Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Restaurant Tour | Team Eat Out at Shakey's

Couple of times, my office mates/friends wanted to have a simple eat out. The only thing is our shifts doesn’t meet although some of us are willing to sacrifice hours of waiting for the others to finish their shifts. I am one of those whose scheduled in the afternoon so they have to really wait for us.

There has been so many plans that our team were deciding too. Sa sobrang dami, hindi na alam ang uunahin. Haha! This Friday that past, we decided to have one of our plans to push through – and that was to eat at Shakey's. Since it was our payday, it wasn't that hard to convince each one of us. However, I was a bit worried kasi Daryl and I had our own plan after shift then suddenly, I have to break the news that we will have a change of plan. Tinantya ko pa yung mood nya then I delivered the news to him which he said ok naman daw. Mejo nagpa hard to get lang ako ng slight with my friends until they have decided to shoulder my part. Hahahahaha. I was so lucky to have a friend like Sokey and Euclid talaga.. I love you both!! =)

Daryl and I had our own plan initially as I said but we both have decided to go with my officemates. I simply want him to meet them and see me with them. Diba? It feels good when your partner knows your officemates as he would know who are those people you get by each day.  Daryl agreed naman so off we go to Shakey’s Pasong Tamo.

When we came there, the staff arranged a table for 8. We ordered their Monster Meal Deal which I suggested since we will be 8 of us. I also want to check if these group meal is enough for 10-12 persons nga. While waiting for our meal, we ate the JCO Donuts that Jo-anne, our officemate brought for us. Although she wasn’t able to stay longer and eat with us, she left her donut for us to share. Thanks Jo-anne =)

When our food arrived, non – stop picture taking na!! =)

Manager's Choice Thin Crust Pizza
Platter of Spaghetti (There was a carbonara too but I forgot to take pictures of it. Gutom na kasi sila sobra =) )

Sokey and Euclid 

From L -R Sokey, Euclid, Lyden, Franz, Ate Annie and Bebe

Chicken and Mojos Nom Nom Nom

Obligatory Photo with Shakey's =)
Failed photo outside the resto 
Although were not complete, naging happy naman kami kasi we get to cross out one of the to-do list ng team! Yehey! =)
As I said, we took the Monster Meal Deal for P2,100++ good for 10-12 persons. We were so full pero madami pa kaming food. Probably because we ate donuts before hand. I'll give a rate of 5, being the highest on this store because the staff were so friendly. We had Dustine who assisted us the whole time. One thing that I loved about him is that Euclid left his phone on our desk but Dustine had his effort na habulin kami just to give my friend's phone back.

The food:
The Monster Meal Deal was great. It consist of 2 platters of either Spaghetti or Carbonara or both, 2 party size pizza of your choice, 12pcs chicken and mojos, garlic bread and 3 pitcher of Coke. I have tasted everything and I liked it although I wasn't able to check if Carbonara's great. I don't eat it in the first place hehe. Picky - eater in the house!! =)
I loved the chicken, it's tasty although I can't understand why it is almost dark brown. My friends said na baka maitim na daw yung cooking oil kasi nahawa yung color sa chicken. The spaghetti was ok din naman but the pizza was really good. They were offering us their card pero we found it expensive for P399 kaya we didn't take advantage of it. Oh! Did I forgot to tell you that this was my first time there? O sige, kawawa na ako. hahaha. =)

Overall, My experience with Shakey's was really great. I hope I can come back here soon. =)

How about you Mommies? Can you suggest a flavor of pizza or other great finds in this store? I'll be glad to try it too. =)


  1. ang sarap nyan! paborito ko kaya ang shakey's. well, kahit anong pizza din naman gusto ko e. pero iba din kasi ang srap ng kanila e. =)

    1. Masarap talaga Joy!! Hehe. Sana makabalik next time. =)

  2. wawa naman ung bata! first time mgshakey's! hehehe! hoyy! magbazaar na tau! I feel like am starting to live again hahahah!

  3. wawa naman ung bata! first time mg shakey's! hehehe! hoyy! magbazaar na uli tau!

    1. Hahaha! Napa comment ka ha! Bakit ok kana ba oh lola mode ka pa din? Kelan ba yan? =)

    2. medyo ganun p din but the good news is am coping naman like may baon na ako lagging plastic bags, candies, white flower ska face mask hahaha! july 18 n ata un e!

    3. Bwahaha! Anu ba yan! Lola mode on pa din. Cge sa July 18 tayo. kaya mo na ba? San ba yun?

  4. Fave din ng buong family namin ang Shakey's Monster Deal. Sulit sya lalo na kung may Shakey's SUpercard kasi may 10% discount pa. It's a good thing din na ok na sa Shakey's na tayo yung mamimili ng flavors ng pizza unlike before na given na sya. Hehe. :)

    P.S. Ano ba yan, bigla tuloy ako nagcrave ng Shakeys dahil sa post mo!

    1. Oo edelweiza, inooferan din kami nung supercard nila kaya lng deadma muna kami kasi ang mahal eh 399 daw. Wala sa budget hehe. =)

    2. dapat kumuha kn nung card. 399 nga cya but then mgagamit na din nman cya agad so worth it nman din. ang mas bongga p dun nxt visit nyo may 10% discount n kau!

    3. eh ayaw daw nila eh. Next time na lang ako na kukuha. Meron ka ba nun?


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