Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Is it Tantrums?

Hi everyone! It’s Tuesday so let’s talk about our weekends!! Teka?! Anong connect?! Hehehe.
I’m sorry about being a little bit crazy to begin with, I have a tiring yet fulfilling weekend and I am here to share it with you. 

Last Friday, my officemates/friends wanted to have a small eat out. I forgot how we came up in eating at Shakey’s but it has been a talk on our chatroom for ages. I’ll blog about our eat out on a different post. 

Came Saturday, James and I stayed at home doing our usual routines of cuddling, crawling, bathing, sleeping, feeding, watching TV, sleeping, crawling, playing at lahat ng –ing. Hehehe. Since Daryl works on Saturdays, we have our usual family/bonding on Sunday. It was lately that Daryl started sleeping in our house again after couple of months of only visiting James in the day. He wants to see James awake when he comes in so I am trying my best to entertain James not to fall asleep although I can see from him that he’s a bit sleepy because it is quite late already.
Later that Saturday night, Daryl came and so we headed to Jolibee Casimiro to have Daddy Daryl’s dinner. The fast food is couple of kembots away from home so we decided to bring James with us. When we got there, I ordered our food while Daddy looked after James. I can see from the counter that they were playing. James is now entertained with everything that he sees. He’s looking all around and banging everything that he holds on to. Good thing it isn’t his head his banging right?! =)
When I came back to our seat, Daddy Daryl and I started eating while I had James sitting on the high chair. He’s trying to reach everything that is on our table. I gave him things that he can play with but the problem is, it goes straight to his mouth. I want to spank myself for not bringing a toy with us. I forgot that our baby is no longer a baby. He’s now quite a handful, wants to try everything and gets bored easily. When I gave something to him, he put it inside his mouth. When I get it back, he will make paawa face then will start to cry. OMG! That’s when I realized that he now knows how to make paawa. Is it now the talk of the town – Tantrums? Oh no!! At this age? Parang ang aga naman. He will cry with tears pa talaga and he will try his best na gusutin ang mukha nya sa pag iyak para lang maawa ako. Hahahaha. It’s quite funny but I don’t want to spoil him. Yan ang pinaka kinatatakutan ko. I don’t want to spoil him at all. I don’t want him to feel that he will get whatever he wants when he throw tantrums or start crying. It’s a big dilemma now. I don’t know how to deal with it at all. I guess I have to prepare myself and read, read, read a lot of parenting guide and pray, pray, pray more that James would not grow up as a spoiled kid. 

I am a bit worried that Daryl will have the tendency to spoil James  so I am trying my best to let him know and realize that we don’t need a spoiled child in the house. I don’t want to feel that I can’t control his tantrums nor the feeling of him controlling me or us. Although I know I have people who would help me like my mom who took care of my nephews and nieces who grew up not being spoiled at all but I also want to exercise my mommyhood from here on. You know, I want to be able to discipline my son the way I want to and behave the way they intended to. I know sooner or later I will find it hard but I am up to the task. This is mommyhood anyway right?! =) 

How about you Mommies? How do you deal with your kids when they want something that they're not allowed? I'll be happy to listen to your stories too! =)


  1. mommy jen, sa age ni baby james ganyan talaga. can you say "no" to that adorable face?! hehe! minsan kasi walang magagawa kasi lahat talaga ng gusto nila e aabutin nila.

    Siguro habang nagkaka age sila tsaka mo na pwedeng ipasok yung discipline method pag medyo nakaka intindi na. New mom here, still learning, too. hehe! =)

    1. Oo nga Joy eh. For the meantime hinahayaan ko lang sya kung mag aarte sya jan kasi for sure hindi pa nya ako maiintindihan kung bakit ako nagalit in certain things na ginawa nya. Hayy.. Eto na, nafi feel ko na ang motherhood!! =)


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