Friday, July 25, 2014

MIA + James is Sick Again

Hi Guyyyyssssss!!

Sorry I was absent for couple days again. I was even absent from work for 2 consecutive days. I was late couple of days before that for 3 hours. My attendance now at work really sucks big time. It annoys me because I really didn't want to incur any absences, only if the situation calls like what happened for the past 2 days. 

I was a little bit down lately because of certain changes that's happening in my life. Nanay decided to go to Surigao for another work. My sister mentioned to her that they are in need of a cook for their welders where they'll give P1,000 pesos a day which was not really bad nowadays diba? So Nanay immediately agreed on to it then last Sunday afternoon, my sister called that her flight will be last Tuesday morning. I was feeling that I didn't have enough time to think and decide and all so I told her that I wanted to do different things, I wanted to do things as I think of them pero hindi naman final. It just came across my mind but definitely not a final decision. She sent her sister over to take care of James while at work so she can be complaisant and secure and James is being handled well while she and I are away. 

After Typhoon Glenda and the blackout, James got sick. Though he didn’t have a fever, he had colds followed by cough.. terrible cough. It was Wednesday when I absent myself from work since no one will be looking after him which I guess is a good day to bring James to his pedia. I called AMC ( Alabang Medical Clinic ) Almanza to see if Dra. Medina is available. Unfortunately, she’s out due to her pregnancy and their last pedia would only be until 4pm, it was 3:30pm when I called I think so I had limited time to dress up and prepare our diaper bag + the travel time. James’ Tita Grace suggested to call AMC Talon branch to check if Dra. Alarcio is available. I was lucky that she’s having her shift at 3pm to 5pm so then off we go to the hospital which was couple of blocks away from home. 
When we get there, I was asked to place James on the weighing scale for baby. He’s a bit sleepy by then so when I placed him, wala syang reklamo. The nurse said that she was way too big for the scale, he was 10.4kgs. Oh dear! Partida pa yan 2 days na syang walang gana dumede ha! Anyway, we paid our dues then off we went to wait for our turn. James must be really sleepy because he managed to sleep even there was this toddler who kept on shouting his lungs out – which was, well quite annoying because his parent just kept on telling him to stop but he’s not stopping. I just tried my best to understand him because I know, sooner or later, I’ll be having the same dilemma. 

When we were called, we were actually the last, James woke up. He was checked by stetoscope and immediately, Dra. Alarcio said that it must be Pneumonia. Oh no!!! Not again!! She gave me an antibiotic (triocef 2 bottles for free). She also commended me for giving James Cetirizine and Nebulize him as a first aid though she wants him to be nebulized every 4 hours dahil sobrang plema daw ng ubo ni James. I was then told to start giving him Zinc Sulfate and hydrite because he pooped 3 times a day before. She wants James’ poop to be examined to to make sure that it wasn’t amoebiasis that he’s having.
She said to have a follow up check up the next day to check If there’s an improvement which was supposed to be yesterday but we weren’t able to go back at all due to short funds. =( I have decided to continue his medication first then I’ll have to bring him today, Friday but then I have to go to work now because I can’t afford to be absent for another day. We are getting paid every 2 weeks which makes it a 10 days work schedule to be paid and if I have to be absent for 3 days then I would definitely expect a very, very frustrating salary. Although I never regret being absent to be with James on times in need, I still have to weigh the consequences – the guilt of being a WM. 

Anyway, I am glad to report that his now being able to consume the usual 6oz that he takes when he’s hungry or due for another milk. For the last couple of days that his cough is on it’s peak, he vomits when he consumed the full 6oz. His getting better now and he doesn’t cough often though you can still hear a phlegm when he coughs. I always to talk to him telling him “ibigay mo na lang kay mama yang ubo at sipon mo, Jami” because I know I can handle it better. 

One thing I noticed is that he’s starting to get boring while nebulizing him. Before kasi, I’ll just give him the hose then he’ll put it inside his mouth to drool and munch it but now, he wants to do this and that, stand up and do whatever he can to get away from it. Hay,, his dosage of salbutamol was doubled kasi so it takes time before it is consumed Hehe. 

On a lighter note, James is still a happy baby. I never saw him matamlay even he’s not feeling well because of his cough. Although I know he sometimes misses Nanay because he cries while sleeping, as if nananaginip, I know one thing, we became closer and I have known him more. Maybe that 2 days of absence will never get paid but those days made me and my son bond more and even get to know each other well. =) Good thing too that Nanay Isa ( Nanay's younger sister) arrived yesterday. She will be looking after James for a month or two while Nanay is away.

Get well soon, Jami..

Sorry about the quality of the photo, this is the best that I can post as of the moment. This was taken from Daddy's phone and I asked him to upload this on his facebook account. The photos from my camera is piling up but the internet sucks big time kaya I can't manage to upload them yet. =(


Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer is now available!!! Go watch it then let's wait until next year to uncover the love story behind Christian and Anastacia. I can't wait to watch it in big screen. I was wondering how did they make those adult scenes without the feeling of bastos. It's really a challenge. Go check Mommy Joy's Blog of Happiness of Joy, she mentioned her views about this book too. =)


  1. Mahirap talaga pag may sakit ang mga bata. Hindi ka talaga mapapanatag lalo na tayong mga mommies. Kawawa naman si baby james. Hope he gets better na din. Always check his back baka natutuyuan ng pawis. Pag ganyang age active na kasi kaya palaging pawisan. Ang hirap ng ganyan. Butas na bulsa may sakit pa. I hope maging maayos na kayo dyan.

    Kahit blurred yung photo ni baby james cute pa din! And super excited na sa FSOG! hehe! =)

    1. Thank you Joy. Madalas nga pawisan pano kasi ubod ng likot tong batang to eh. I think he's getting better naman na, mejo hindi na sya inuubo. Ang hirap kasi pag may ubo sya eh nagaalala ako kasi baka Pneumonia na naman.

  2. Get well soon baby James! Kawawa mga kids pag nagkakasakit, awwww. Take care ka rin Mommy Jen bawal ka magkasakit hehe. :)

    1. Kapag nafe feel kong magkakasakit ako, nainom agad ako ng gamot kasi bawal talaga ako magkasakit! Mas mahirap pag ako pa ang tinamaan lalo na ngayon at sobrang clingy na ni James sakin. =)

  3. Aawww.. Get well soon baby james! Uso ata talaga sakit ngayon mommy jen. Paiba iba rin kasi panahon ngayon eh..

    1. Uso na nga ata Rackell kasi pabago bago na ang weather. I just hope na maging ok na din si Rhian mo, I've read sa blog mo na nagkasakit din sya.


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