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Restaurant Review | Hong Kong Noodles & Dimsum House

One night after shift, I think it was a month or so ago (super delayed), I was told by one of our batchmate not to go home yet because Ate Annie, who was one of our friends too is inviting us to eat on a nearby resto. I was a bit hesitant at first since I have an original commitment to meet Daryl after shift. They said we will only be spending 30 minutes there then we can all go home. Since the resto is one kembot away from our office building, I agreed na din. I also wanted to try different resto anyway. 

We dropped by to Hong Kong Noodles and Dimsum House. Again, my picky – eater self was hesitant to go because 1.) I don’t eat food that is not familiar to me 2.) I don’t like noodles and Dimsum. However, I have 3 guy officemates that I can give my food to when I don’t feel like eating it. For me, it will just be the sake of just trying the food and see if I’ll like it and will consider it in the future.
Our shift ended at around 10pm so there were only a few people around. The place was small and I find the lightning a bit dark but that’s fine. Well, I think it’s because of the ceiling, mejo mababa kasi they have a second level na parang loft style kaya mejo naging madilim yung nasa baba. Anyway, Nadala naman ng chairs nila that was very comfy so okay na din. Hehe. Plus, I have the craziest friends ever so I have no time to make inarte on the place. We were given the menu and started choosing what we want. They offer rice meals and noodles too but I think I was too full to eat heavy meals. I usually don’t eat by night kasi eh feeling ko bloated ako on the following days if I’ll do. 

 Here's us while waiting for the food to be served. From L-R : Ate Annie, Franz, Ken, Me and Euclid.

I have ordered the Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet with Rice for P115 pesos. Oops! Sabi ko I don’t eat at night but don’t worry, nakikisama lang ako kasi nag rice sila eh. Hehehe. I also asked Euclid to have a share on my food kasi for sure I wont be eating that much. I find the Fillet tastes okay. I have tasted the Sweet and Sour fish fillet of Classic Savory and I liked it better.  

After the food is served.. Teka picture muna!

 ATTACK!!! Hahahahah. =)

Ate Annie and Ken ordered their Fried Chicken that really tastes good we all agreed on it. It almost tastes like the Fried Chicken in Max’s Restaurant. Mejo nagsisi nga ako, sana yun inorder ko but anyway, I didn’t like meat that time kasi eh. Euclid ordered Wanton Soup I think and Franz had their sort of Liempo? I’m sorry I forgot kasi I wasn’t paying too much attention with their orders. Hehehe. Bad me. =) 
In total, I would like to give the opportunity to try the food again some other time regardless if it’s the same set of people or not. =) Let me rate it 7 out 10 being the highest. Thanks for the chicken who made me agree na masarap dito. I just want to try it again sometime so I can back up the score I have given. Mejo feeling ko kasi unfair dahil I was too full so hindi ko masyadong naappreciate ang food choices nila. 
By the way, Most of their food were around 80 to 100++ which I think sounds good. Each food is good for 1 serving only.
Anyway, we really had a blast that night given that it was a treat for us all. Hehe, Thanks ate annie for that late night chibog! Sa uultin. =)

If you wish to try this resto, let me know so we can meet up. I am just in the building across the store. It'll be nice if we can have a little chit chat too., The address of this store is on the first photo. 

*credits to Euclid mah friend for all the photos =) 

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    1. I have not tasted the noodles eh. Maybe next time pag di na ako busog hehe! =)

  2. Ako naman mahilig sa Chinese food, Jen! Uy, masarap ang food at mura pa, perfect combination sakin pag ganyan, hehe. :)

    1. Ah talaga Edel? Haha. I didn't know you liked Chinese Food. Sana turuan mo naman ako kumain ng mga ganyan. Haha. Ignot eh. =)

  3. Wow! nagutom tuloy ako.. waahhh.. sakto yang dimsum sa panahon ngayon, tag ulan.. :)

    1. Oo sarap ng may sabaw ngayong tag ulan Rackell! =)

  4. naku puro post ng food nakikita ko! Anuber??? Mukhang masarap nga dyan kumain jen. =)

    1. Try mo din Joy, affordable naman ang mga food eh., May sabaw pa for Baby A. Heheh =)

  5. jen, nag comment ako sa ibang mga posts mo, i dunno kung nag appear mukhang di ata.


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