Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Restaurant Tour | Dad's Kamayan Saisaki

Saturday that passed, my friends/officemates went to SM Megamall to try Dad's Buffet. I tagged along James since no one is available to look after him as I shared on my previous post. Susmarya, ang hassle magdala ng baby sa byahe grabe! But I am quite thankful because I get to experience to be with him in a longer travel time compared to usual. It got me to practice how to handle things with only the two of us and with the help of no one.

Anyway, this post is dedicated to my Dad's experience. I badly want to try buffets even before so this was one of the firsts. I mean, I have tried buffets on weddings and other functions but not the paid ones of course. Hehe. =)

As I have mentioned here, I had my officemates to look after James while I am getting my plate. I was a bit happy to try them all except I don't want to pay additional. Heheh. So I tried the pasta like the spaghetti and Pansit. I soo loved their pansit talaga. I tried some of their pastries too though they weren't like Goldilocks and Red Ribbon, I like it still because it was not too sweet nor bland. So - so it is. I checked their fries too, I'm lucky that whenever I get a part of it, laging bagong luto. I have tried their ginataang halo - halo which for me was great as well as the Halo - Halo. Mejo tinigilan ko na yung pagkain kasi kumukulo na yung tyan ko. I don't know why, probably because of the combination of Gata and Milk from Halo - halo so I stopped before I head on to the bathroom. If only I don't have James to worry about, itotodo ko talaga yung kain eh. Hahahah. =) Sorry Mommy Joy, I know we talked about #dietnaakobukaspromise =)

So basically, I'll give Dad's Merienda 8 out of 10. Why? Kasi I wasn't able to taste all of it nga. But promise, I'll try it all next time. =)

I'm really sorry I was not able to take pictures of the food kasi I carried James when he fell asleep while we're eating. Don’t worry, we will be having another trip to Dad’s sooner or later so watch out for that. I promise to take pictures and try all of their food. =)

Dad’s Kamayan Saisaki
Level 4 Bridgeway,
SM Megamall
Edsa, Mandaluyong City
Opens Monday – Friday
11am to 2:30pm/6pm to 10 pm
Saturday – Sunday
11am – 2:30pm/6pm to 10pm
Or visit their website at http://kamayansaisakidads.com/


  1. It's very challenging to go somewhere,especially the crowded place with little ones. I've been there but it's fun to make memories with them though.

    1. you're right Glady's, tiring pero everything is worth it kasi I got to spend time with him. I didn't miss a weekend. =)

  2. masarap dyan sa Dad's mommy Jen. ok lang naman may mga "cheat DAYS" hehe! E kung buffet sayang ang bayad kung di mo mae enjoy yung food at binayad mo diba? I haven't tried their metienda, usually kasi lunch ang dayo namin dun. Masarap din yung watermelon at mango juice nila! =)

    1. Oo nga eh, I want to go back there ng wala si James para masulit ko yung food para kahit direcho restroom, ok lang, Hahaha! =)


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