Monday, July 7, 2014

Busy sa Pasyal on a Saturday =)

Hello everyone! Another week has passed and a new week to start with. I was quite busy last weekend so this blog is on hiatus. But worry no more, I am back to our regular programming.
So then let's talk about our weekends before we start to our new week shall we?

I started my weekend with going out with friends/officemates. We planned to try Dad's, Saisaki, Kamayan at SM Megamall which was quite far from home. On the day of our eat - out, I found out that Nanay has another plan herself so I was forced to bring James with me. We left home at 12:45pm which rained a bit but lucky we were able to ride a bus safely. I brought his baby carrier so it will be easy for me to open the umbrella when it suddenly rains like before we left the house. As I said million of times, James is now quite handful. He touches and eats everything. One thing I have noticed while were on the bus was that he got motion sickness. I put him beside me while I'm fixing his baby carrier but he was crying. When I carried him, he was coughing, next thing I noticed was he vomited on my shoulder. Hayy.. What can I do? A nice man right on our back seat said that he vomited. I carried him on the right side (t'was on the left side where he vomited) pero hindi pinatawad ng lolo nyo at sinukahan din ang kabila. Double Hayyy...  He slept after kahit kagigising lang nya. Naawa tuloy ako pero that was another thought na nagkaka morning sickness na sya when we ride a bus.

After a while, we rode a jeep going to MRT Edsa - Taft while he was still asleep. Luckily, I don't have to fall in line for the ticket. When we rode the bus, he woke up and played again. He was looking everywhere while eating his hands. We reached Megamall safely. Annoyingly, I came first before my friends arrived. Good thing, one of them Benj was there earlier, roaming around and shopped a little. The only thing was, he was on Building B and I am on Building A. I have to walk all the way to the lower ground to reach Building A. We met at Dad's at 4th level, fell in line a little then reserved a seat for 6 in no time. I had James played on the table and then everyone else arrived. Good thing I had Mommy/Tita/Yayo friends, they helped me with James. Hehehehehe.
We were changing turns carrying James while others got the chance to check and pick a food in the buffet area. I was not able to take pictures of the food because I am so busy baby sitting James that made me hungry big time. Oh by the way, we took advantage of their Merienda buffet for P258.00. I think it's sulit with the price although I have not tried all of the food because I am scared na baka sumakit ang tyan ko then I'll have to go to the bathroom with James. I have my officemates but I don't want to leave James with them and me doing something. Gusto ko lagi ko syang nakikita. Believe me, I might sound really paranoid but I don't want James to be with anybody else but me or my immediate family. I am not just comfortable although my friends were really very good enough to help me carrying him while we were eating. It's just that, you know? Motherhood.

I'll tell you about the food in a while.
After we ate, we walked endlessly. We went to Uniqlo and I peeked on Healthy Options. I checked their Infant food and found out that it was heaven pala there? Hahaha. I wanted to buy one of their organic baby food pero next time na lang, mejo out of budget na eh. =(
We headed to Forever 21 too where we saw Valerie Concepcion. She was just wearing a white shirt and a short. Quite noticeable talaga yung mole nya sa face, that's when I figured she was Valerie. Hehe. =)
I decided to go home at around 7pm. I didn't notice the time really so dragged along one of my officemate Franz to go with us riding the MRT back to Edsa - Taft. He even sent us until the terminal along Roxas Blvd. I rode the jeep going home because I know James will have motion sickness again. I forgot that there's a heavy traffic in Baclaran which took us a while to pass the traffic so James got really bored and cried because he was asleep already and he was perspiring all over. Nataranta pa ako when he was crying becasue our bag was in between my feet, too low for me to reach for his milk. ANG HIRAP! I realized it was hard to commute while having a very makulit na baby. Hayy.. Luckily, he fell asleep until we got home.
Anyhoo, we went home safely. After a while, he woke up before his Daddy arrived. We headed to nearest Mercury Drug to buy his milk because we ran out. And how's our Saturday went. Quite busy right? =)

P.S  If you spend 1,000 pesos on any Mercury Drug Stores, you are entitled to have their Suki card for free which serves as your reward card for points whenever you spend. =) You just have to line up on their prescription area to redeem or go to any Mercury Drug outlet on your convenient time, just show them the receipt of minimum spend of P1000 pesos.
I am just wondering where my receipt was.. sayang naman yun. =(


  1. Ang cute naman magsmile ng baby mo! :)

    Hay, kakamiss yang Dad's merienda buffet na yan. Very sulit talaga at madami pa choices. :)

    1. Thanks Edelweiza. =) Oo nga, plan ko nga bumalik kasi hindi ko nasulit, kasama ko kasi yung bagets, hehe! =)


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