw ba kami. I said wala but my niece Alex and nephew Andy from Jame's Tita Grace has. Dra Alarcio said na may whizzing sound daw kasi sa right lung ni James. She said it could be an asthma na papaumpisa or it could be because of phlegm lang. I was given antibiotic kasi 4 days na daw yung ubo ni James then an anti histamine then nebulize lang daw.

Later on, mejo naiirita na si James kasi he was hungry na pala.

Sometimes Mommies, I feel so proud kasi when we rode the jeep going back home, there was this little girl, around 3 years old who was talking to his elder brother who was around 6 years old, I think. James thought na sa kanya nakikipag usap yung baby girl although clearly she wasn't facing him at all. He was smiling and giddy and start brrr brr sounds with matching laway. He looked so entertained. When I looked at the other passengers, they were all smiling at him. Sooooo cute!! =) Does other baby do such? Ganun din ba yung mga babies nyo? Ang sarap lang sa feeling na people find him super cute and entertaining too while grabe yung traffic. =)

O sha! It's almost midnight. I have to prepare na his nebulizer then go to sleep as soon as I can kasi for sure by exactly 6 am tomorrow, gigisingin na ako nyan ni James.

See you all soon!! =)

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