Thursday, July 3, 2014

James' Daily Routine of Kalikutan

Hi Mommies! I can't believe it's Thursday today. Time flies so fast I didn't even realize that weekend is fast approaching. Yipeee!! More bonding with my little Mr. Kulit. =)

Today, I wanted to show you how active James is. He is quite handful now and it is really hard to catch up with his endless crawling and kalikutan. He is all over the place. If you leave him for a second on the floor, the next thing you'll know, he crawled towards the door going out or he followed you wherever. From time to time, I let him go places he wants to. This way, I am giving him freedom on things that he wants to explore although he is getting a lot of boo boos all the time. Untog dito, untog dyan. I am not that scared if he bumped his head somewhere as long as it is not pointy or hindi naman malakas yung pagka untog nya, I can manage to calm down. They often tell me that my baby is a boy so let him explore things and manage things on his own but of course not completely - for now. I am still there to guide him with whatever he needs or if what he's doing is dangerous or he might bump his head again. But if I saw him standing while checking out each and every things that is on front of him, I'll just sit behind him to make sure that if he gets tired or lost his balance, then I'll be there to catch him. I also remove things that are dirty like his shoes that he loves very much.. to chew. Kalerks!! He is still in this phase where everything he touches goes straight to his mouth and tastes each one of them kasi. 

One weekend, here's what happened. Oh! And I guess everyday for my Little Mr. Kulit when Mama is at work! =)

Just woke up look =)
Another shot
And another one. =)
It's quite hard to take a picture of him nowadays because he can't sit still. When he saw me holding a camera, he will come after me. He wants to taste the camera too. However, when I show him his photos, he smiles for I don't know why. Nagagwapuhan ata sa sarili nya? Lol. =)

On these next shots, I let him sit on his own so I can take a decent photo of him. I want to send his photo kasi to Mommy Fleur so he can be featured on "This Kid is it" portion.

Ok so practice shots muna para he can get used to getting picture of him.

Gow na baby! One, two, three.. Click!

That's what I got.
Me: Anak! Kelangan kita ang face eh. Ok, another one. One, Two, Three.. Click!

So sideview it is that you want? Ok fine. But let's try again ok? But he answered me with: 

"No mama, I want to check the pattern on the floor first!"
Ang kulit grabe! Then he'll do this.. 

"I want the camera Mama!"

When he reach the wall, He'll do this naman,

"No peeing on the wall Baby!"

Then I'll stop him because he wants to eat that thingy there or he wants to lick the wall. Then you'll see how mayabang he is. He can stand firmly now though sometimes, he's still loosing his balance. If you hold his right arm, he's like this: 

But if it's his left arm, he's giddy and happy and wants to walk. 

Sayang!! He was facing me and I was holding the camera on my other hand. I could've captured his wonderful boastful smile!! =(
"Let's go Mama!" 
I am really glad with James' milestone. He learn things pretty fast like the "appear" that I thought him only once. He still manage to remember it up to now. And look at that, he can stand while having only one hand to balance him. So thankful with the blessing God, for giving me a healthy, lovely baby boy. =)

How about you? How does your babies spend their days? I'll be happy to know. =)


  1. ang cute ni baby james! ang sarap talaga i capture yung mga ganyang moments. Siguradong aliw na aliw din nanay mo sa kanya anoh? =)

    1. Thanks Joy! =) Oo aliw na aliw din talaga si Nanay sa kanya. =)

  2. Ang kulit ng baby mo.. Nakakatangal ng pagod noh lalo na pag nakikita mo sya.. Sarap magkababy.. ^_^

    1. Sobrang anti stress ko talaga yan. hehe. Thanks for dropping by Rackell. =)


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