Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Prayer for the Missing Child

Naloka ako kagabi mga Mudras!

I was riding the bus on the way home when I heard (literally heard because I was looking out in the window) on the news that there was this suspect who borrowed the son of their neighbor. She said that she will take the son para ipasyal daw. She was caught on the cctv camera of a local bus company in Pasay City where she bought a ticket then next thing? She gave the child to another lady. 
The Mom was told I think by the husband of the suspect that all her things were no longer in their house so the mom alerted the police because her son was with that girl. The police advised the bus company of what happened and the police from another province got hold of the suspect thru check point however they can't find the child since as per cctv, it was now with another lady. The police are still trying to find the lady whom the child was given to. The suspect said that she was told of that other lady that the mother of the child is asking her to bring home the child so the suspect gave the child and rode the bus. When the mother of the child and the suspect met, sinabunutan nya ng bongga yung girl neighbor sa galit nya but the thing is, the child is still missing. 

Damn! Ang heavy ng balita. When I watched it, parang ang bigat sa pakiramdam. It seemed that I know how it feels if I were the Mom of that child. Baka hindi ko lang nasabunutan yung babae, baka nasaksak ko na lang bigla. I'm sorry ang mean and brutal ko pero come on! How could there be such type of person who would do such things. Well, the mother might have a fault dahil pinagkatiwala nya yung anak nya to that girl neighbor. I was hurt thinking about it all night. I was thinking that if it happened to me, I don't know what to do really and that sent chills to my spine. 

I re-tell the story to my Mom early this morning. She was saying something I didn't hear kasi she was in the kitchen. At the same time, I told James not to go with strangers. I was so paranoid talaga. Nakampante naman ako when Nanay said that even she is so tired of the household chores, hindi nya kami ipinagkatiwala sa mga hindi nya direktang kamag – anak when we were kids pa, even James now. Just so you know, Nanay took care of my nieces and nephews from my siblings.

It is really scary nowadays. Hindi talaga dapat pinagkakatiwala kahit kanino yung mga anak natin dahil we will never know what they are thinking. It made me feel more paranoid lang to not take my eyes off James whenever we are out and about. If someone carries him whom is not my immediately family member, binabantayan ko talaga. I don’t want him going anywhere ng wala ako. Lagi kong iniisip na ‘kung nasan ang anak ko, dapat andun din ako’.

We really have to be careful now mga Mommies. Ingatan ang mga babies kasi madami jan, hindi na lang pera ang ninanakaw, pati mga bata pa. So sad. =( Let's pray for that child na sana mahanap na sya soon at maibalik sa family nya. 


  1. It's very sad story that's why I never and won't trust our girls to other people even if to our neighbors.I'm not just comfortable because a lot of crazy people in this world. Hope they find him.

    1. I can't agree more Gladys. I hope they'll find him soon. I can feel the agony of the mom. =(

  2. Tsk,tsk. Grabe na talaga ang nangyayari sa mundo ngayon, kaya dapat talaga ingat, ingat, ingat at dasal, dasal, dasal! :)


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