Monday, July 28, 2014

Body Aching Weekend

Regular programming of Mommy Jen's blog starts now. =)

I just hope na makapag upload na din ako ng mga photos para ma complete na ang pagba blog ko. It's been a while! Whew!

Anyway, I just want to make kwento about how our weekend went. As usual it is the simplest it can get. On Saturday morning, I tagged along James with me going to AMC (Alabang Medical Clinic) Almanza to have his stool checked as per Dra. Alarcio's advise. Nagtatae kasi so we have to see kung amoebiasis ba yun. When we got to the clinic, I was told na they can't use the stool I brought with me kasi dapat daw binaliktad ko yung diaper or else, maabsorb ng diaper yung poop. Yun pala yung sinsabi ni Dra. Alarcio, malay ko bang ganon pala ka importante yun? Hehehe. Nasayang tuloy yung pagpunta namin dun. I just said na I'll be waiting for him to poop again.

Anyway, James and I headed to SM Megamall with my friends in the afternoon to revisit Dads/Saisaki/Kamayan. It was my second time there but then I don't have any pictures taken. Since it was a Saturday gimmick, I have to bring James with me. My sister texted me that James can't sleep well in the afternoon and at night. He's not used on having someone else before he sleeps unless he was really sleepy and can't stand to stay awake. He's not used with Nanay Isa yet so he was making himself awake all the time. So to avoid him not being able to sleep again, nakakaawa kasi eh, I have to bring him with me. I also don't want to waste the weekend not having James with me.

We arrived there around 3pm. I didn't have trouble commuting because 2pm was off peak hours of MRT so I was able to sit and the train wasn't that crowded yet. I have just noticed that James is now very clingy. He doesn't want to be carried by someone else but me. Although he allowed Jo-anne to carry him, as soon as he sees me, he will cry and wants to go to me. I enjoyed this part of being a mother because it shows how attached he is to me. I can feel our closeness and his need of his mom. The only downside is that I don't have time para magbanat ng likod. My back ached so much na para bang ayaw na nitong bumalik sa dating posture, my left arm ached for carrying him for so long and lastly, my left shoulder for carrying him while he's asleep. Grabe!! Ang sakit sa katawan but I am fine. I can't complain. He wants to be carried by his mom so I don't want him to have the impression na ayaw ko syang kargahin. It is very, very tiring specially now that he weighs 10.4kgs.

I handed him to Jo-anne so that I can get my turn in the buffet area. While eating, I have him seated in my lap while he munch on his biscuit that we brought with us. Later that afternoon, he was crying and doesn't want to be carried by anyone else. Oh wait, he does as long as he doesn't see me. He was so sleepy so I have to sit on the next table while my friends were having selfie selfie =( . Wala tuloy akong pictures. We walked around Megamall carrying James most of the time.
We went to grocery to buy James' milk. We headed to Dept Store since ate Annie likes to buy a nice pair daw.

Kagigising lang. =)
 We also stayed in Krispy Kreme for awhile while waiting for Daryl to text me that he's on his way. James was so energetic. He's all over the place so we have to get the chair with cushion in the store so I can let him play while I sat on the end of the chair. I gave everything that he can eat kasi tumutubo na yung teeth nya so he wants something na pwede nyang kagat - kagatin. I forgot to bring a toy kasi eh. Bad Momma =( I gave the cap of his mil bottles na hinulog din nya so I have to refrain him to put it inside his mouth. When I ran out of bottle caps, I gave this-


 - Milk Dispenser.

We were all laughing because of James, he so love phones with front camera. Whenever he sees himself, he smiles as if he's enjoying his own looks. =)

When I received a go signal from Daryl, I opted to go home, that's when I found out na ang lakas ng ulan. We stayed for a while to let the rain pass but it's not stopping. Good thing Sokey was there to accompany us until MRT Taft Station where Daryl was waiting for us so we can go home to my house. We waited for a while in Mcdonalds Taft because it was raining. I was having a second thought of going home because I am not sure if James has a fever. I think he's a bit warm than the usual although he remained makulit all along. We went home after a while. Mejo nagkakainisan pa nga kami ni Daryl sa jeep kasi nga ang kulit ni James and he was crying kasi pawis na pawis na sya. We could have rode a bus but we have to walk a little too far. James fell asleep when we get over the toll gate in Coastal Road.

We reached our house at 11pm na ata. People at home were so worried. My battery died na din so I wasn't able to let them know of what's happening.

The next day, I woke up having a backache, armache, shoulderache dahil sa pagkarga kay James. I can't bring his stroller with us kasi we were commuting eh. If baby carrier naman, same lang din, sasakit lang din ang likod ko.

On Sunday, we just stayed in our house having a time of our life. I don't want to go anywhere, I am just so tired to move but I have no choice but to bathe and entertain James. He wants to play all the time and I have to catch up with his energy. Sana lang ikapayat ko naman ang kalikutan ng anak ko. Hehehe.

Thank God weekends are there to give us WMs a chance and time to bond with our families and kids. I always make sure that I have it spent with James and Daryl. It was the memories of this bonding moments that counts naman diba? Not the hours I spent working away from home. I just wish someday that I can be a WAHM so I can be with James 24/7 specially if he is sick. I want to be the one who organizes his medicine intake as much as possible but I can't just now because I am busy thinking about his future, our future. This doesn't make me a less of a mother diba?

On a lighter note, James is getting better and better and he started to gain weight again. hayy.., When people say that James is so chubby and cute, It's a music to my ears. I can't help but tell them na "pumayat na nga yan eh". Then people would say na "pumayat ka pa ng lagay na yan ha". Hahaha. Us moms never get tired of being happy and proud with our babies no?! =)


  1. It's really hard for us to see our kids being sick.The motherhood life but it seemed like you had a nice weekend.

    1. Sure I did Gladys. It was a very tiring but fulfilling weekend. I am looking forward for more. =)

  2. sarap mag bonding talaga with our babies. Kahit masakit sa braso,ayos lang masaya naman! mukhang baby james had fun din e! =)

    1. Naku mukhang happy nga sya panay ang ngiti nya sa front cam ng cellphone ng mga ka officemates ko. Hehe kaya sulit na lang din kahit feeling ko binugbog ako kinabukasan =)


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