Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Take Care, Typhoon Glenda is Coming!

Take care everyone, Typhoon Glenda is coming our way. I am at work and quite afraid later tonight when I go home but don't worry, I am prepared with the flood here in Gil Puyat. Hehehe. I didn't know that there's a typhoon pala. My sister told me before leaving our house and what's funny is that I am wearing a white jeggings. Hahahah. So kamusta naman to kapag nagbaha diba? I got lazy changing it to a skirt so instead, I bought a short and extra undies na lang so I can change if the flood got worse. As a matter of fact, I never ever went to the flood that's above my knee because I am scared of it. I hope I'm home before the rain and the wind get worse tonight. They said it will landfall at 2am so be prepared everyone.

By the way, Our team celebrated our first year here in our pantry. It was a potluck so everyone were very full leaving the pantry. We even got take outs pa for our lunches later in the afternoon. Hehe. I will post our nakaka umay na selfie soon.

Oo nga pala, I'm sorry if I am not having any photos uploaded here yet. Pagpasensyahan na at mejo pre-occupied pa ako.

And my previous post' font is weird. I don't know what happen there. It was very small no?! I tried fixing it pero ayaw nya so dedma na lang.

Again, take care everyone. Be safe and stay dry. Mwuah! mwuah! Tsup Tsup! =)

P.S  Guys do you know how to put a new page here say for example with James' Milestone then when they click on that, they will be routed the posts I made with James' stories? I am trying to figure that out for the longest time, I don't know how to do it. =( H.E.L.P!!


  1. naku, di kita matulungan dyan mommy jen, still learning pa din ako sa blogger kaya if you noticed napaka simple ng blog ko.

    good thing din nagdala ka ng pamalit, mahirap na magkasakit pag maulan. ingat palagi mommy jen. =)

    1. Thanks Joy, nagdala talaga ako ng damit, Hehe. I hope I would find out kung pano ba yun para mas organize na ang blog no?!

  2. I hope the typhoon is not that bad.

    1. Thanks Gladys, I think it wasn't that bad compare to Super typhoon Yolanda. Malakas lang talaga ang hangin grabe but the rain isn't that heavy.

  3. Jen, I think tama naman yung ginawa mo sa menu mo, kulang lang ng : (colon) before the // yung link mo kaya hindi sya nagda-direct don sa label na gusto mo.

    It should be




    Edit mo lang, try mo ulit baka gumana na yan! :)

    P.S. Glad we're all safe from typhoon Glenda. :)

    1. Ow! Thanks much Edelweiza. Hahahah! Finally it worked. Yahooo! =)
      Nga pala, di ko ma access yung page mo kanina, nagdo drool pa naman ako sa chocolate cake na post mo :(


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