Thursday, July 17, 2014

After #GlendaPH

Hi everybody! Are you safe after the Typhoon Glenda? Ako? Ayos naman. Ayun awa ng Dyos wala pa rin kaming kuryente. Nakakaloka!! There were approximately 6-7 posts were blown down by Glenda that's why we don't have electricity yet. How annoying it can get? I had a hard time going home last night because it was too dark. Good thing, my eyesight remains great for years having 20-20 vision that's why I came home safe.

Ok, enough of the rants. I hope everyone are safe after, have you seen the scary strong winds? I was too nervous and thinking that something might hit our window and the glass will break so I kept on waking up. I also felt that the electricity was turning on and off so I asked Nanay to turn off the fridge. Next thing that I found out that James was crying because he's sweating, the power is out so I have to become the manual electric fan. Hayy.. I can't understand why he was perspiring even the weather was cold.

Surprisingly, my brother came home around 8am from work. He's working graveyard kasi and he said that he doesn't want to stay in the office. Kasagsagan pa naman ng bagyo but he insisted to go home. Buwis - buhay daw sya. Haha. Around 11am, the wind and rain stopped so I took the opportunity to go to work. I was so happy because there were only limited number of vehicles around so there was no traffic. Since typhoon Glenda had wind mostly rather that rain, there were no floods everywhere which I really liked. Ok lang na mahangin basta wag na sana bumaha. When I came to work, only some of us reported to work. Unfortunately, in BPO's walang bagyo - bagyo. Pasok kung pasok, waterproof naman daw kami eh. Hayy.. Good thing, the place I am working now is not that stressful compared to what I had before na sobrang stressful kaya I am really thankful at sobrang nanghihinayang akong umabsent.

Thank God we are safe, we had a house to protect us from the strong winds and heavy rains. Although parang magkaka kulani na ang kili - kili namin ni Nanay kakapaypay kay James, I hope sooner or later, magkaron na ng electricity.

Stay safe and dry guys! Another typhoon is coming this weekend daw but not sure yet kasi di pa ako makanood ng news dahil sa black out. Let you know soon! =)


  1. Hi Jen,

    Good thing your safe as well as your family. And I can relate with the "working environment" with BPOs. We really do have a lot in common Jen, not just our first name. Hahaha. I hope to see you and James one day.


    1. Oo nga Jen, Hahaha! It's really hard going to work with typhoon and everything but you have to. Then when you get to the office, you'll find out that a lot of your colleagues are absent so their job are being passed on you kasi you were good enough to go to work. hahaha. I hope to see you to Jen. =)

  2. My family in Bicol still has no power but they're doing okay.Hope it will be back soon!

    1. I hope their electricity is up and running from here on. Glad they are safe Gladys!


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